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DMs Only - Problems with the Adventure - Started by TheGimper

It's time to talk about the problems with the encounters in this adventure. So I'll start it off.ShowSession 4. The read aloud text for...

TheGimper Sep 05, 2012 22:37:00
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Melarn priestess PC doesn't want to do the ritual? Suggestions appreciated. - Started by Misterlost

So the only PC at my table that is a member of House Melarn and is also a priestess basically agrees with the radical priestess faction...

Alethia Sep 05, 2012 16:43:59
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DM Only: Session 2 - Started by mortaine

A couple of notes we had from our DMs' walkthrough on Monday night:ShowMove the starter box up slightly, to the intersection. This...

cave2626 Sep 05, 2012 14:50:35
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Session 1 Field Report - Started by cave2626

Field report for D&D Encounters: Council of Spiders (Week 1) now available at Dungeon's out this week's Recounting...

asmodeuslore Sep 04, 2012 14:20:01
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Ideas abou minis? (DM's only... spoilery) - Started by YoungOnce

Show Unless I am mistaken, I haven't seen any svirfneblin miniatures. What will you guys be using? Also, cave fisher spawns are called...

snakeheadfish33 Aug 30, 2012 13:47:24
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XP Awards vs. Party Size; Adventure Error (Session 2) - Started by mikeg710

Are Encounters written "as is" for parties of six players?  If so, is it recommended that experience awards for each session be adjusted...

mikeg710 Aug 30, 2012 13:04:17
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Worth! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for?!? - Started by snakeheadfish33

Worth is something I'm eager to get into but after DM'ing the first session, its gonna take some time for me to get a handle on it....

cave2626 Aug 30, 2012 13:00:27
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Ruby Medallion of Lolth - Started by snakeheadfish33

There is only one player in attendance who went to Gen Con and played the prequel adventure to this season. He will be gaining the Ruby...

snakeheadfish33 Aug 30, 2012 10:30:12
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Insight into the pronunciation of the word "drow" - Started by Hailrobonia

Here's my theory on the rivalry between male and female dark elves: Males pronounce the word "drow" to rhyme with "go", while females say...

FLAvatar Aug 29, 2012 13:55:44
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Play Trackers for Season 10 - Started by mortaine

Our player trackers have been updated and posted for the new season. Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions.Our "Avatar...

tedluck Aug 27, 2012 12:21:00
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Rules Question? - Started by altonamaryllis

I was reading the module and one of the players came up to me and showed me a power their character has.  It is called Gaze of Defiance?...

mortaine Aug 27, 2012 9:42:00
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Session 0 - So, who's in your parties? - Started by Vobeskhan

Carrying on from last season, we are once again running two sessions on a Wednesday evening. Robert has once again volunteered to DM the...

asmodeuslore Aug 27, 2012 8:09:58
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Renown Tracker Has Errors - Started by Saracenus

I know there is a template for this tracker, but it really needs to be updated.1) (Not an error) Missing Worth tracking, its very...

rhlowe Aug 26, 2012 21:06:51
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Season Renown Tracker for Organizers - Started by jjafuller

Here is the renown tracker I am using to keep track of renown I award through out the season.

jjafuller Aug 25, 2012 21:04:55
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What is a "priestess"? And other Character Creation questions - Started by mortaine

Does anyone know if a "priestess" must be a cleric, or if any divine-powered class would do? 

Page 1, 2
ninjadog Aug 25, 2012 7:44:51
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Player Resource: Guardian Games DDE Info Site - Started by Saracenus

Hello All,We put up a site to help with character creation and keeping our players up to date on the current season of D&D Encounters...

Vobeskhan Aug 25, 2012 6:55:51
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Module only comes with 2x Maps? - Started by breoghan

Just checking - it would be just my luck to choose the only one missing a map  ;_(

sior Aug 20, 2012 20:54:40
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