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Future D20 - Started by Cpt_Micha

Anyone have a clue when or where the new modern d20 rules are being released? Or is it assumed we're playing Saga edition star wars for...

Nivek_Loneshadow Jul 02, 2008 18:27:38
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Pining for clues on new class powers in monster and NPC entries - Started by zaxzilla

I noticed how a lot of monsters and npc's have powers which PC's possess and then have powers which are not currently available to player...

malcolm_n Jul 02, 2008 10:04:04
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PHBII Races and Classes thoughts - Started by Herbeldorf

What do people think some of the new classes will be in the PHBII (which, i know, isn't coming out for a while)? What roles do you think...

jedipiiman Jul 02, 2008 1:29:24
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PHB2 Power Sources Revealed! - Started by bonethug0108

First, to give credit where credit is due, this is where I found the info:

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bonethug0108 Jul 01, 2008 18:52:43
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DMG2 info? - Started by blu_skreem

There has been a lot of speculation on PHB2, but I have heard nothing on DMG2. Is there any concrete info yet? Or wild guesses?...

jimbo7987 Jul 01, 2008 17:37:51
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swordmage - Started by poder_miservel

As a gish lover i may ask: When will they launch this class or anyother gish class for 4E? any hints on what swordmage will look like ?

the_badger_02 Jul 01, 2008 0:14:08
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Dungeon Delve? - Started by merrikcale

I noticed they put up a Undead book for January and Arcane Power is coming out in April. But whats the supplement Dungeon Delve? is this...

bonethug0108 Jun 30, 2008 21:07:35
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Races of phII - Started by gatekeeper15

what races will be in the next players handbook?

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davethebrave371 Jun 30, 2008 20:27:42
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PHII - What to make of the new info. - Started by crayg

With the Front Cover of the PHII up on the wizards website I figured i'd start this conversation anew....

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prophet224 Jun 30, 2008 13:46:00
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What Classes Do you Want to See in PHB2 and Future Releasses? - Started by rhyder

They have Primal, Elemental, Ki, Psionic, and Shadow Power types now. Hopefully they can squeeze them all in, but if not I'm content to...

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vaiden Jun 28, 2008 15:45:38
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err... where'd they go?? - Started by Thukad

While I am loving my half-elf rogue I must admit disappointment with the fact that all of my favorite classes.... were the ones to not...

Thukad Jun 27, 2008 21:37:02
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When Will the Bard Class Be Released and Where? - Started by jeff37923

I'm a long time Bard class player and would like to know when the Bard class will be released for 4E and in what publication it will...

merrikcale Jun 27, 2008 9:20:18
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Release Date for H2? - Started by redcard

Does anyone know of the release date for H2? I am seeing the 15th of July, but Amazon and others always sets the release date for the...

redcard Jun 27, 2008 9:13:16
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Deity book... - Started by Kraetyz

Yes... I want a book on gods. :P...

Kraetyz Jun 27, 2008 7:50:14
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The RAW Monk? - Started by quizzit_dup

Hey guys,...

quizzit_dup Jun 26, 2008 19:30:03
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Martial Power? - Started by sean-khan

Any spoilers yet out of this source book? It's the first rules extension we get... Do you think there's anything at all for the other...

Nautilus Jun 26, 2008 17:59:08
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How about wizards that can cast spells? - Started by zoogar

I have read through the entire 4th edition PHB. All I have to say is what happened to the wizards? ...

jarred_garrison Jun 26, 2008 9:22:37
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Minor future thing - Started by the_ubbergeek

Not sure if it fits here or something......

the_ubbergeek Jun 25, 2008 21:30:54
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a book i would like to see - Started by ahhhhchoooo

I posted this under general discussion, but it will be better here i was told....

pjmayo Jun 25, 2008 19:53:42
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When will the Gens be released - Started by dukejitsu

I am wondering when the New Charicter Generator and others will be ready? Can someone tell me, please!

Belorin Jun 25, 2008 3:06:56
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Power cards - Started by lars_poulsen

4th got alot of cool powers for the classes. And you (authors of 4th) suggest writting the powers on index cards. Thats a great idea, but...

stonewarrior Jun 24, 2008 21:08:08
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4E D&D Online? - Started by Phobos

I know a lot of folks are all up in arms about 4E and how it seems like a MMORG and all, and I won't pretend I don't seem a lot of...

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That_Blasted_So... Jun 24, 2008 15:12:10
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Background Resource Silo - Started by horatioatthebridge

We've been having a discussion elsewhere ( concerning the skill system in...

almzhad Jun 24, 2008 12:21:43
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What are these codes for? - Started by vaashinthesleepingmaster

Please open one or your 4e books too the table of contents. The page on the left has two codes on the bottom left corner left of the...

dante_ravenkin_02 Jun 22, 2008 23:42:19
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d&d game table - Started by demonjim

demonjim Jun 22, 2008 11:02:00
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