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D&D Encounters Field Reports (Week 15) - Started by WolfStar76

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 14 (Encounter 3-4) of D&D Encounters Dark Sun. Please realise that both players...

jtrain9801 Sep 22, 2010 23:10:39
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D&D Encounters Field Reports - Season 2 Review (Spoilers) - Started by Alphastream

HERE THERE BE SPOILERS.56269566 wrote:Use this thread to discuss your experiences with D&D Encounters season 2 - Dark Sun. To make...

Vael Sep 19, 2010 13:52:13
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Ask the Author (Fury of the Wastewalker) - Started by imnotjesus

Hello DDE fans,I'm the author of the second season of D&D Encounters, Fury of the Wastewalker. It's been a pleasure and a challenge...

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Hye_Jedi Aug 27, 2010 9:27:45
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D&D Encounters Information - Started by mudbunny

Welcome to the Dungeone & Dragons Encounters Forums! This is the place to share your stories for from your D&D Encounters games...

lordofmasks Aug 22, 2010 16:54:17
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Character Sheet Correction - Started by WotC_Trevor

Some people are asking for character sheet errata for season 2. There are definitely some small errors here and there, but nothing that...

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argy Jul 12, 2010 11:16:46
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Quick player's Primer for Dark Sun: Fury of the Wastewalker - Started by Lord_of_Flesh_and_Darkness

With thanks to James Zack....

Alphastream Jun 22, 2010 1:30:13
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Season 2 Twitter Buffs - Started by WotC_Trevor

For those who have delved through Season 1, you probably know that we have twitter buffs that we post every hour to add some interesting...

dreamdarwin Jun 17, 2010 21:28:27
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Session 2 tips and tricks (SPOILERS) - Started by imnotjesus


jjafuller Jun 15, 2010 20:00:56
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Fury of the Wastewalker up on - Started by JodyJohnson

JodyJohnson Nov 12, 2013 9:55:52
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Dark Sun opportunity (cross-post) - Started by Alphastream

This may be of interest to folks that dig Dark Sun and have RPGA or D&D authoring experience. Dark Sun Opportunity

Alphastream Oct 08, 2010 17:47:01
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D&D Encounters Season Two - Player's Journal - Started by gold_piece

Hi all,I had so much fun during D&D season one that I started a journal for season two.  I'm playing Barcan (human sorcerer) but the...

gold_piece Sep 16, 2010 19:58:59
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Request for the adventure. - Started by JabbaVonHutt

So now that the season is finished, will there be an opportunity to get the adventure as a download in the near future? As a player in...

JabbaVonHutt Sep 16, 2010 15:36:20
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Mod Request - Started by Lord_Darquain

Can the Encounters Season 3 and Gameday threads that are already up in this forum be moved to the appropriate forum so that they be more...

Lord_Darquain Sep 16, 2010 0:30:25
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Ideas on 3-5 and ending season 2 (spoilers) - Started by Alphastream

Here are some ideas for DMs as I read over the final encounter.ShowIntroThere isn't any introduction to the encounter. It is assumed to...

Alphastream Sep 15, 2010 0:03:59
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D&D Encounters Field Reports (Week 14) - Started by Alphastream

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 14 (Encounter 3-4) of D&D Encounters Dark Sun.  Please realise that both...

prof_siccus Sep 13, 2010 9:35:17
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Sunderpeak Temple standees? - Started by Kedrith

 Just curious is anyone making a set of this? Old School from the original AD&D monster manual art would be extra nice.

Alphastream Sep 09, 2010 23:36:19
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Ideas on 3-4 - Started by Alphastream

Encounter 3-4:Spoilers for 3-4 week 14, for DMs only:Intro: Mountain ClimbersAs usual, there is some information in the first section on...

Afet Sep 08, 2010 15:05:51
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Season 2 Dropoff - Started by JabbaVonHutt

Over the last couple of weeks at the store that we play, we've seen attendance down from 3 full tables to 2 tables of 5 players. Anyone...

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dsowa Sep 07, 2010 15:21:04
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Figure Flats and Lore for Encounters Season 2 - Dark Sun: 3-4 and 3-5 *Spoiler* - Started by ddtwilson

Session 3-4 and 3-5 Paper Figures and Lore SheetsFellow DM's,For those that would like them, I have made Figure Flat and a Lore sheet for...

ddtwilson Sep 05, 2010 18:31:10
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D&D Encounters Field Reports (Week 13) - Started by shaadow

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 13 (Encounter 3-3) of D&D Encounters Dark Sun.  Please realize that both...

gold_piece Sep 03, 2010 18:52:58
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Have a Camcorder? Help out your gaming store! - Started by willfuqua

Hey Guys,I'm the D&D coordinator at my gaming store and I work pretty closely with the people there to get people in the store. ...

Alphastream Sep 02, 2010 0:43:28
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Ideas on "Encounter 3-3 Clear the Path" (DMs only) - Started by Afet

I'm going to make a few changes to Encounter 3-3, because, for me, the setup text on p. 7 of Chapter 3 is unconvincing.  ShowWhat makes ...

Afet Aug 30, 2010 23:35:30
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3-3 Clear the Path - Paper Figures and Lore Sheet *Spoiler* - Started by ddtwilson

This thread is for posting files from DM's to share Lore and Figure Flat sheets to be used in official D&D Encounters in-store sessions.

Afet Aug 30, 2010 18:49:45
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thoughts on 3-3 treasure DM only - Started by Kedrith

Am I missing something Show or does Barcan (the only person that can use a staff as an implement) not have any poison attack powers to...

Alphastream Aug 30, 2010 15:46:03
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3-3 thru 3-5 Monster Files for Monster Builder - Started by willfuqua

The Monster Builder software doesn't include many monsters in the remainder of the encounters for this seasons D&D Encounters.  So I...

willfuqua Aug 28, 2010 3:18:33
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