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Treatment of Survival Days - Started by Stravinsky00

So, I've been looking around the forums trying to find some kind of agreement as to exactly how survival days should be handled ...

Stravinsky00 Jun 11, 2010 20:26:48
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A suggestion to writers for future encounters. - Started by JabbaVonHutt

Please take into account that you may have tables of newbies and perhaps have a scaled down version of the attackers. I want to be clear...

yesterdays_fate Jun 11, 2010 19:25:40
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session 2+ and character control - Started by Brother_Glacius

***** So last season, everyone got to bring in their own character. This season, we only have pre-gens. My question is, what happens when...

Sans_Serif Jun 11, 2010 13:46:40
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Birds of Athas? - Started by Kedrith

Im looking for a small flying creature unique to Athas Bird or flying lizard is fine. One that fills a role much like a trained hawk on...

Kedrith Jun 11, 2010 12:54:21
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I did a test run of Encounter 1-1 (total spoiler, DMs only) - Started by firesnakearies

I just ran the first encounter for myself.  I played all six of the PCs in addition to DMing.  Here are the results:ShowThis encounter is...

Tectuktitlay Jun 10, 2010 22:27:29
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How to run a table with a VERY small # of players? - Started by Hye_Jedi

Hi all - Before I begin... thanks to everyone for your efforts in supporting this season... for a new DM like myself all resources have...

againstone Jun 10, 2010 9:23:46
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Allowing Alternate Characters - Started by dreamdarwin

So the store owner and often event organizer was not thrilled that there were only pre-gens allowed.  He really wanted to use CB...

kitsunegami Jun 09, 2010 23:52:13
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Minor error in 1-3? - Started by ddisubscription

possible monster typo?looking at the monsters in encounter 3, I think the HP for the cursespewer is double what it should be...nearly...

ddisubscription Jun 09, 2010 13:02:25
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Dark Sun vs. Three Dragon Ante - Started by vinciente

I am getting to the point where it is more work to make the new Dark Sun Encounters presentable, than working 2 full time jobs. I say...

Kedrith Jun 09, 2010 12:19:21
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More information about the monster races in this adventure. (spoilers, DMs only) - Started by firesnakearies

This is some old-school 2nd edition information about the main monster races in chapter one of the adventure.  I thought that it might be...

againstone Jun 09, 2010 12:17:26
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Online character cards - Started by bcr666

It says on page 7 of the Session 1 manual that "Character cards will also be available for download on the Wizards website in the Events...

Saracenus Jun 09, 2010 0:56:58
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Introduction? - Started by stormcaller

Let's see if this time this works correctly:While pre-reading the first chapter module for next week, I noticed that there doesn't appear...

Saracenus Jun 09, 2010 0:41:07
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Pregen weapons question - Started by Kedrith

  Most of the pregen powers and even basic attacks state they only work with a specific weapon. Im guessing that looted weapons could be...

Kedrith Jun 07, 2010 21:03:25
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PDF's - Started by kingdrew

Will there be a way to get this seaon's adventures in PDF format? OR is someone has it in PDF format can they let me know?I am currently...

kingdrew Jun 07, 2010 19:47:07
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Determining who played what PC - Started by ddisubscription

Not sure how to handle this for our local store.We are running 3 tables of DDE on Wednesday. Some players are wanting to rotate which...

firesnakearies Jun 07, 2010 18:54:32
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People and Races of Athas - Started by againstone

   Athas stands unique not only due to its harsh, savage environment, but also the people that can be found living in it.  A social order...

Alphastream Jun 07, 2010 18:24:50
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Funny Discrepancies: Artwork vs. Appearance Text - Started by dharmatel

While looking over a PDF of the PC cards, I noticed how laughably wrong all the appearance text was compared to the art. Castri, elf...

dharmatel Jun 07, 2010 16:42:42
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This is What Going Mad Must Feel Like (1st level again?) - Started by opensource

So I noticed combing over the new pre-generated character that their level 1.I shouldn't make assumptions, since the module isn't here...

bollaert Jun 07, 2010 16:24:48
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PA / PvP Dark Sun podcasts - Started by nightwalker450

With the 6th now posted, it had this note:Note: D&D Encounters Season 2, also set in Dark Sun, features a different set of pre...

To11 Jun 07, 2010 15:13:48
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No kits yet! - Started by festivus

Am I in the minority here?  I just dropped by the game store to see if the kits had arrived and they haven't.  What is my best course of...

festivus Jun 07, 2010 14:23:42
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Looking for a group! - Started by dereknorton

Hey anyone in the NYC area going to The Gamers Gambit looking for another player?

WolfStar76 Jun 07, 2010 11:01:37
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Re: Pregen Errata - Started by JabbaVonHutt

Is there a way of differentiating that the mods could split the actual official errata from the speculation in that thread. It is very...

vinciente Jun 06, 2010 18:59:18
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City-States of the Tyr Region - Started by againstone

   The remains of civilization that tenuously clings to life on the harsh world of Athas exists in an area of land known as the Tyr...

againstone Jun 05, 2010 19:50:49
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Dark Sun Encounters... kinda meh? - Started by criticalmiracle

Where do I begin? The typos? The lack of evocative exposition and flavor text to portray what is essentially an unconvential alien anti...

tirianmal Jun 05, 2010 16:26:21
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A question for the DMs on weapon breakage, and pilfering - Started by seth_b

I'm sure most of us understand how the new non-metal breakage rules work. Pretty simple stuff. But what would stop players from pilfering...

DanTracker Jun 05, 2010 12:52:41
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