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Thanks everyone for a great season! (From the Author) - Started by eriksdb

Hail and Well Met!It's been a fun quest, and I've enjoyed interacting with you all and weighing in on your often ridiciulously awesome...

mortaine Nov 14, 2011 12:14:16
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Questions for Erik Scott de Bie, author of Season 6 - Started by WotC_Trevor

Hey all. Erik will be stopping in to say hi and answer any questions you have about the next season. Post up any questions you have for...

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eriksdb Nov 02, 2011 11:36:29
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Season 6 - Lost Crown hits - Started by JodyJohnson

The PDF of this season is up on as the main Adventure and a Map PDF....

JodyJohnson Dec 03, 2013 6:19:02
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A Brand-Spanking-New Encounters DM... help! - Started by YoungOnce

I could use some help from those of you with more experience.  My local shop asked me to DM the Wednesday Encounters sessions.  I have DM...

YoungOnce Dec 08, 2011 8:45:00
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Accusations of Cheating, has it come up and what can you do about it. - Started by TMcCambley

Hello all.We've just finished up another season of D&D Encounters, and despite all the great players who turn out and add to the...

randilin_goldenleaf Nov 29, 2011 11:56:21
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Field Report Week 12: Plaguechanged Invasion - Started by scottymet

Two tables at FCB Games again. We handled the Bregan D'aerthe addon this week, as a flashback, since we received those materials a week...

sior Nov 16, 2011 13:26:10
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Need help from my fellow organizers for season 7 - Started by vilesin

Hey all, I took over as organizer this season for my comic shop but unfortunately we have no tracking sheets in any of our mail packets.I...

vilesin Nov 15, 2011 0:22:51
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Just a heads up for everyone - Started by vilesin

The new season 7 forums are up... just in case people forget to check because of this season's amazingness.

sior Nov 14, 2011 17:46:39
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Field Report: Week 14 The Dragon Returns. - Started by jonathan_sicari

Well, we only had 7 players this week and my primary DM (the store organizer) ran. I decided to play instead of go home with a half-orc...

mortaine Nov 14, 2011 11:11:06
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How you feel about Organized Play (Off-Topic) - Started by Alphastream

Hi all!I am curious how people feel about Organized Play options. I've posted a few questions in this thread on the LFR forums. I would...

sior Nov 13, 2011 21:23:26
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How has Encounters built a "Gaming Community" in your area? - Started by beowulfthehunter

After every session of Encounters we tend to go for dinner as a group amoung the players who took part in the game. We discuss what went...

deathtakeslast357 Nov 12, 2011 7:27:14
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(DM only) Important notes for Sessions 12, 13, & 14 - Started by eriksdb

Hail and well met, valiant DMs!Here are a few notes about the last few encounters, specifically with an eye to tweaking the difficulty to...

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sior Nov 09, 2011 17:25:52
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DM Tools (DM™) - Started by GnomishMagicMisshle

Welcome to the House of Knowledge!Play TrackerRenown Tracker by Aaron FossSession 1     08/10/11Session 1 MonstersSession 1 Citizens &...

GnomishMagicMisshle Nov 09, 2011 13:08:48
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Field Report Session 13: Where It All Began - Started by scottymet

I nicknamed this session "Calling All Heroes". heh.I had 11 people at my table! The other DM couldn't make it this week, and noone else...

sior Nov 05, 2011 19:20:58
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DM Reward for DDE Season 6 - Started by socksieboy01

has anyone received their copy for DMg DDE:S6 "Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan" yet? It was announced that they should be arriving at our...

Vael Nov 03, 2011 23:26:05
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Field Report Week 11: Hounds of the Usurper! - Started by jonathan_sicari

We only had enough people for 1 table again this week (damn players vacationing in Thailand and having to be in the field, don't they...

TheGimper Nov 01, 2011 22:31:18
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I just found out my store owner hasn't been reporting since July. - Started by JabbaVonHutt

So I just found out from one of the other DMs where we run Encounters that the store owner hasn't reported an Encounters session since...

Saracenus Nov 01, 2011 14:28:01
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You Need To Order Season 7 Now! - Started by Saracenus

Hello All,Season 7 has been available for order for over a month. If you have not put in an order for D&D Encounters Season 7 -...

littlewall Oct 27, 2011 7:48:12
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Week 11: Schemes of Bregan D'aerthe - Started by DeathMutantLives

To all DMs running this season of Encounters: There should be a special packet awaiting for you, at your game store where you run...

scottymet Oct 26, 2011 14:53:46
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Character Theme Cards from Game Day - Started by TheGimper

I'm looking for the information on the back of the character theme cards that were given out in the player packets for the Gates of...

TheGimper Oct 26, 2011 14:22:37
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Field Report Week 10: Kraken Sewers - Started by jonathan_sicari

Can't really report as we only had one table tonight and so I went home early due to some real life stuff going on with my family. I hope...

TheGimper Oct 20, 2011 14:46:19
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(DM only) Running Session 10 - Started by eriksdb

So a couple things for next week, from experience running session 10:1. Setting the Mood:ShowIf you have a copy of the Neverwinter...

eriksdb Oct 10, 2011 18:36:34
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Field Report Week 9: Dead Rat's Lair - Started by jonathan_sicari

Had two tables at the Matrix again tonight. My players were uncharacteristically non-focus firing and tried to engage the Dead Rat's in a...

scottymet Oct 09, 2011 11:13:47
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(DMs Only) I'm Really Struggling With Session 9 - Started by TheGimper

I'm having a lot of trouble seeing how this session is going to work as written. ShowFirst of all, the portcullis is locked. Second,...

scottymet Oct 07, 2011 12:59:13
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Session 10 - paper miniatures - Started by ChimericPhase

I wrote a thing in my blog about the cool tentacle minis I made for session 10! I also made paper minis for DMs to download and print out...

TheGimper Oct 06, 2011 13:21:15
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