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The Guild House has moved to our new play-by-post group - Started by WotC_Trevor

Our play-by-post game has moved from this forum to the new group structure to take advantage of the additional features available. You...

WotC_Trevor Apr 23, 2010 18:06:45
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The Beginning: A New Age - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

For years the wars raged on, the guilds fought throughout all of Tyrannor, killing and destroying their enemies. As they fought, the...

orcy_the_green_... May 22, 2009 21:29:09
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PLEASE READ: Important Threads on the Boads - Started by zombiegleemax

General Referencetrollbill's Dictionary of Terminology (maintained by trollbill)D&D Boards General FAQ (maintainedby chonjuror...

zombiegleemax Oct 03, 2005 23:55:54
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The Order of Azuth - Started by promithes

Now, I am by no means claiming to be the biggest Realms fan but I do love it, and I was wondering why I can not worship Mystra and Azuth?...

promithes Mar 29, 2010 18:53:46
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Inter-Foundation War Games 3 Setup/Meta-Thread {IFWG} - Started by jagggar

Please wait a few minutes to give the GMs some time to resreve posts.Rules Thread...

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aramar_the_black Feb 18, 2010 22:35:03
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The Guild House: General Discussion - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

This thread will serve as a thread for general discussion here at the Guild House. Orcy will be finishing up some work on the next...

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bookmen Sep 15, 2009 9:55:30
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End of the Line Inn [NA-IC] - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

The Evergreen Forest [Map Location: O8]Settled at the edge of the Evergreen Forest along the Lowland Plains where the road itself...

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moriok_mephidro... Aug 16, 2009 9:19:06
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The Orclands - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

Comprised of the Northern Slopes and the Deep Groves, the newly dubbed Orclands have been overrun with the red horde. The Red Horde is...

demonfey02 May 03, 2009 19:42:31
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Swordpoint Academy- Rebuilt - Started by turalisj

Before you stands a magnificant castles. Standard of various mercenary and army units decorat the front of the castle, while the sounds...

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orcy_the_green_... Apr 21, 2009 23:15:11
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IFWG 2.5 PC Thread. - Started by zombiegleemax

Here's a Character thread....

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lunoc Apr 20, 2009 21:19:23
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Tyrannor Proper - Started by aramar_the_black

Tyrannor, shining gem of the land that bears its name. ...

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demonfey02 Apr 19, 2009 14:07:21
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Merchants Guild 3 - Started by dyne

This is a place for fellow merchants and shopkeepers to gather. When there was an IFWG, in-game shops sold a variety of items here, and...

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demonfey02 Apr 19, 2009 9:26:53
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The Guild Of Ultimate Evil - Started by thasis

The Guild Of Ultimate EvilThe ground begins to rumble, and the rocks crack and splinter. A fissure splits open the ground, and blue forms...

thasis Apr 16, 2009 0:29:49
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The Temple of the Damned - Started by sargatanas

A large, imposing structure stands tall before those with the courage to dare the surrounding jungles. The face of the temple resembles a...

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orcy_the_green_... Apr 09, 2009 21:01:18
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Carnak, City of Law - Started by orcy_the_green_wonder

Carnak, once a haven for criminals, a city full of thieves and killers who had no else to run and hide when their infamy came to call...

orcy_the_green_... Apr 01, 2009 23:46:22
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The Council of the Archmages Reborn - Started by aramar_the_black

Welcome to the Council of the Archmages....

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aramar_the_black Mar 24, 2009 14:53:06
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Calling Guild House GMs! - Started by crazy_monkey

Your friendly neighborhood Volunteer Community Lead would like to speak to you. ;)...

turalisj Mar 22, 2009 15:29:11
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Guild of Seafarers - Started by captainshar

Hello there and welcome aboard! My name is Captain Shar, and this is my ship, the Noumenal Blade. She's the fastest ship in the world, as...

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captainshar Jan 31, 2009 23:18:14
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The Blue Lizard Inn's triumphant return! - Started by zombiegleemax

From Bronzebeard, the original creator of the Blue Lizard:...

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captainshar Jan 19, 2009 21:53:45
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Tales from the Blue Lizard Inn - Started by demonfey02

I've been missing the old place, so I'm restarting it. It can be interaction from the players, or the characters, or both, and is, for...

orcy_the_green_... Jan 01, 2009 17:30:52
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Halls of Refuge - Started by dungeonjman

A hooded figure, lonely and more experienced with the passing of time, arrives at the old cathedral. He looks at it, and says:...

captainshar Nov 21, 2008 15:24:03
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Homebrew Approvals - Started by aramar_the_black

Just like the title says. ...

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bookmen Nov 07, 2008 14:42:18
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Council of Archmages, Tome Nine - Started by sculyblast

Eyah All, Welcome to the New thread of CoA....

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aramar_the_black Aug 26, 2008 15:02:50
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The Warlock Circle II - Started by zombiegleemax

The Warlock Circle is a foundation based on the class from Complete Arcana....

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for_mandalore Jun 11, 2008 6:45:11
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Welcome to the Guild Wars! - Started by masters_of_the_house

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the guild house. Here you will find a set of games dedicated to interaction between sets of guilds,...

masters_of_the_house Aug 06, 2007 16:57:25
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