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2012 / 2013 Premium Editions - Release Schedule - Started by Kebab

I am taking the opportunity to restock my D&D book collection and don't want to miss any reprints.  So thought I would put a list...

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Warunsun Jan 09, 2014 19:13:47
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Request for 5e Eberron Setting - Started by Althafain

While I know that Forgotten Realms will be first in line, I am very interested in seeing Eberron brought into the fifth edition. Can we...

smacintush 3 hours ago
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RACES: D&D 5E Races That Should Be Core Races - Started by SamVDW

D&D 5E currently has nine core races: Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Human, Dragonborn, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, and Tiefling....

Torg_Smith 7 hours ago
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What future campaigns would you like to see? - Started by Slit518

What future campaigns would you like to see?  What types of things would you want to do?  Main end goals?  Describe in detail as much or...

Reius Dec 26, 2014 17:29:41
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Upcoming Books? - Started by Bohdb

Beyond the 3 core books, box set and the two modules has there been any kind of info about other things in the works? I am not trying to...

Delanar Dec 26, 2014 2:35:48
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5th Ed Campaign Curiosity - Started by BryanLeeDavidson

So we have the 5th ed DMG on the way. I've been pluging it into the of the D&D Basic/Mystara stuff and it has been working great. It...

aurionshidhe Dec 23, 2014 7:14:06
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D&D Singularity - Started by JonnyT_

My friend and I were discussing how the gaps between editions was shortening.  The gap from 1st to 2nd edition was 15 years, 2nd to 3rd...

xzzion Dec 21, 2014 15:42:08
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when will we hear about 2015 product release - Started by gmanjkd

Hello. Im loving 5e as many of you are as well. There has been lots of speculation about new products coming in 2015. We know the DM...

AaronOfBarbaria Dec 20, 2014 16:49:19
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DND Classics Request - Started by rderekp

I would really like to see the World Builder’s Guidebook (

Arilon Dec 17, 2014 10:27:36
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D&D 6th Edition - Minis - Started by jsepeta

When is 6E due, 2017? Asking for a friend....

DaveyJones6913 Dec 11, 2014 18:02:01
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What do YOU want in 5E? - Started by Guest1790093391

I cannot find this topic anywhere in these forums. If this is already here somewhere, feel free to move it there. I'm trying to start...

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Hippolyte Dec 10, 2014 10:11:53
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Other forms of Sorcerous origin? - Started by KilanTolshi

The 5th ed. PHB makes mention of "sorcerors claim different origins for their innate magic", but then (quite disappointingly for me) only...

biotech66 Nov 17, 2014 11:12:44
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A 5E style D20 modern/future game? - Started by h347h50

So is there any interest in this? I will eventually just make a home brew if rules don't come out but having a nice source book with...

IxidorRS Nov 11, 2014 14:08:27
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DM Screen - Started by zguillotine

Okay, so, I had a product idea. Everyone knows that a DM screen is a good thing for lots of reasons. what about a limited edition DM...

IxidorRS Nov 04, 2014 10:22:59
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2015 Product Releases - Started by arnvid2008

Hi, I just now pre-ordered over at Amazon, the next book in R.A. Salvatore's Companions Codex series, entitled 'Vengeance of the Iron...

DMHeretic Nov 02, 2014 7:21:37
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Request for Product: Greyhawk - Started by ellivaa

A few things are on my wish list (and yes, I'm well aware I can get digital versions somewhere online but I would prefer to GIVE YOU MY...

DMHeretic Nov 02, 2014 7:04:13
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Old School Advice for WotC - Started by Clinthulhu

If anyone from WotC reads this I hope you take at least a few of these suggestions to heart... There isn't anything real specific here...

h347h50 Nov 01, 2014 20:40:53
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Dragons of 4e - Started by DM_Mythic

Will we be seeing the 4e dragons releasled in the Draconomicon books?

Mechatarrasque Oct 20, 2014 7:38:21
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Oldschool D&D CRPG - Can we have one? - Started by Corvino_BG

Looking back at my teenage years I was very lucky. There was a Golden Age of D&D computer games from 1998 to 2003, encompassing...

FaerieGodfather Sep 30, 2014 15:48:08
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DnDClassics: Thanks and the return of 3.0/3.5E - Started by StoneBeholder

I want to thank the team who chooses the books for DnDClassics because this week we had two books of 3.0/3.5E. More specifically two...

StoneBeholder Sep 30, 2014 11:25:13
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5e Core Rules software? - Started by Bheinn

once upon a time... long ago in a galaxy far far away there was a company called TSR.  They are gone now.  it is sad. however, a new...

Arilon Sep 20, 2014 20:35:28
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mandatory online content? - Started by greyhobbit13

I was pretty unhappy to spend nearly 30 dollars on the new Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure module, only to find that I had to...

Webster Sep 18, 2014 18:13:55
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Birthright! Bring it back! - Started by h347h50

Simply this was a very fun campaign setting that needs its chance to shine in 5E. After WotC bought TSR they stopped all production of...

Arawn76 Sep 17, 2014 2:39:42
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Dragonlance PDFs - Started by ShadowGriffon

I want to see more of the older Dragonlance material be released as PDFs. This includes:...

raistlinrox Sep 15, 2014 13:57:50
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Watermarked PDFs (Please make this a sticky!) - Started by Glevendrael

Ok, I was told (in the "D&D Previous Editions" forum, elsewhere on this webpage) that,...

Torg_Smith Sep 12, 2014 14:52:55
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