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The Map of the Planes has moved to our new play-by-post group - Started by WotC_Trevor

Our play-by-post game has moved from this forum to the new group structure to take advantage of the additional features available. You...

WotC_Trevor Apr 23, 2010 18:02:35
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The Portal (Character Thread OOC) -- All Players - Started by gideon_gideonson

[CENTER][color=Indigo]*The Portal*Enter the Players[/color]Game-master: AquaSupervisors: Gideon_Gideonson, Nefretiri *****[/CENTER]...

ZsasZ Jan 17, 2010 18:29:36
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The Map (Rules OOC) -- MANDATORY - Started by gideon_gideonson

[CENTER][color=Indigo]*The Map*Rules and Regulations[/color]Game-master: AquaSupervisors: Gideon_Gideonson, Nefretiri *DO NOT POST IN...

gideon_gideonson Mar 16, 2009 16:46:31
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The Siege of Serpent City - Started by Babzidu

Serpent City, the homeplace of the famed Snake and Dragon Inn, is under attack. From within itself. A vile being, a menace from beyond...

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hellsbells Sep 11, 2009 23:11:08
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Coral City - Started by Aqua

Coral City information.Coral city is a place where all the creatures of all the worlds may come and interact. You may fight within the...

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Aqua Sep 01, 2009 21:27:00
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Attention Map of the plane Posters - Started by Aqua

Our area will be locked in who knows how many days. I would like for you all to swing on over to our new area and start the fire up there...

Aqua Aug 29, 2009 19:09:33
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Relic's Magic Artifaces - Started by The_Raven_Lord

I've noticed that Sorcen's arena now has a Tavern, two arenas, and a generic item shop, so I'm going to make a Magic Items shop. Relic is...

Aqua Aug 28, 2009 23:01:21
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Divided (a sorcen's baator battle) - Started by lunoc

OOC: welcome to my battle thread! this will be the end of my questline that started in the one who is an armynotes...

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Aqua Aug 28, 2009 23:00:55
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Re: Spawn of Vampires (Adv) - Started by The_Raven_Lord

You have to be either a Vampire or a Were-animal, you CAN'T be both. Were's can't be allied to Vampires and vice-versa. Vampires are...

The_Raven_Lord Aug 28, 2009 8:18:48
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Spawn of Vampires. - Started by The_Raven_Lord

RulesOkay, first of all, you have to be either a Vampire or a Were-animal, you CAN'T be both. Were's can't be allied to Vampires and vice...

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The_Raven_Lord Aug 18, 2009 9:44:09
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Mwahahahaha!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!-(IC)-All Welcome! - Started by mol42

An enormous dragon awakens in his cavern. This cavern is located in the belly of a volcano that was once called the Forge. The cavern is...

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Aretoo Aug 17, 2009 22:49:21
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Hell's Gauntlet-All Are Welcome-Don't Be Shy! - Started by Aqua

RulesCharacters who enter this thread must not be of deity or Invicible....

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mol42 Aug 17, 2009 4:06:05
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Gem City-A place where new beings may come together. (All are welcome) - Started by Aqua

Gem City information.Gem city is a place where all the creatures of all the worlds may come and interact. You may fight within the arena...

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Aqua Aug 13, 2009 22:09:47
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The Library (Lore Thread) - OOC - All Players - Started by mol42

Suddenly in the blackness of the multiverse a world appears. This world however was not as other worlds were. It was more of a central...

munchlord Aug 12, 2009 15:07:20
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Map of the Plane Ideas - Started by Aqua

Due to the level of activity on here I believe we all need to come up with something to bring some others to this part of the boards....

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Aqua Aug 11, 2009 17:50:59
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Temporary GM Appointment - Started by crazy_monkey

Friendly neighborhood Volunteer Community Lead popping in with an announcement....

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munchlord Aug 10, 2009 2:37:08
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Sapphire Arena (Players of Gem City.) - Started by Aqua

Rules (READ FIRST!) ...

jakelslang21 Aug 09, 2009 0:25:03
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Font Of Paradise (ADV) (All Wellcome!) - Started by The_Raven_Lord

This thread has a plot. Humans and part human's only. One character, choose a font or bold, italicize, underline, or any combination. Try...

lunoc Aug 04, 2009 20:13:09
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Purging Hell. (IC Thread) - Started by jakelslang21

((The thread was originally meant for me and Aqua only. But anyone is welcome if they ask permission prior, or explain they would like to...

Aqua Aug 03, 2009 15:21:27
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The Snake and Dragon Inn II - Started by Aretoo

(Note: I'm only making this because the original is about to be closed.)...

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hellsbells Aug 01, 2009 22:47:48
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Darksea Adventure - Started by Aqua

RulesThe rules are pretty simple. ...

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Aqua Jul 27, 2009 19:43:55
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Font of Paradise - Started by The_Raven_Lord

RulesThis thread has a plot. PM me and I'll tell you it. Humans and part human's only. One character, choose a font or bold, italicize,...

The_Raven_Lord Jul 22, 2009 16:31:18
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Mac's bar - Started by bone_yard

So I was looking at all the bar threads that's floating around this board and i got to thinking why not a modern cousin to the other...

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sorcen_anenooata Jul 19, 2009 22:11:18
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watch free top new movie film video online live box office 2009 - Started by newmoviex

Do you want to watch free new video movies 2009 online live on the internet watch full length movies online. watch movies top box office...

lunoc Jun 17, 2009 17:00:08
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School of Magic - Started by The_Raven_Lord

AboutThe old School of Magic thread was discontinued, but I think that we should have one. This thread will hire teachers, admit students...

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LivingShadow May 27, 2009 6:34:08
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