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Ask a quick question, get a quick answer 2 - Started by Webster

Continued thread. ...

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thespaceinvader Nov 11, 2014 13:57:23
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New to D&D? Start here! - Started by crazy_monkey

Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Roleplaying Game...

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JHS905 Jun 6, 2014 15:40:11
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Upcoming Forum Reorganization - Started by WotC_Trevor

We have an upcoming forum reorganization and we want your feedback. 

WotC_Trevor Oct 10, 2013 10:37:17
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Where to Post (or Hey, Who Moved My Thread)? - Started by wrecan

It is a sad fact of these forums that when threads get moved, there is no way for Customer Service to leave a marker in the forum letting...

wrecan Dec 12, 2011 16:49:54
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Inflict Wounds, Cleric Power - Started by RzrBladeMontage

So I'm playing a Cleric in my DnD 4e game. I'm an unaligned Cleric with both Radiant and Necrotic Powers (My diety is the Raven Queen.) I...

Zathris 4 hours ago
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4e as a 5th ed combat module? - Started by Kazadvorn

I was just DM'ing the 4e LFR game last weekend and it got me thinking about 4e as a tactical combat module for 5th. I was looking over a...

AbdulAlhazred Nov 11, 2014 14:36:19
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4e Points of Light Campaign (Story Hour) - Started by goonalan

My original and ongoing 4e Points of Light style campaign updated every week (I promise, I've spent the last 6 months or so writing it up...

goonalan Nov 11, 2014 14:11:41
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Playable Races - Started by Glich_TA

I am working on making my D&D 4e character and I really like the Revenant race. Is the revenant a playable race, or am I going to...

AbdulAlhazred Nov 11, 2014 13:55:09
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Character difference - Started by _Satyesu_

In the 5e phb, I notice there is constriction of crunch in making a character. You can be a totem barb or college bard, but there are...

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Cyber-Dave Nov 11, 2014 13:04:11
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Items/feats that let you push, slow or mark targets? - Started by 1000thSon

I've put together a melee character that gets extra bonuses from pushing targets, knocking targets prone, fighting marked targets and...

AbdulAlhazred Nov 11, 2014 20:09:12
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4e DDI Renewal Fail - Started by tafkamhokie

Anyone else having issues renewing their 4e DDI subscription?  Mine is due to expire any day now, and when I went to renew, it will not...

AbdulAlhazred Nov 11, 2014 11:57:28
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Group for hire - Started by Zep1713

Looking for DnD group for play, In palm coast fl, Transportation is a problem so hoping for close as possiable? Were newbs and looking...

Zep1713 Nov 11, 2014 8:32:45
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book of vile4 darkness and -erotic fantasy - Started by _Satyesu_

What are the contents of both?

MechaPilot Nov 11, 2014 12:37:08
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Working on 4.5 Edition Rules - Started by Myrhdraak

I have seen a lot of good things coming out of 5th Edition but I have decided to stay on 4th Edition with my current campaign, as my...

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Myrhdraak Nov 11, 2014 10:39:29
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Artificer Question - Started by silver-claw

So one of my players has a question, one that I share. ...

silver-claw Nov 11, 2014 19:39:37
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4e Errata pages gone? - Started by Avross

So we noticed today that the pages containing the 4e errata are gone.  ...

Avross Nov 11, 2014 6:55:22
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Player Fused With Quori? (Eberron) - Started by Rood.Inverse

One of my players has a backstory that involves having a quori locked inside his kalashtar head. He claims he saw a feat, or a background...

Calestin_Kethal Nov 11, 2014 16:10:07
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Epic advise for Epic 4e - Started by mr_virus

Hey everyone...

thespaceinvader Nov 11, 2014 0:58:55
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4e Skill System... what are the perceived problems? - Started by Kazadvorn

So what are the common complaints about the 4e Skill System?...

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Zathris Oct 10, 2014 21:56:31
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New DM tips - Started by ExclusivePillow

I'm a new 4E DM and I need some pointers. I have played several times with different characters and decided to take gaming to the next...

AbdulAlhazred Oct 10, 2014 15:20:00
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4e: Paragon and Epic powers - Started by Drewbs44

Are Paragon path and Epic powers "free" powers as in they don't take up a power slot or are they just new choices for that base class'...

Zathris Oct 10, 2014 14:42:24
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Quick Polearm Fighter Question - Started by tdswihart

I am about to start a polearm fighter in a campaign and trying to figure out which weapon is better to use the greatspear or the glaive....

AbdulAlhazred Oct 10, 2014 14:20:46
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Well I will not be buying 5th edition - Started by Methen

Well I just took a quick glance at  free 5th editions pdfs have to say I not impressed what so ever, in the first place I happen...

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sancris Oct 10, 2014 13:53:56
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Distilled Evil - Started by PolarJ

I read a story that involved a nasty little thing called Distilled Evil, an elixir so gnarly that it repelled divine essence....

thespaceinvader Oct 10, 2014 0:55:59
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Silence type spell - Started by Danporus

I'm looking for powers (any level/class) that prevent a monster using specific powers on it's turn, does anyone know if such powers exist...

Fardiz Oct 10, 2014 1:48:25
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