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4E Book of Vile Darkness - Started by revan54115110

I don’t know about everyone else but this is my option one of the best expansion books for a DM and will there be a chance that they will...

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leo_dav Jul 19, 2008 5:55:05
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PDFs are here! Now! Legit! - Started by CHeard

WotC has apparently, without fanfare, released legitimate PDFs of the 4e core rulebooks through DriveThru RPG:Player's HandbookDungeon...

DigitalMage Jul 18, 2008 10:51:31
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The Complete Package - Started by penandpaper2

Just a quick question: Shouldn't WotC just prepackage all the encounter areas for their modules; specifically I'm referring to H1 Keep on...

alphasquirell Jul 17, 2008 15:37:56
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A Request for Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead... - Started by Cyber-Dave

Please, please, include rules for PC playable undead. The one I am thinking of particularly is PC playable vampires. Something like a...

Cyber-Dave Jul 16, 2008 3:02:30
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New in PHB2 (minor spoilers) - Started by Nautilus

Over at ENWorld is a GRZ video from D&D Gameday in Seattle, Washington. During his interview with Mike Mearls, GZ coaxes from the...

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Steely_Dan Jul 15, 2008 5:43:58
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New Races for Forgotten Realms? - Started by thenewblack

I figure they prolly have the Genasi in, since it says Race(s) pluralized, what do you think the other races are going to be or are they...

merrikcale Jul 14, 2008 10:23:16
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items and treasures book - Started by xainish

core book IV if you ask me. It will be more must have for me than PHB2 MM2 DMG2. I hope there's artifact templates. Anyone else feel that...

wrecan Jul 14, 2008 8:30:05
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Thunderspire update for Eberron????? - Started by taeghan

Thunderspire update for Eberron?????...

alphasquirell Jul 14, 2008 7:23:48
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General Gripes - Started by jake6strngr

I don't want to be seen as one of the angry peeps, but I have two general complaints. ...

raven_shadowere Jul 14, 2008 1:46:18
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Where/When/How PDF? - Started by darkflite

I'm sorry if this has already been asked (no matches to my quick search), but when/how will we be able to obtain electronic versions of...

kursk Jul 13, 2008 17:45:51
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D&D Insider - Started by maddog0714

maddog0714 Jul 13, 2008 11:45:38
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I know one shouldn't look much into a cover... - Started by shonuff77

But this makes it look like monks won't be in the PHBII . The three power sources appear to be Arcane, Divine, and Primal...

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drbeard Jul 12, 2008 8:24:55
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Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead - Started by avengergreed

Any word on whats going to be in this book?...

siroh Jul 11, 2008 23:22:59
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Pod Casts - Started by masterwitch

I am a fan of the pod casts that have been running on the wizard sit for DnD. After I set down and had sometime to look over the game and...

masterwitch Jul 11, 2008 20:06:22
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Dragonlance 4th Ed release date?? - Started by nexos10

I've noticed that they're planning on dropping the Forgotten Realms 4th ed campaign info soon, just wanted to get a release date (or some...

Faerieheart_Wolf Jul 11, 2008 8:28:40
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future settings? - Started by yusakuasano

i am sure that this have been mentioned before... but what will be the future settings that will be published? i know this year will go...

the_ubbergeek Jul 10, 2008 21:40:57
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Real world deities & pantheons?? - Started by yusakuasano

Is there any chance to see real world mythology in the future??...

Fabio_Milito_Pa... Jul 10, 2008 9:31:00
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Flash Razor (Rogue mod like a soulknife) - Started by blue26

An idea for a Rogue Mod that originated as a soulknife...

blue26 Jul 10, 2008 2:18:08
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Future Release or Out of Print? - Started by rlwilde

Just got an email from Amazon stating that my 4E preorder was still not available, and they're hoping to ship sometime in August....

drizzt380 Jul 10, 2008 1:53:22
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Eberron Books - Started by darkblood

just as the title suggests I have read so far all of the eberron novels and own as far as I know all of the eberron campaign setting...

Belorin Jul 09, 2008 22:43:16
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New Pacts/Powers? - Started by ixious

This is a HUGE question for one of my players, he is an infernal warlock, great roleplayer, but stubborn as an ox. All three pacts have...

Nekoazu Jul 09, 2008 12:32:41
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4e Modern? - Started by solomani

Hi all,...

atanakar Jul 09, 2008 12:25:17
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online play - Started by horse

is this happening? ever? has there been a date set? if not, is there any way i could get an email or something when a date is set?...

wotansman_dup Jul 09, 2008 1:10:36
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Elemantal power source? - Started by cold_hellfire

How do you think it's going to look?...

umbralknight Jul 08, 2008 18:16:36
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Monster Manual 2; Changes Please - Started by kouk

I have requests for the Monster Manual 2 and beyond (it will come out eventually). These suggestions are cased as a contrast to the...

tehsquirrely Jul 08, 2008 11:20:10
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