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"Forgotten Realms Player's Guide" pdf - Started by lucknuckle

Hello all,...

ravenouspuma Aug 24, 2008 19:04:55
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PHBIII and IV: Oriental Adventures? - Started by the_fan

Cross-posted from ENWorld:...

ranadiel Aug 23, 2008 12:53:31
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Dungeon Master Screen - Started by xraydnd

Any news on the release date of the 4e Dungeon Master screen? I live in the UK and Ive seen the 19th mentioned and later dates.

Belorin Aug 22, 2008 19:47:45
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Illusionists and Enchanters - Started by MaximumHavoc

wotc has intimated that the illusionist class might have shadow as a power source. however, given that most, if not all, of the illusions...

Luis_Carlos Aug 22, 2008 14:55:57
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When will I get more bug people? - Started by toastedamphibian

Any word or speculation on when we might see some Thri-Kreen love in 4e?

emelar Aug 21, 2008 20:02:58
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Martial Power Guide speculation - Started by Omni-Wyvernil

belladonna5012 Aug 21, 2008 14:22:11
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Request from the Developers - Started by dimitrix

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this request, so feel free to move it if there is a better location....

dimitrix Aug 21, 2008 13:37:53
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PHBII - Started by Reg06

Do we yet know if PHBII will be the same book as PHBI, only with the races and classes swapped? So the same basic rules, different...

doctorhook Aug 20, 2008 11:54:46
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DM Screen - Started by minister_clay

Got my DM Screen in today: )...

serphet Aug 20, 2008 1:56:55
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Summoning - Started by johnthedm7000

With the bag of tricks recently having been previewed, with what looks like sound mechanics-we know it's possible in 4th edition. We have...

serphet Aug 20, 2008 0:10:04
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Rule Compendium - Started by xraydnd

Any chance of releasing a 4e D&D Rules Compendium. Although I do like the layout of the new books and use the index's in them a lot...

Nautilus Aug 19, 2008 21:15:43
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Anyone else having trouble with Barnes and Noble for FR? - Started by lostdwarf

I ordered the FR campaign book from Barnes and Noble, which I believe was supposed to ship today. Its getting late in the afternoon and...

lostdwarf Aug 19, 2008 17:20:46
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"H3: Pyramid of Shadows" question - Started by dutch2061

Since it comes out in less than 24 hours, this isn't exactly a "future release", but this was the most likely spot I could get an answer....

miric Aug 19, 2008 9:59:40
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Please give us more monster books! - Started by knight_of_spades

I love monsters and monsters books, please give us lots of new monsterbooks with fresh new art. I think monsters must sell since you guys...

doctorhook Aug 19, 2008 7:35:22
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Dragonborn = Half Orc - Started by thax

Salla wrote:In other words, not the same at all.(Half Orcs and Dragonborn)...

lordomegacrovax Aug 18, 2008 18:41:30
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Why, Alchemy? - Started by good

Why not just make rituals with an alchemic flavor? Why overcomplicate things?

Grazel Aug 18, 2008 16:16:43
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Deities and Demigods, a Player's Guide - Started by wizardmon

I heard once that "higher than level 30 play is beyond the scope of Dungeons and Dragons," however, as it happens in every editon,...

doctorhook Aug 17, 2008 18:31:57
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How Familiars/Animal Companions/Minions might work - Started by quexul

in the new August and beyond artilce talks about a bag of trick that summons a minion that lasts the encounter....

Luis_Carlos Aug 16, 2008 14:37:43
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Adventurer's vault... love for NON-blade weapons PLZ - Started by fox_reeveheart

PHB seems to be geared toward everyone using some sort of heavy/light blade. Or at least thats where the most feats are =p...

ravenouspuma Aug 15, 2008 17:52:46
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DMG II? - Started by Belorin

The PHB II comes out in March, MM II in May, so can we expect DMG II in July?...

LordDan Aug 15, 2008 16:29:43
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Oriental Adventures 4E - Started by whollibaugh

Will there be a 4E Oriental Adventures supplement?...

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ranger_reg Aug 15, 2008 14:33:43
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A request...a beg for a change of the naming convention - Started by part-human2

Please don't call them Monster Manual II, Player's Handbook II, etc "II". I think 4th edition robbed flavor from the rules and version 3...

unfamiliar Aug 15, 2008 10:03:37
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Designers, if you're listening. Do not make star warlock powers that key of a stat if there is not already a star warlock power that keys...

thekeyofe Aug 14, 2008 14:21:04
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Goliath Speculation. - Started by quexul

Saw that the Warforged PDF gave +2 to Str. and Con. You think that they will give Goliaths the same bonuses? Will they give them the...

unfamiliar Aug 14, 2008 8:27:31
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New PHB2 spoilers on GRZ - Started by wizardmon

Check out the latest GamerRadioZero podcast for nice spoilers about the Player's Handbook 2! I wrote them down here so you don't have to...

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the_ubbergeek Aug 14, 2008 1:42:19
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