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Formula for HP/level - Started by Chowder


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jdarksong Sep 26, 2007 6:26:02
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2 Bladed Sword - Started by wolfcross

I am wondering if this weapon will see the inside of the 4E book?

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thecobra Sep 25, 2007 23:22:23
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Mastery of the Rules, pt 1: Building a Character - Started by cerberuspuppy

One of the designers had a good point- there is too much of a gap between knowing how to play and mastering the rules. This is true in...

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runestar Sep 25, 2007 19:21:53
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AOE attacks (Spells and Melee) - Started by melkoriii

Was over at the Starwars errata and noticed this.You may use the Block talent to negate melee area attacks, such as those made by the...

melkoriii Sep 25, 2007 15:59:20
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Caroll's blog: changes to hp and Crits - Started by howler

You can read it here. Although, there isn't much information as to how.

netherek Sep 25, 2007 14:19:14
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Suggestion: Fixing skills for 4 E - Started by roman

We already know from designer statements that the Star Wars Saga can be looked at as a preview of the skill system of D&D 4E, even...

netherek Sep 25, 2007 14:11:30
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Mastery of the Rules, pt 2: The Little Things - Started by cerberuspuppy

One of the designers had a good point- there is too much of a gap between knowing how to play and mastering the rules. This is true in...

jeff-heikkinen Sep 25, 2007 10:45:15
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Weapon Damage - Started by Oathwin_Oakheart

My two cents . . ....

knight17 Sep 24, 2007 22:06:43
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XP progression the old way - Started by sooperspook

Call me wierd but I sometimes think the old way of doing XP had the right idea....

jinkor Sep 24, 2007 20:49:56
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Monster Weights - Started by juggernaut

I have an house rule that has worked fantastic for quite a while now....

juggernaut Sep 24, 2007 11:54:57
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Dice suggestion - Started by ORC_Paradox

I'd like to see all the non-existing dice type rolls drop out and never return....

alphaant Sep 24, 2007 9:58:26
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DEVS: Expert literature on Medieval and Renaissance swords and sword-usage - Started by ancalimohtar

I found the website for the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, and I've been reading their essays and articles. Brilliant,...

ancalimohtar Sep 24, 2007 6:33:47
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Effect of New Encounter System on Solo Gaming - Started by tildesee

Didn't see a thread on this elsewhere, but I may not have looked thoroughly enough (two pages here and adventures forums), so......

Nautilus Sep 24, 2007 2:53:21
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Will BAB and character progression be like it is in Star Wars? - Started by saurstalk

Honestly, while it took some getting used to, I really like how the Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook (SECR) tackled BAB, i.e.,...

netherek Sep 23, 2007 21:36:39
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World-Building - Started by lgmoses

Is 4.0 going to be conducive to world-building? Am I going to be able to easily design my own setting and breath life into it?

lishenron Sep 23, 2007 16:26:54
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Tumbling and Initiative - Started by meinvt

Let me preface this by saying that I generally like what they did with skills in Saga edition. While I think the exact breakdown for D...

meinvt Sep 23, 2007 14:15:16
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Iniative in 4E - Started by zombiegleemax

i think 3/3,5E initiative system is very bad since you can cast 1st and 9th level with same rolls, also you can beat dagger rolls with...

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salla Sep 23, 2007 13:27:43
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Diplomacy in 4E - Started by votan

I finally picked up Star Wars sage and I must admit that I really liked the changes to the skills. In particular, the new skill Persuade,...

crashy75 Sep 23, 2007 12:35:22
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Make feats grow as you do! - Started by bill_bisco_average_adventurer

Dear Wizards, ...

NineInchNall Sep 23, 2007 11:59:59
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Improvised Weapons - Started by zombiegleemax

Does anyone EVER use improvised weapons?...

neon_knight Sep 23, 2007 3:42:11
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SUGGESTION - Action sequence update - Started by shosurokenshin

Turns, actions, and rounds, how about an update?...

llamaface_dup Sep 22, 2007 16:58:50
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Ability increases? - Started by zombiegleemax

I haven't seen anything but I haven't had time to look on the boards lately....

llamaface_dup Sep 22, 2007 13:37:28
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An NPC is NOT a PC with 1/4 the wealth of a PC! - Started by Radazim

Here's where I think 4th Edition is going, and what I love about it as a DM. (I hope I'm not wrong.)...

cobalttheblueknight Sep 22, 2007 6:43:36
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SWSE & 4.0 compatibility - Started by korith

Does anyone know whether or not Star Wars Sage Edition is compatible with 4.0 or are they going to re-release a new star wars edition to...

netherek Sep 22, 2007 4:00:48
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IGNORE: An NPC is NOT a PC with 1/4 the wealth! (Repost?) - Started by Radazim

Strangeness! I submitted a post but as far as I can tell it's not showing up the thread index. Here is a link to the post:http://forums...

Radazim Sep 21, 2007 11:03:02
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