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Using Red Box characters/material in Encounters - Started by palmerkun

OK, I'm a savvy enough guy, played and DMed, etc etc.I'm playing this season, but there's one thing I'm not too clear on.I'm also...

thresherinc Sep 19, 2010 4:52:24
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Fitting Red Box into Season 3 - Started by neomoon

My local hobby shop missed out on signing up for the Sept 11 game day, so instead we're just going to play through the adventure in the...

gold_piece Sep 18, 2010 21:36:00
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Minis - Started by Afet

I thought I'd start a thread to share links and ideas for populating the Keep on the Borderlands with the required minis.Since Essentials...

MerchantSteve Sep 17, 2010 10:08:59
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Season 3 Materials - Started by Golddigger

Should my store have recieved the materials for season 3 by now. Because they haven't. What do I do now if the stuff is already out there?

againstone Sep 16, 2010 21:55:20
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Partially Incorrect Chapter 1 Packet - Started by againstone

i got the packet for Chapter 1 this weekend from the store and upon opening it, to my dismay, i immediately noticed that the module said...

PhantomAOJ Sep 16, 2010 20:33:16
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I am a noob. Please help. - Started by darkwing_bmf

I've never played D&D encounters (or any public D&D event) before but this essentials seems like a good time to start. The...

Afet Sep 16, 2010 10:38:07
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Nothing Special for Season 3 Opener? - Started by Lord_Darquain

Season 1 had the pizza party kit, Season 2 had the coozies, but there was nothign in my Season 3 kit to give out for the first week...

isborric Sep 15, 2010 14:22:36
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Sanctioning Season 3 - Started by darrell_uk

Is there a simple way of sanctioning season 3 without having to do all twenty weeks individually?

criticalmiracle Sep 11, 2010 22:53:31
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