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Week 8 help - Started by ragepants

Can someone tell me the title of week 8 and copy the synopsis with a spoiler curtain?

CharlesCurtisStanley May 05, 2010 15:09:26
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May 2010 update & Astral Seal - Started by DeathMutantLives

Paraphrased from the May, 2010 rules update: Healer's Lore no longer applies to Astral Seal or any other "surgeless healing" power. The...

againstone May 05, 2010 10:34:21
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D&D Encounters and DDi Character Builder - Started by _Mithreinmaethor_

Does anyone know if the item set found in the module will be in the CB at any point?And for that matter how about any of the unique...

Darkraven3 May 05, 2010 0:15:51
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Quest XP/RP awards - Started by darrell_uk

Didn't have this problem in chapter 1, will have it this coming week...Who are DMs going to award the XP/RP for completing the quests to?...

Alphastream May 04, 2010 18:04:15
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D&D Encounter Field Reports (Week 7) - Started by WolfStar76

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 7 of D&D Encounters. Please realise that both players and DMs read these...

cheezczar May 04, 2010 14:06:11
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D&D Encounters - The good, the bad, the ugly (possible spoilers) - Started by mudbunny

If you have run, played or hosted Dungeons and Dragons Encounters and have something that went great, something that could be improved a...

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jtrain9801 May 04, 2010 9:17:32
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Questions about hovering + stealth (Session 8) - Started by curiousdragon

If a creature is invisible and moves (fly+hovers) more than 3 spaces, does it need to make stealth checks at -5 to not be heard?session 8...

DeathMutantLives May 03, 2010 17:40:55
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Is DCI intended to alienate new players? - Started by voxhumana

Four weeks ago I rejoined D&D after a 20 year absence from the game (I was a regular 1E and 2E DM through the 80's and early 90's....

enigma105 May 03, 2010 13:42:47
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D&D Encounters as supplement - Started by daniel36

Hello everyone,I started a thread before, but something went wrong. Hopefully this one will go through! I apologize if this question has...

otarsus May 01, 2010 19:14:46
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Summary of major plot points in D&D Encounters (sessions 1-7) SPOILERS - Started by gold_piece

Spoiler warning – I’m going to ask about plot points related to Encounters.ShowI’m a player at Encounters.  My DM is doing an awesome job...

DeathMutantLives May 01, 2010 14:44:32
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DDE - Only for dedicated players, not for the casual - Started by hawkusn74

So, I have been running Encounters for a little bit now, and I ran into a road block.  Several of the people playing are just passers-by,...

enigma105 May 01, 2010 6:20:18
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D&D EncountersIt's recently fallen on my to DM a table at my encounters group, but the other DM and the organizer have pretty much just given me a bag with the "kit" supplies and said "have at it!"The DMing is fine, and tracking everything (renown, g - Started by blackgryphon

D&D EncountersIt's recently fallen on my to DM a table at my encounters group, but the other DM and the organizer have pretty much...

hhilliii Apr 30, 2010 22:19:52
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Question on what exactly our RPGA numbers do - Started by fey_feline

What are these for, exactly? Just curious.-FF

WolfStar76 Apr 30, 2010 10:12:13
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The "Thing": What does the imp know? - Started by DeathMutantLives

Not really a spoiler since, I believe, it has no real impact on the current adventure, "Halaster's Lost Apprentice" but it may be...

DeathMutantLives Apr 29, 2010 12:06:45
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D&D Encounters Field Reports (Week 6) - Started by mudbunny

Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 6 of D&D Encounters. Please realise that both players and DMs read these ...

atras Apr 29, 2010 9:48:06
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Session 7 questions... SPOILERS - Started by darrell_uk

Thought I'd get in early...ShowIn my opinion Encounter 7 can be summed up easily in one  word- dangerous, possibly with "very" placed in...

_Mithreinmaethor_ Apr 29, 2010 6:31:01
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Mini for Session 7 (spoilers...GMs only) - Started by beowulfthehunter

I am trying to come up with a mini for the Orb, I wa shoping ot find something similar in size that lights up, but I found nothing. I am...

Ktulu Apr 29, 2010 0:30:01
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Twitter Buffs Session 7 - Started by totemensch

Blue flames flicker along the floor. For this session, creatures must move 1 square on each of their turns or suffer 5 fire damage A...

totemensch Apr 28, 2010 19:16:44
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Is D&D Encounters Associated w/ the RPGA? - Started by rapscallion

Is D&D Encounters considered an RPGA campaign?Do new characters have to conform to RPGA's standards of character creation even if...

jdvn1 Apr 28, 2010 19:01:33
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Casual for Players (kind-of) but a commitment for DMs = Problem - Started by ReverendDak

I think the DELVE format was a lot more friendly for impromptu DMs. Players can easily come and go, but if you decide to DM, you're stuck...

nightwalker450 Apr 27, 2010 10:07:13
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Twitter Buffs Session 6 (better late than never) - Started by totemensch

A female apparition appears and merges with one PCs body. That PC deals an extra 5 necrotic damage on a hit for entire session.The...

totemensch Apr 26, 2010 0:06:59
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Miniatures for D&D Encounters (possible spoilers) - Started by markkawika

I get a kick out of trying to find exactly the right miniature for each monster in an encounter.  I'm always pleased when I see something...

Darkraven3 Apr 25, 2010 18:51:30
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The Magic Item from Session 6 s Show - Started by quizzit_nizzpin

Hey guys, So I know I have seen a bit of discussion on this already, sorry for the re-tred. ShowThere are no staff using arcane...

dreamdarwin Apr 23, 2010 20:42:34
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Players - post your Moments of Greatness! - Started by Alphastream

I thought I would start a thread for players this time: What Moments of Greatness have occurred at your tables?I'll start with one from...

grythome Apr 22, 2010 21:27:29
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How many players at a table? - Started by tirianmal

So, DDE doesn't seem to have the same table size restrictions as say, LFR. But I wanted to double check my reading ...It seems that since...

hangfire Apr 22, 2010 18:13:57
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