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Coordinator Tools (Coordinator, DM) - Started by Perithoth

Coordinator ResourcesI am posting a bunch of resources that my DMs and I have put together to help promote D&D Encounters (DDE)...

Perithoth Aug 23, 2011 16:53:30
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Help me make week 3 more cinematic (DM's only). - Started by beowulfthehunter

So week 3 appears to be a bar fight. While I could either tell my PCs they cannot use weapons or that they are only striking to KO...

Alphastream Aug 22, 2011 4:06:05
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(DM/PC) Field Reports : Week 1 - Marketplace Attack - Started by vilesin

I enjoyed seeing these, so I'll help keep it alive.This season, I am running a table of dwarves. That are some related - some not....

Alphastream Aug 20, 2011 2:53:56
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Character Backgrounds? - Started by Winsee

The Neverwinter Campaign Guide includes rules for some backgrounds.  Does this mean that characters for this season of encounters may use...

eriksdb Aug 17, 2011 15:37:19
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Has anyone else NOT received the adventure kit yet? - Started by all4four

The first session (Aug 10th) is less than 5 days away now and I am getting nervous. . .We scheduled in-time and have received the...

TheGimper Aug 16, 2011 0:14:09
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(DM only) Running Session 2 - Started by eriksdb

So this is a thread to air concerns about running session 2, and also for me to give a few important caveats:1) The dragon is a MAJOR...

randilin_goldenleaf Aug 16, 2011 0:12:59
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Player feedback - loving the themes/background - Started by gold_piece

I’ve been out of D&D Encounters for the past couple seasons.  Happy to jump back in as a player for Neverwinter.  I just gotta say, I...

eriksdb Aug 15, 2011 9:38:39
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Renown points??? - Started by makuzi

OK so Im new to encounters but not to 4e/DnDMy question is what are renown points for???  I played last night and earned 7 ponts and was...

afossddi Aug 12, 2011 15:56:59
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Session One - Started by davidgiven

I wanted to start a DM thread to discuss ideas for Wednesday Nights Game.Show Character Interaction SectionMy 'vision' for this season of...

davidgiven Aug 12, 2011 12:09:08
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Neverwinter Theme Cards - Started by lucian_ravenclaw

Does anyone have scanned/pdf copies of the Theme cards that were given out at the Game Day?

Lord_Toast Aug 12, 2011 9:05:11
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(DM) Buyable loot? - Started by vilesin

I didn't happen to see anything in the Encounters guidelines or the module itself on this but has this module been written with the...

vilesin Aug 11, 2011 14:38:24
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(DM/PC) Designer Notes blog: The Lost Crown of Neverwinter - Started by eriksdb

For everyone running the adventure, check out the blog for Designer's Notes (which I wrote and Trevor was kind enough to post for me):...

eriksdb Aug 10, 2011 10:38:34
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DM Question - session 1 without a game day tie-in - Started by clayfun

The store that I DM at didn't run a game day event as the store employees were at Gencon and I was unavailable. Is there anything that I...

eriksdb Aug 10, 2011 10:33:39
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Encounters Season 6 page on DDI has wrong information - Started by TheGimper

The Encounters page for Season 6 on DDI still has last season's source books listed, i.e., Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the...

Womba Aug 09, 2011 23:42:54
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DM Introductions - Started by davidgiven

Hola! I picked up the DM packet for Season 6 at Brookhurst Hobbies this Wednesday. Wow! Condition tokens & initiative cards were...

vilesin Aug 09, 2011 12:38:39
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Hail and Well Met! (PC/DM) - Started by eriksdb

Hi everyone, I'm Erik, the author of a third of the Neverwinter Campaign Setting and both the Game Day ("Gates of Neverdeath") and...

eriksdb Aug 08, 2011 17:32:54
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Cover Art! - Started by davidgiven

The Front Cover art to the Lost Crown of Neverwinter with that Dragon bearing down is just plan awesome! One of the coolest White Dragon...

davidgiven Aug 08, 2011 16:12:33
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Retraining/Retooling a character from Game Day - Started by dardor

Would any DMs running Encounters care to comment on the ethicality of retraining/retooling a character that had been created on the Game...

dardor Aug 08, 2011 14:20:03
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Boon Powers from GenCon (DMs LOOK AT THIS) - Started by eriksdb

Hail and Well Met, everyone!A thousand apologies, but I have a further, albeit fun complication to sling your way.Players who played the...

davidgiven Aug 08, 2011 12:35:03
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Sea Trip Random Encounte - Started by davidgiven

So while setting up for Game Day this Saturday, I created an Old School Random encounter table for the Four day Sea trip://beginSea Trip...

davidgiven Aug 08, 2011 11:44:24
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When can we get access to the Neverwinter theme used for this Group? - Started by _Mithreinmaethor_

The title says it all.For some reason I really like this theme and would like to add it as my profiles theme.

_Mithreinmaethor_ Aug 04, 2011 20:30:46
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