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Complete Adventure Kits - Started by shadowelf1

I think it would be a great idea for Wizards of the Coast to include with their adventures ALL the maps using dungeon tiles (have them...

jack_greylock Sep 10, 2008 16:44:25
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Al-Qadim 4e - Started by quickleaf_dup

Anybody forsee Al-Qadim being updated to 4e?...

chromeraven Sep 10, 2008 9:10:49
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Book with homebrew stuffs in it? - Started by pyromancer999

I'm online a lot, and I get exposed to a lot of rumours through chat rooms, blogs, etc. Anyways, I usually dismiss a rumour if i only...

wyld_mutation Sep 10, 2008 7:50:41
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Martial Power Delayed? - Started by the8bitdeity

I live in Canada, and pre-ordered Martial Power through I got a notification through e-mail this morning that Martial Power...

Alter_Boy Sep 09, 2008 18:52:00
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Pisonic Power Source? - Started by kmdietri

Any idea when/if this will be released?

Tsuul Sep 09, 2008 17:33:10
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Nentir Vale - Started by

Hi, Im starting up a campaign in The Nentir Vale (as introduced in the 4e DMG)...

Cpt_Micha Sep 09, 2008 13:29:38
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Eberron novel question - Started by dirge

Does anyone know if the Lanternlight Files series will be an actual trilogy like The Dreaming Dark, or will it be a series of one-shot...

dirge Sep 08, 2008 9:53:28
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What will be the next big power source? - Started by JohnLynch

In PHB1 Martial was the big power source (as in, the one with the most classes). In PHB2 its been guessed that Primal will be the big...

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Steely_Dan Sep 08, 2008 8:57:13
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WoTC Get some BRAINS! - Started by superduper2

My god here we go again, book after dang book cluttering the world with D&D rules, next month Martial Powers (for what, there's...

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ranger_reg Sep 07, 2008 19:35:17
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What I want from Martial Power - Started by That_Blasted_Somoflange

As, the title of the thread states, there is something I want from martial power, and in fact all the power source books, and that is...

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squarecircle Sep 06, 2008 22:35:08
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4e Delux Leather? - Started by monkeyman5

Is the Deluxe edition of the 4e player's handbook leatherbound?...

raphaelsilvertongue Sep 06, 2008 1:55:05
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Mixing & Matching different books - Started by merlync70

I have purchased the core books and Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. I've also pre-ordered the FR Players HB and Manual of the Planes (as...

rikiji Sep 04, 2008 22:35:49
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Product Idea: Monster Cards - Started by drtibb

Hey, I'm new to the forums... I've been DMing for roughly five years now, and I really enjoy fourth edition....

zaukrie Sep 04, 2008 14:56:43
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Dragon type speculation - Started by sarutobi02

So, according to the amazon website...

doctorhook Sep 03, 2008 20:03:47
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Elemental power Source: What do you expect? - Started by rechan

I'm scratching my head going "Whats the Elemental Power Source going to be"? I mean, obviously there's "Throw fireball" and other such...

darsorcerer Sep 02, 2008 11:36:12
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Dungeon Annual 2009: On Amazon - Started by Alter_Boy

This is pretty cool: Next year, there will be a PRINT version of the best of Dragon magazine and the best of Dungeon Magazine (4ed, of...

Belorin Sep 01, 2008 8:48:05
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Basic Set - Started by quizzit_dup

Hey guys, ...

quizzit_dup Aug 31, 2008 23:21:13
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Birthright Reborn - Started by Arawn76

What do you reckon are the chances of seeing the Birthright setting redone for 4E?...

Nautilus Aug 31, 2008 18:39:15
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So where is the necromancer? - Started by sn0wcrash

Will the necromancer class be revived with the Open Grave book or somewhere else?

ranadiel Aug 30, 2008 7:13:33
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New power in the FR Player's Guide FAQ - Started by WotC_Chuck

Here is a link to the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide

WotC_Chuck Aug 29, 2008 13:48:18
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Upset by Spring 2009 Catalog, and what it means for the Arcane classes - Started by wizardmon

I understand that WotC is a for profit buisness, I really do. I understand them remaking a game to appeal to a wider audience; I support...

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pectus_umbra Aug 29, 2008 9:06:10
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No More Martial Heros - Started by otogi_2

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Grazel Aug 28, 2008 23:56:55
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Wish Lists - Started by nefestous

This will be an on going list of features that, though, were unavailable in the first release of 4ed, is felt would pose as interesting...

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Belorin Aug 28, 2008 23:27:34
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WOTC, teach me some tactical skills - Started by skeptic

Tactics in D&D emerge largely from the rules themselves (even if 4E has cleaned itself of many of his ancestor’s futile...

Fenian Aug 28, 2008 22:44:51
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Why release the campaign guide and not the players guide? - Started by Phobos

Not sure where to ask, so asking here....

tigger11 Aug 28, 2008 15:10:27
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