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The Gathering Storm has moved to our new play-by-post group - Started by WotC_Trevor

Our play-by-post game has moved from this forum to the new group structure to take advantage of the additional features available. You...

WotC_Trevor Apr 23, 2010 17:59:04
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TGS History, Standings and Decklists. - Started by Nyphe

This forum has had a long and convoluted past, having gone through three previous versions, it has eventually evolved into what you see...

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Chaosmancer Jul 20, 2009 0:12:44
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[Read First] Introduction & Anouncements - Started by zombiegleemax

Welcome to the The Gathering Storm!Important: Posters please do not post in this thread. This thread is reserved for future anouncements...

Skystone Jun 06, 2009 21:13:42
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FAQ, Questions & Answers - Started by zombiegleemax

You can find the our Comprensive Rules here....

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Nyphe Mar 08, 2009 4:39:58
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The Gathering Storm - Rules Overview - Started by Gardevior

The Gathering Storm - Rules Overview...

repax Nov 28, 2008 6:27:22
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[TAVERN] Tavern of the Crossed Swords - Started by sherfan_dragonsbane

Institutions and governments may come and go, but the need for cheap drinks will last forever. This is one of the few buildings from the...

Chaosmancer Mar 29, 2009 14:55:15
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[OOC] TGS Noticeboard - Started by zombiegleemax

Please use this thread for your OOC posts, be they concerning the forum itself, a simple hello, or just pointless spam....

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repax Mar 20, 2009 13:42:55
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[ARENA] The Street Pit - Started by Skystone

This area is for practice. Unofficial duels, practice duels and other such braggadocio balderdash fit here. ...

repax Feb 26, 2009 3:51:43
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[GUILD] The Academy - Started by repax

Guildmaster: Repax...

repax Feb 26, 2009 3:48:02
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[GUILD] Ivory Tower - Started by Skystone

Some things never die, and Skystone's glimmering tower is one of these. From the nascent days of the Arena's first incarnation to the...

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repax Feb 26, 2009 3:46:38
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The Gathering Storm: Rivisited - Started by d_divinitus

Alright, I will get straight to the point. The Gathering Storm is dead....

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repax Feb 26, 2009 3:39:56
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[GUILD] The Fireblood Elfhame - Started by guildmastertgs_dup

This is the green guild house, until a permanent guild leader is found, feel free to sign up here. Think of the description as this. (The...

Chaosmancer Feb 25, 2009 14:40:28
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[QUEST] The Cult of the Dragon Shadow - Started by questmastertgs_dup

*A tauren draped in red and black robes walks through a deshevled and nearly deserted city. The former site of great battles and worthy...

questmastertgs_dup Aug 24, 2008 15:20:59
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[GUILD] The Place of Shadows - Started by guildmastertgs_dup

This is the temporary guild house for black until someone claims it....

guildmastertgs_dup Aug 23, 2008 19:41:18
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The Colosseum - Started by Skystone

Situated in the center of TGS' decaying cultural metropolis -- a singular, elegant building that is the apogee of this world's crown --...

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whym Aug 02, 2008 17:13:56
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[ARENA] The Glass Sea - Started by sherfan_dragonsbane

4000 years ago stories tell of a vast oasis, a veritable sea among the arid wasteland of the Carazcan Desert. The first tireless tribes...

sherfan_dragonsbane Aug 01, 2008 15:30:41
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[GUILD] The Dragon Keep - Started by sherfan_dragonsbane

The castle now called the Dragon Keep stands on the river Ferrodren's edge and is nearly a small mountain carved into a structure. There...

sherfan_dragonsbane Aug 01, 2008 14:05:55
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