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Encounter 2-2 (Session 7) DM Mod [DMs only; stay out mere mortals] - Started by balerion

ShowI've changed up the map a bit since I have a set each of DU3 Caves of Carnage and DT6 Dire Tombs.My players will start on the stairs...

balerion Jul 18, 2010 23:27:56
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Season 3? - Started by hhilliii

This maybe jumping the gun a bit but as we approach the half way mark (doesn't seem like it, does it?) has there been any announcement on...

vinciente Jul 18, 2010 19:53:46
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Level 2 Upgrade question - Started by vinciente

One of my players asked me if the cards (containing upgrade info to move characters from level 1 into level 2) assumed that certain items...

darrell_uk Jul 16, 2010 16:00:37
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Thoughts and adjustments on 2-1 *DMs only* - Started by flintlocke

our DM playthroughGriefmote, wow, my new favorite monster. My previous favorite, the stirge, they both need to have children together....

karlsamwise Jul 15, 2010 12:42:29
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Cardboard Miniatures for Session 2-1 (Spoilers!) - Started by fuligin

A new chapter, a new encounter, and more cardboard goodies from Xaveria.  Sorry for the lateness, I didn't get the NPC list to her until...

lucian_ravenclaw Jul 14, 2010 17:59:59
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Dungeon Tiles for 2-1? - Started by yellerSumner

Our group was having trouble getting the map to lay flat during season 1, so when I picked up Desert of Athas, I took it with me and we...

yellerSumner Jul 14, 2010 14:29:09
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session 6 twitter buffs - Started by totemensch

Exploding luminescent mushrooms! For the session PC ranged and area attacks deal +2 radiant damageYou are bolstered by unseen ancient...

totemensch Jul 14, 2010 13:38:50
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D&D Encounters Field Reports (Week 5) - Started by mudbunny

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 5 of D&D Encounters Dark Sun.  Please realise that both players and DMs read...

tirianmal Jul 14, 2010 12:27:06
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Encounters Pacing (Future Planning) - Started by nightwalker450

What do people see as a good pacing for encounters?First Season:8 Encounters to Level (Tracked Experience)Extended Rest: 4 Encounters12...

delroland Jul 14, 2010 6:59:30
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DM Session Tracker PDF? - Started by balerion

Where can I find the PDF for the new DM session tracking forms?I have a printer, but not a scanner or copier.It seems they should be at...

Alphastream Jul 13, 2010 14:59:34
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Level 2 Character Upgrade PDF? - Started by balerion

Is there a link on someplace for the pregen upgrade instructions? I have a printer but not a copier or scanner.(I am not...

criticalmiracle Jul 13, 2010 12:56:11
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Miniatures for Session 2-1 (spoilers) - Started by devp

If Xaveria has time to create cardboard minis for Session 2-1, I'll be quite eager to see them! (He's been very generous to offer them to...

devp Jul 12, 2010 22:42:34
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Twitter Buffs - Clarification - Started by argy

So I read the twitter buff post above but I'm a bit confused.   We've never used these so I have some questions.So I just pull it off of...

argy Jul 12, 2010 13:42:07
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Cardboard Miniatures for Session 1-5 (Spoilers!) - Started by fuligin

It's that time again..  I will be preparing two more sheets this week, one with a recap of all of the miniatures from this chapter, and...

fuligin Jul 11, 2010 23:12:04
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Ancient Tales == Close Call? - Started by jjafuller

Is it just me, are the effects of these cards identical?

jjafuller Jul 11, 2010 19:39:42
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DM Tools - Season 2 Monster Knowledge Check Cards - Started by thatdamnninja

I made up some monster knowledge check cards that you can hand out to the players when they succeed on knowledge check rolls.I felt while...

thatdamnninja Jul 11, 2010 17:52:55
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Session 4 and 5 twitter buffs - Started by totemensch

For those that want them here they are, sorry have been hauling the kids around Colorado trying to show them what the state has to offer...

totemensch Jul 11, 2010 16:07:56
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I don't have chapter 2? - Started by kilpatds

I'm running Encounters at my local game store in Chantilly VA, and Chapter 1 was sent there...but I don't have Chapter 2 yet.  Um, it...

vinciente Jul 11, 2010 15:56:22
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Did anyone make it 5 encounters w/o a full rest? - Started by phil500

I am just wondering if any group managed their resources continually and made it thru all 5 weeks without any fudging.  From what I hear...

hal Jul 11, 2010 15:24:57
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Stories form behond the sea of silts - Started by M_Luther

Lurking on this forum is a bit like looking into a crystal ball for me. I am organising DDE in Berlin / Germany and thanks to 8 hours...

againstone Jul 11, 2010 9:49:18
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Scorched Rant - My Gripes about the New Season - Started by DMYeg

Introduction: I have participated in the Undermountain season in its entirety, but because my group and I have started about mid-season,...

Alphastream Jul 10, 2010 16:25:13
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Survival Days, Sun Sickness, and Skill Challenges [DMs only; stay out mere mortals] - Started by balerion

Can we get an official, stick-ied, "this was our ****-up" post about what the **** is going on with the Survival Days and Sun Sickness...

hal Jul 08, 2010 22:29:50
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New player wondering how character deaths are handled in the Dark Sun Encounters - Started by jetwolfprime

Tonight was my first night playing in the Encounters format for any D&D campaign. Having only played home games before, I'm wondering...

guncici Jul 08, 2010 9:26:11
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D&D Encounters Field Reports (Week 4) - Started by mudbunny

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 4 of D&D Encounters Dark Sun.  Please realise that both players and DMs read...

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jtrain9801 Jul 07, 2010 22:21:56
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Need DM help running encounter 2-1 - Started by Tashannoc

[spoiler]I am getting ready to run 2-1 after 1-5 tonight, and I have to admit that one part of that combat is something that I still...

Alphastream Jul 07, 2010 13:05:41
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