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Gro - Started by wotc_m2a0

Großdeutschland Campaign. Updated scenario builds through Early War.

wotc_m2a0 May 17, 2013 21:22:57
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WAS Scenario Master List - Started by greyh_seer_dup

Here is a list of all the scenarios I could get my hands on. Please let me know if a link is bad or if I accidently left someone out etc....

enabrantain Dec 08, 2011 11:49:43
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AAM Reference Maps for Scenario design use - Started by ah_sgtfury

Here is a complete posting of every available 3 inch hex AAM map currently in existence. They come from the AAM Starter set, the North...

aarules May 11, 2010 21:10:25
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Battle of Bzura 1939 Polish counterattack - Started by captainofcatan

Battle of Bzura, September 1939...

captainofcatan May 15, 2014 18:09:21
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The Complete Battle of Midway - Started by mnnorthstars

The Complete Battle of MidwayA War at Sea scenario by mnnorthstars It's the big fleet action that Admiral Yamamoto wanted. It's the trap...

mnnorthstars Jan 01, 2013 1:20:40
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New Georgia Campaign - Started by markc3711

I am back. Try this one. New Georgia Campaign—Marine Tanks vs. PillboxesNGC Scenario-115-17, July 1943The enemy's defensive line, a...

markc3711 Dec 10, 2012 14:29:19
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Breakthrough at Monthermé - Started by captainofcatan

captainofcatan Oct 19, 2012 5:37:25
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anime theme axis and allies STOP! TETSUJIN!! - Started by bswitzer1

i'm working on an anime themed axis and allies game based on tetsujin no.28 /aka gigantor  on a what...

bswitzer1 Aug 30, 2012 16:34:43
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Breakthrough to Arnhem Bridge - Started by captainofcatan

Breakthrough to Arnhem BridgeArnhem, Netherlends, 17 September -  25 September, 1944.Saving this spot for a future scenario covering the...

captainofcatan May 07, 2012 15:23:45
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Panzer vs. Hellcat on Christmas day - Started by zangetsu24

In the villages around Bastogne on December 24, 1944 Amercian and German commanders braced for battle. For the last 6 days the Wehrmacht...

aarules Apr 11, 2012 20:48:09
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Pacific: Raiders at the Matanikau River - Started by jackson62

Pacific: Raiders at the Matanikau RiverGuadalcanal September 27, 1942The Raiders move down the east side of the river and run into...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 30, 2012 3:18:12
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Operation Zitadelle part I: The Battle for Gertsovka - Started by latro

(This is a work in progress. First I'll add all the information needed to play the scenario and afterwards I'll try to tidy everything up...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 30, 2012 3:15:20
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Festung Breslau, April 1945 - Started by ah_general_hoth

Festung Breslau, 14th April 1945.Situated south east of Berlin on the river Oder, the last natural defence of Germany, Breslau was...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 8:25:16
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Stalemate at Butgenbach, Ardennes, December 1944 - Started by ah_general_hoth

Stalemate at Butgenbach, 22nd december 1944.After a short rest and refit period the "Hitlerjugend" 12 SS panzer division was to attack on...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 8:21:31
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1st U.S. Army campaign #3: Barneville sur Mer - Started by ah_general_hoth

Barneville sur Mer, 17th July 1944.After the fall of Carantan 1st U.S. army now had the task of cutting off the Cherbourg peninsula to...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 8:15:47
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Grossdeutschland Campaign Part 1: The Hill of Hell. - Started by ah_general_hoth

The Hill of Hell, Rshew, 30th September 1942.Having taken part in the early phases of Fall Blau, the invasion of the Caucasus, the...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 8:12:35
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The Big Red One at Piano Lupo, Sicily 43 - Started by ah_general_hoth

The Big Red One at Piano Lupo, Sicily, 11th July 1943.Having secured a bridgehead in the vinicity of Gela, the Big Red One infantry...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 8:06:56
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1st US Army Campaign #2: Carantan. - Started by ah_general_hoth

Carantan,13 June 1944....

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 8:02:47
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Eastern Front: Fight for Demyansk 1942 - Started by jackson62

Eastern Front: Fight for DemyanskDemyansk March 1942The Germans and Russians meet at a small village near Demyansk in March 1942.  This...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 7:55:28
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The Battle of Quinauan Point. - Started by wardog314

The Battle of Quinauan Point.January 22-February 8, 1942.Quinauan Point, Bataan Peninsula, Luzon, Philippines. Historical Background: ...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 7:48:05
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Battle of Aachen - Started by zangetsu25

The Battle of Aachen was a battle in Aachen, Germany, which occurred between 2-21 October 1944. By September 1944, the Wehrmacht had been...

ah_sturmvogel Mar 21, 2012 7:40:40
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Breakthrough to Arnhem - Started by pletch

Breakthrough to Arnhem BridgeArnhem, Netherlends, 17 September 1944 Moving his troops into a blocking line, Haupsturmfuhrer Krafft cut...

AH_Ober Mar 18, 2012 7:51:24
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GUAM-Orote Peninsula Campaign - Started by markc3711

Background Orote Peninsula, 28 July, 1944 During the early afternoon, while this situation was being rectified, General Shepherd went...

markc3711 Mar 13, 2012 12:33:09
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Guam Campaign-Harmon Road roadblock - Started by markc3711

How about a little tank on tank battle in the Pacific. Try this one.Background21-22 July, 1944-Harmon Road roadblockA force, led by four...

markc3711 Feb 14, 2012 17:28:35
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Battle of Piva Forks-Attack on Cibik Ridge - Started by markc3711

How about some more Bougainville Campaign.Try this one.Background  21-23 Nov 1943While on patrol, the 1st Platoon, Company F, 3rd Marines...

markc3711 Jan 27, 2012 14:58:26
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