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Field Report: Week 8 Sewer Guardians - Started by jonathan_sicari

Tonight was pretty easy at my table, Show2 strikers, 2 controllers and leader did some major damage to the monsters after suffering 4...

gold_piece Oct 05, 2011 14:59:30
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Week off? - Started by jayster5

I was just sanctioning my sessions for next season, and I don't think I had the opportunity to sanction anything for 11/9/2011.   Is...

_Mithreinmaethor_ Oct 02, 2011 21:56:57
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DM's, Where will you take the story - Started by _NewbieDM_

So after this adventure is over and you plan to continue adventuring in Neverwinter, in what direction will you take it?Look for the...

CharlesCurtisStanley Oct 01, 2011 12:32:59
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Field Report: Week 6 House of a Thousand Faces. - Started by jonathan_sicari

How to shorten combats. Roll 20s (in honor of MC_Drowbane's wonderful song of that title). Seriously, what is it with my dice and PCs...

eriksdb Sep 30, 2011 10:26:38
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(DM Only) READ THIS about skills in Session 8 - Started by eriksdb

Hi all,I apologize for how the skill checks thing worked out. When I originally wrote the "descent down the pipe" in session 8, it was a...

teacha Sep 29, 2011 21:21:24
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(DM ONLY) An Extra Curve Ball for running Session 8 - Started by eriksdb

With the encounter fast approaching, I wanted to let everyone in on a "director's cut" that didn't make it past editing.In my original...

davidgiven Sep 29, 2011 17:21:16
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(DMs) Who is the Scary Woman in the Ads? - Started by borris_bear

I've been confused for a while now... who is the scary lich woman in the Encounters Ads?Hey folks! I'm a new DM on these forums who has...

TheGimper Sep 29, 2011 14:27:30
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(DM Spoiler) Session 11 Idea - Started by borris_bear

I had a brilliant idea for session 11. During Session 11 "A CERTAIN PERSON" is supposed to be totally nuts, but I felt it might come as a...

eriksdb Sep 29, 2011 11:37:31
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Field Report: Week 7 Blacklake - Started by jonathan_sicari

So we had two tables this week. ShowMy character killing streak came to an end although it must have seemed like I was trying to kill the...

randilin_goldenleaf Sep 28, 2011 16:25:39
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Tome Show Interview - Started by davidgiven

Erik Scott de Bie & Ari Marmell are interviewed on the Neverwinter Campaign Guide on Episode 183 of the Tome Show. There is some good...

davidgiven Sep 25, 2011 17:11:25
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(DMs Only) Share Your Minis for Season 6 - Started by TheGimper

I'm making custom minis (or customizing existing minis) for some of the monsters this season. Here is my white dragon with the blue...

snakeheadfish33 Sep 22, 2011 9:45:55
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Post session 6 reactions, Erik I would appreciate a comment from you. - Started by JabbaVonHutt

As some of you may know Dungeons Masters have been doing weekly recaps of Encounters since the begining and this weeks is now out:...

dreamdarwin Sep 19, 2011 13:26:03
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Field Report: Week 5 Wyvern Bridge. - Started by jonathan_sicari

I had to miss the gate encounter while moving. I heard that it went well. We had our standard 2 tables again this week. ShowThis week my...

dreamdarwin Sep 19, 2011 13:12:05
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(DM Only) Important Notes for session 6 - Started by eriksdb

Well met, all:These aren't typos or mistakes in the adventure, but important points that I think I should clarify for you when you go...

eriksdb Sep 14, 2011 14:44:30
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Beyond the "Lost Crown of Neverwinter"? - Started by all4four

A group of my players have convinced me to continue the Neverwinter campaign with their "Lost Crown" characters. I saw a blurb about a...

eriksdb Sep 14, 2011 10:44:04
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Will season 7 of D&D Encounters be set in Neverwinter? - Started by gold_piece

I'm trying to figure out if it is worth my time and money to get the Neverwinter campaign book.  My only D&D play (at this point in...

Alphastream Sep 13, 2011 18:03:06
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(PC/DM) Field Reports for Week 4 - Started by mortaine

We ran 4 tables last night: VileSin's dwarven table (Happy Birthday, VileSin!), two "General Mayhem" tables, and the Disney table (for...

jonathan_sicari Sep 09, 2011 5:20:58
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(PC/DM) Field Reports: Week 3 Emboldened Patrons - Started by jonathan_sicari

Were back down to 2 tables of 6 at the Game Matrix this week. At my table I just added a 7th Brawler to the mix.what went downThis week's...

vilesin Sep 06, 2011 16:55:21
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(DMs only) Handling Dagult Neverember in Session 4 - Started by eriksdb

So for those of you DMing Encounters tonight, you have the opportunity and challenge to RP one of 4e FR's big boys: Dagult Neverember,...

eriksdb Sep 02, 2011 14:48:42
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(DM Only) How to Handle XP Awards in Encounters - Started by eriksdb

This topic came up in my Q&A thread, but it's so important I thought I'd address it here:When it comes to awarding XP, many DMs and...

eriksdb Aug 31, 2011 12:05:49
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What's the point of making Essentials only restrictions of DM's just ignore it? - Started by feyberry

The thread title says it all.  I know of people that don't limit characters to just the sourcebooks allowed.  So why bother making those...

lawnikky Aug 31, 2011 6:22:14
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Field Report: PAX catch-up event. - Started by jonathan_sicari

So I was a volunteer DM at PAX this weekend and on Friday I played in the catch up event (yay!). My Dragonborn Hexblade with the Devil's...

jonathan_sicari Aug 30, 2011 5:26:01
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Jarvy's Tales - Started by DanTracker

My group enjoyed hearing more about the rumors and gossip which Jarvy was spouting. Also due to a bit of interesting play, Jarvy (i...

DanTracker Aug 27, 2011 6:23:50
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(DM only) my alternate map for session 3 - Started by Darkraven3

nothing fancy but it should do and if you want to use it, here's a pdf to put together as well.  Based on the dungeon article issue 193...

mortaine Aug 25, 2011 9:45:00
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(PC/DM) Field Reports, Week 2: The Plaguechanged Dragon! - Started by dreamdarwin

Lets get some great posts in.  I love reading all the stories.  It would be great to see more of a WotC presence here too, just letting...

dreamdarwin Aug 24, 2011 6:55:57
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