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The Community Forums will be shut down on October 29. Thanks to all who participated over the years!...

WotC_Trevor Sep 16, 2015 13:35:09
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Ask a quick question, get a quick answer 2 - Started by Webster

Continued thread. ...

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Zathris Sep 16, 2015 1:05:37
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New to D&D? Start here! - Started by crazy_monkey

Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Roleplaying Game...

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JHS905 Jun 05, 2014 15:40:11
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Upcoming Forum Reorganization - Started by WotC_Trevor

We have an upcoming forum reorganization and we want your feedback. 

WotC_Trevor Oct 03, 2013 10:37:17
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Where to Post (or Hey, Who Moved My Thread)? - Started by wrecan

It is a sad fact of these forums that when threads get moved, there is no way for Customer Service to leave a marker in the forum letting...

wrecan Dec 21, 2011 16:49:54
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4e Points of Light Campaign (Story Hour) Thunderspire - Started by goonalan

My original and ongoing 4e Points of Light style campaign updated every week (I promise, I've spent the last 6 months or so writing it up...

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goonalan Oct 02, 2015 9:27:57
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4E on Social Media? - Started by thanson02

With people starting to head to other forums, I was wondering if folks were setting up things like Facebook groups to chat and share game...

Zardnaar Sep 22, 2015 23:07:17
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Working on 4.5 Edition Rules - Started by Myrhdraak

I have seen a lot of good things coming out of 5th Edition but I have decided to stay on 4th Edition with my current campaign, as my...

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Myrhdraak Sep 13, 2015 14:16:03
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Current state of 4E - Started by mbeacom

So, it's been a while. My long term 4E group put our campaign on hiatus to jump into the 5E playtest. 2 years later, we've finished up...

cassi_brazuca Sep 08, 2015 16:35:45
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Zeitgeist Maps - Started by Zedee

So we have just started the Zeitgeist Campaign. So far been pretty interesting. Been working on a few battle maps as we go and thought I...

Zedee Sep 07, 2015 22:01:45
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Alchemist NPC? - Started by solomani

Hi everyone,...

solomani Sep 06, 2015 0:33:29
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Fans of 4e who also like 5th might want to check out this new game: Shadow of the Demon Lord - Started by Cyber-Dave

Hey. So, Robert J. Schwalb, who was one of the lead designers of 5th, and one of the major authors on a number of 4e products (most...

Cyber-Dave Sep 03, 2015 16:25:41
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Can anyone help with Monster Creation? - Started by VarikstheLoyal

Hello D&Ders!...

Matyr Aug 29, 2015 14:08:04
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Make avalible the 4e Compendium Code? - Started by Streetguru

So, since official support is basicly done, but there's still a number of people running 4e games, how do we go about getting wizards to...

Ogiwan Aug 19, 2015 3:46:11
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Power2ool reborn? - Started by Herrozerro

erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">...

cseljos Aug 19, 2015 1:27:05
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PC / Monster / NPC Transparency - Started by rake

Prolouge: my player base split when 4.0 came out. My brother, his friends, and I (the DM) stuck with 3.5. My two friends and their...

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baldhermit Aug 18, 2015 21:48:55
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Monster Compendium vs Book Stats - Started by Frstrm17


baldhermit Aug 12, 2015 20:43:53
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Complete List of D&D 4.0 Edition books? - Started by ayes2010

I have nine. How many have been printed? I'm going to try to stay up to date. And Current. Oh, what about Dragon Magazine hardcover? I...

baldhermit Aug 11, 2015 21:31:41
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character illustration - Started by ilovealexis

Hello, im new to the fourms and semi new to D&D....

ilovealexis Aug 10, 2015 16:06:22
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Best Pre-built e4 Party of Characters - Started by TomasDV

Hi There,...

Tempest_Stormwind Aug 10, 2015 11:05:28
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Sorcerous Blade Channeling - Started by jorockstar

Hi everyone, I'm starting a DnD 4e edition and one of my players is a elementalist and has the sorcerous blade channeling feat with a...

Zathris Aug 08, 2015 23:56:36
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New to D&D can I play solo? - Started by Skullator

hello all,...

Kazadvorn Aug 08, 2015 13:28:49
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D&D Championship 2013 Thank You and Pending Play Report - Started by Arksorn

I would like to thank M. Sean Molley for authoring a fantastic D&D Championship adventure! I would also like to thank the organizers...

shadowknave Aug 07, 2015 15:32:28
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Neverwinter Campaign Setting. - Started by Kazadvorn

What do you people think about this module? Just gave it a quick look and am in the process of reading it now.

Beoric Aug 06, 2015 15:41:27
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Genuine 4E curiosity - Started by gmanjkd

Hello.  I missed 4e......never played it and I know that many did not like it and of course some loved it, and some it is there favorite...

Rundell Aug 06, 2015 15:11:43
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