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Adventurer's vault... love for NON-blade weapons PLZ - Started by fox_reeveheart

PHB seems to be geared toward everyone using some sort of heavy/light blade. Or at least thats where the most feats are =p...

ravenouspuma Aug 15, 2008 17:52:46
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DMG II? - Started by Belorin

The PHB II comes out in March, MM II in May, so can we expect DMG II in July?...

LordDan Aug 15, 2008 16:29:43
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Oriental Adventures 4E - Started by whollibaugh

Will there be a 4E Oriental Adventures supplement?...

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ranger_reg Aug 15, 2008 14:33:43
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A request...a beg for a change of the naming convention - Started by part-human2

Please don't call them Monster Manual II, Player's Handbook II, etc "II". I think 4th edition robbed flavor from the rules and version 3...

unfamiliar Aug 15, 2008 10:03:37
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Designers, if you're listening. Do not make star warlock powers that key of a stat if there is not already a star warlock power that keys...

thekeyofe Aug 14, 2008 14:21:04
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Goliath Speculation. - Started by quexul

Saw that the Warforged PDF gave +2 to Str. and Con. You think that they will give Goliaths the same bonuses? Will they give them the...

unfamiliar Aug 14, 2008 8:27:31
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New PHB2 spoilers on GRZ - Started by wizardmon

Check out the latest GamerRadioZero podcast for nice spoilers about the Player's Handbook 2! I wrote them down here so you don't have to...

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the_ubbergeek Aug 14, 2008 1:42:19
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New PHB2 Details discussed in interview... - Started by poet1025

Longtime game designer David "Zeb" Cook discusses details on the new classes and races, and even some new artifacts coming up in the PHB2...

poet1025 Aug 12, 2008 12:12:48
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Primordials - Started by MaximumHavoc

i would very much like to learn more about the primoridals. if i recall correctly, so far, the only primordial we have seen is orcus. i...

kain_darkwind Aug 12, 2008 0:27:29
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How many leatherbound special editions - Started by sigfried

Does anyone know how many leatherbound special edition 4e books are going to get printed? An answer from Wizards would be much appreciated.

mylesbuck Aug 11, 2008 13:17:23
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Forgotten Realms UK Release - Started by Dargurd

Hi All, Anyone know just when this month the FR Campaign book will be released in the UK ? Regards...

cootewards Aug 11, 2008 5:30:33
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4th ed Modern? - Started by korndawg64

Is there going to be one? I don't see it anywhere on the horizon. Please advise.

ranger_reg Aug 10, 2008 23:31:40
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DarkSun? - Started by jakews

Will DarkSun be coming out as a 4th Edition product?

the_ubbergeek Aug 10, 2008 16:54:50
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Wish List - Started by darsorcerer

Okay we are going to have Forgotten Realms can we please get an Al-Qadim book for the setting. Al-Qadim was set on that world and I feel...

Belorin Aug 10, 2008 13:18:51
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Will Deluxe edition books contain Updates? - Started by zslane

Will the Deluxe editions of the PHB, DMG, and MM which are scheduled for release in October include all the updates that have been...

Aldoth Aug 08, 2008 19:49:43
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Goblins and the Ebberon Player's Guide - Started by Faerieheart_Wolf

They seem to like the goblinoids in Ebberon, and with the language thing put up recently. What's everyone think of the possibility the...

thax Aug 08, 2008 9:57:35
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Sorcerer: Primal source? - Started by trinab

Just had a thought as I was dozing this morning... wouldn't it make sense if they had sorcerers as a primal class alongside with druids...

pigknight Aug 06, 2008 17:26:34
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Divine power sourcebook? - Started by the_ubbergeek

Okay, now I wonder.... A book on all martial things is coming, a bit later, a book on arcane things will follow. ...

the_ubbergeek Aug 05, 2008 21:50:11
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Bards! - Started by bwcmd1

*ducks for cover*...

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That_Blasted_So... Aug 05, 2008 15:00:02
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Power spread in PHBs - Started by jamesbr

I don't know if anyone has thought of this, but it seems to me that WotC is going with a 2-2-4 spread for powers. Look at PHB1, 2 Arcane,...

mrpopstar Aug 05, 2008 13:31:59
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D&D 4E Character Record Sheets - Started by bonemonkey is this just character sheets or is there something else included in this?

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twilightsea Aug 04, 2008 12:53:09
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The Free reference document promised - Started by oracle_of_delphie

The license associated SRD will be available on June 6, 2008, at no cost. A small group of publishers received advanced notice and will...

wizardmon Aug 03, 2008 21:28:40
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Rumors of 3rd Party Publishers? - Started by Pyrate_Jib

Has anyone heard any confirmed 3rd Party Publishers who plan to produce 4E material? I see plenty for 3.x but have heard nothing on 4E......

twilightsea Aug 03, 2008 21:00:33
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Where is the Necromancer? - Started by darkothedarkgod

When will we be seeing a necromancer class? Next PHB? How about summoning/necromancy rituals? Anyone?

deinos Aug 03, 2008 19:37:03
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Eberron - Started by rpg_addict

When will the eberron books come out?

ranadiel Aug 03, 2008 19:00:56
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