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Ask a quick question, get a quick answer 2 - Started by Webster

Continued thread. ...

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Zathris Apr 15, 2015 16:37:19
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New to D&D? Start here! - Started by crazy_monkey

Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Roleplaying Game...

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JHS905 Jun 05, 2014 15:40:11
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Upcoming Forum Reorganization - Started by WotC_Trevor

We have an upcoming forum reorganization and we want your feedback. 

WotC_Trevor Oct 03, 2013 10:37:17
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Where to Post (or Hey, Who Moved My Thread)? - Started by wrecan

It is a sad fact of these forums that when threads get moved, there is no way for Customer Service to leave a marker in the forum letting...

wrecan Dec 21, 2011 16:49:54
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ac Minimum Enhancement Bonus (armour) - Started by chef_mike

what is this about? I don't imagine it gets added to the ac,, what does it do? why is it there, etc..

Caileanmor 2 hours ago
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Nolzur's Inkwell - Started by Skawilly

Does this item effect the caster (And the space of the cast) Or is there a spot in the center of the zone not dropped into the pit? Why?...

Zathris 3 hours ago
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Building a Spider type character in 4E? - Started by Roseweave

I'm just wondering how I'd go about doing a character like this? I think Drow might be best, and some derivative of Warlock as there are...

Roseweave May 26, 2015 13:50:08
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Can i get some Advice please? - Started by Mazoshi

Hello there firstly i would like to thank any reply's in advance. And this post is to get advice about the group i am currently playing...

Zathris May 26, 2015 1:20:20
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Crystal Gem build - Started by Roseweave

I'm looking to create a character lik the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe for a friend....

Roseweave May 25, 2015 12:48:28
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The Minotaur (Take Two) (PEACH) (because the current Minotaur is too badly designed) - Started by Crimson_Concerto

This thread has officially been updated to take the PHB3 version of the Minotaur into account.THE MINOTAURI don't like 4E's Minotaur PC...

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baldhermit May 25, 2015 0:55:14
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Magic in 4E Debaite - Started by Emelious

Okay just been haveing a debaite with my friend im new to D&D but i love reading books with magic in and what not but the rules for...

AbdulAlhazred May 24, 2015 14:58:13
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Warband D&D - Started by bajatmerc

Matyr May 23, 2015 13:07:31
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4e Points of Light Campaign (Story Hour) Thunderspire - Started by goonalan

My original and ongoing 4e Points of Light style campaign updated every week (I promise, I've spent the last 6 months or so writing it up...

goonalan May 21, 2015 16:36:34
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Bladesinger - Started by Dolos

Hey guys! I recently started to play D&D 4e with a fiew of my friends. It's our first tabletop RPG and it's still very confusing  . I...

Matyr May 21, 2015 12:53:14
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the Assassin Class - Started by Rupert_ADnD

Fellows, I recall seeing quite a few time ago an article that featured an assissin build, or something like that, that resembled more the...

Rupert_ADnD May 20, 2015 21:59:26
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Where did you find your groups? - Started by NobleNewb

I have some friends interested in D&D but not many. So i was just wondering where you guys have had luck finding players iv been to...

Matyr May 20, 2015 21:43:50
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Resistance and Damage taking - Started by GrazalThruka

I'm leveling up my Genasi Swordmage and ran into a problem. Zan-Kyri is a firesoul/magmasoul with dual mainfestation. The firesoul grants...

RedSiegfried May 20, 2015 6:11:58
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D&D Horror Stories - Started by tedkordlives

If there's not been a thread like this before, I'll be shocked, but I'm gonna start one anyway....

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Lithl May 20, 2015 5:23:57
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Ranger 4e help please - Started by jadengx

A player in my group is playing as a ranger at the moment, and he beleives that when he uses twin strike, each weapon hits twice...

jadengx May 18, 2015 17:44:17
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Resistance and Damage taking - Started by GrazalThruka

I'm leveling up my Genasi Swordmage and ran into a problem. Zan-Kyri is a firesoul/magmasoul with dual mainfestation. The firesoul grants...

GrazalThruka May 15, 2015 16:31:58
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Wizards + Armor = ? - Started by idabrius

I haven't seen anything in the RAW that states wizards can't waste a few feats to wear chain mail or plate mail. Nothing in the Equipment...

DarkGameMaster May 13, 2015 18:36:59
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The Tear of Ioun: A Touch of Madness - Started by JustAsIAm

I have come across a 4e copy of "The Tear of Ioun: A Touch of Madness". The module says it is the first installment of the Tear if Ioun...

baldhermit May 12, 2015 9:31:35
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DM Virtual Assistant - Started by NamfoodleEldoofman

So I decided recently that after looking for programs to help either the DM of the group or me when I'm the DM (mostly when I take the...

NamfoodleEldoofman May 10, 2015 3:16:03
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Defender Peer Pressure - Started by AvonRekaes

So, in 3.5, I used to play a paladin that dual-wielded bastard swords. I just thought it was cool, so I did it. No one complained....

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Grashuepfer May 09, 2015 8:44:11
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Orcs of Stonefang Pass - Started by AH_Ben_W

Getting ready to run this adventure and I got the craft bug (from watching DM Scotty on you tube). So I crafted myself the encounter, The...

FrozenTime May 08, 2015 7:21:39
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