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Powers by Class Level - Started by dragom

dragom Apr 17, 2008 19:13:42
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The new Green Dragon looks retarded - Started by feanorcuthalion

When you look at his face from the front, the nose horn just looks like a ridiculously long nose and the single head horn (?!) looks like...

setantus_dup Apr 17, 2008 14:22:46
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2-Player Game Proposals - Started by Hocus-Smokus

So, we have leaders, defenders, strikers, and so on. What would be a good combination if only two people are playing? Two leaders? Two...

MrHotter Apr 17, 2008 14:16:27
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Rediculous Races of 4th Edition - Started by Hocus-Smokus

Tieflings...warforged...draconic...rediculous. Let's just all play as swamp rats. We could have "scurry", "nose-twitch", and "plague...

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ian_demagi Apr 17, 2008 12:39:05
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Name that monster - Started by genraldread

Ok looks like Wotc is going to be putting up a new monster picture every day. I want to see if we can guess what it is.http://www.wizards...

kumquatelvis Apr 17, 2008 10:31:35
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Noncombatants? - Started by zeful

I was writing out a lot of the fluff for my first 4e adventure and came across a stumbling block, the princess. She, having been raised...

pauln6 Apr 17, 2008 9:55:08
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Half-Orcs - Started by mastermouse

why were half orcs removed from 4th edition?

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corm_evyrncrest Apr 17, 2008 9:19:02
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I hate where magic is going. - Started by Toshi

This is just another reason why I will NOT be switching to 4th edition....

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unfamiliar Apr 17, 2008 8:01:15
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Is the Ranger Losing Ground? - Started by Hocus-Smokus

My wife plays a ranger. She always has. I've played them several times. Will 4E still offer the ranger as a class worth playing? Yes,...

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pascalnz Apr 17, 2008 7:44:40
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Stairway to Hell - Started by lavaine

First a disclaimer, I'm not a regular church goer or affiliate of any particular religion. I am however, a DM of over 20 yrs and old...

thibb Apr 17, 2008 3:31:05
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Character Choices by level - Started by sphyre

They've said that every level you'll make a meaningful choice. No dead levels. This is what it's shaping up to look like so far.Level...

dragom Apr 17, 2008 1:48:23
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Racial Feats and MM Players - Started by JohnLynch

It looks like letting a player play an MM race will be much easier then in 3.x (although still not as easy as playing a PC-playable race...

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Maxperson Apr 17, 2008 1:31:34
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Quick racial excerpt from PHB excerpt: - Started by thecasualoblivion

1. Choose Race. Remember that some racial traits improve at higher levels....

d.a.dervish Apr 16, 2008 22:03:53
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The Neo-Cleric - Started by Hocus-Smokus

I've read quite a few posts by people upset at the thought of a downgraded cleric. With healing surges and the ability to buy potions of...

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Steveman Apr 16, 2008 16:49:05
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Saiyan Class - Started by Bill4747

I want a new class that has the ability to glow and yell for thirty rounds and then releases an energy blast powerfull enough to split a...

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Bill4747 Apr 16, 2008 13:48:40
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Powerful Monsters as PC's? - Started by kurama_youko

Has there been any info on how this will occur if ever?...

Nemo_the_Lost Apr 16, 2008 13:27:59
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Powerful Spells and 4th edition - Started by belial666

The turn of 4th edition towards balance has seen the nerfing/disappearance of really powerful magic-that is, magic that made non...

Mehangel Apr 16, 2008 12:40:22
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Petition for : Gary Gygax as God of Luck - Started by darth_serenous

Gary did great works on DnD and in RPG industry. He worked on so much things that I assume that we should give him a honorable gift. Make...

steerpike7 Apr 16, 2008 11:03:41
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Wizard Implements - Started by orig_inal

Since wizards will need implements (wand, staff, orb) to cast their spells, do these implements need to be "special?" For instance, is...

attilathenun Apr 16, 2008 0:08:05
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pic of core races compared - Started by akodo

I am remembering a picture from 3 or 3.5 where all the core races were standing together with some measurements on the back. Now, i know...

semajishi Apr 15, 2008 23:55:08
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How soon will we be seeing the PHB2? - Started by Xaielao2

I ask because it appears several 3.0 standard classes are being pushed back to the Players Handbook 2 release. Barbarians, Bards &...

jsaving Apr 15, 2008 20:55:21
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Homebrew Classes - Started by periculum

My question is about classes in DDI (the online thingy)....Will this aplication allow for the use of Homebrew Classes?...

cragglerock Apr 15, 2008 14:14:42
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4th edition Devils - Started by ellis_rossbach_dup

Pit Fiend, Succubus, and Malebranche. We now have their 4th ed. stats. Now, I love the devils, and I have since I started playing. But I...

eleran Apr 15, 2008 13:15:13
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Hi, I'm a Warlord. - Started by avidya

"In character" quotes.......

Arcane_Guyver Apr 15, 2008 11:15:25
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ZOMBIES! - Started by perennialrook

Mike Mearls made a surprising visit to the "New Points of Light! (and Dark!)" thread, and dropped a few good tidbits about ZOMBIES!...

robbypants Apr 15, 2008 10:04:55
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