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The Guild House has moved to our new play-by-post group - Started by WotC_Trevor

Our play-by-post game has moved from this forum to the new group structure to take advantage of the additional features available. You...

WotC_Trevor Apr 23, 2010 18:01:06
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The Beginning: 4th Edition - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

The world of Tyrannor, a place filled with beings and creatures from various worlds and universes. They come together here, where all...

orcy_the_green_... May 26, 2009 0:59:18
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Gek-Morog [Dark] - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

A towering city of blackened bone and stone. A place built with the strange substances that grew from the Corrupted fields. This city is...

orcy_the_green_... Jun 04, 2009 15:24:22
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Tortuga [Light] - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

Tortuga is a relatively large city given it's location. Covering the majority of a small island, Tortuga maintains a look of change about...

orcy_the_green_... Jun 04, 2009 14:28:47
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Ghashmal Keep, The Fallen Stronghold [IFGW] - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

Once, the Keep rose high above the ground with a narrow pass winding it's way up through the mountains. The Knights walked the ramparts...

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gulien May 18, 2009 23:39:04
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The Shadow's Breath - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

The Shadow's Breath resides in the same haven that once housed the Shadow's Breath and Blade. A small, hidden building residing in the...

redhase Jan 30, 2009 18:51:17
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Rescue from the Underworld - Started by captainshar

In Glenndria, Shar's body lies breathing but her eyes are vacant and soulless. Dull gray and twisting ghostlike figures fade dully in...

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NightScreamer20 Dec 10, 2008 15:03:13
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The Deep Groves - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

The Deep groves were once a place of beauty and as the name would suggest great sprawling groves of trees. Maintained by the elves and...

orcy_the_green_... Dec 05, 2008 10:37:08
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The "Scourged" Woods - Started by NightScreamer20

The trees ahead are bare like the bones of a once great forest which now lies dead and dormant buried within the mountains of the east,...

NightScreamer20 Oct 17, 2008 19:02:28
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The City of Bristol - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

A tall tower rests within the beautiful city of Bristol, built upon the plains of Mendal and a popular sight for trade and commerce from...

gulien Sep 21, 2008 21:11:50
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The Blessed Fields of Elysium - Started by NightScreamer20

The slightly aged woman looks across the field, waving her hands the earth ripples throughout the field of large yellow flowers that...

NightScreamer20 Sep 21, 2008 1:47:01
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The Mountain Top Arena, Gladiators Reborn - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

THE MOUNTAIN TOP ARENABefore you stands massive walls of stone. Carved from the very mountain itself, this place is large enough to fit...

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NightScreamer20 Aug 07, 2008 0:27:47
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Creating Your Own Legends (Or: What This Forum Is About) - Started by jagggar

In the next few weeks, this topic will be polished and given more details....

astron_the_wizard Oct 18, 2006 16:04:52
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