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The New Cosmology Article - Started by acear

Ok, I have to admit. I really like the article. ...

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JayM Oct 07, 2007 22:06:51
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ATTACK DEFENCE MITIGATE - Started by zombiegleemax

I'd prefer it it if armour mitigated damage rather than reduce the chance of a hit. Among other things....

scion9x_dup Oct 07, 2007 9:04:26
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The Core Mechanic - Started by mholland_dup

This one answers a few questions folks have been having especially concerning AC and Saving Throws.The Core Mechanic...

mholland_dup Oct 07, 2007 8:39:06
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Suggestion: Split the round in two/+4 surprise - Started by zombiegleemax

I have one gripe with the current round system is that it represents quite badly a fight whereby everyone act more or less simultaneously...

alphaant Oct 07, 2007 7:03:29
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4E FAQ Discussion Forum - Started by Thadir

I started the FAQ when the GenCon was going on and we all found out that 4th edition of Dungeon and Dragons was announced. Now in the...

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mythusmage Oct 06, 2007 21:39:32
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Request for non-collectible miniatures - Started by Radazim

I would like to see sets of non-collectible miniatures for common/popular monsters and minions. I have no interest in playing DDM and don...

kari Oct 06, 2007 10:52:06
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Release Dates - Started by attilathenun

This didn't really fit into any of the forum sections, so I decided to put it here. So far our information on the release dates for 4e is...

heavensagent Oct 05, 2007 23:41:50
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Strength gets nerfed - Crazy Prediction of the Day 1 - Started by ankhwearer

If you look at character optimization boards, every suggestion for a melee fighter is to improve the character's strength. Having a high...

subedei Oct 05, 2007 18:36:10
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Iterative attacks no longer integral to BAB - Crazy Prediciton of the Day 2 - Started by ankhwearer

The entire "stand there and take it like a man" so that you can perform your full series of iterative attacks becomes exceedingly...

ankhwearer Oct 05, 2007 16:53:35
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Chris Tulach's "mystery character" - Started by snarls_at_fleas

It really should be in Races or in Classes, but I don't really know what is it so it goes here....

twg_prometheus Oct 05, 2007 15:43:56
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Barbarian rage, and death by CON loss - Started by zombiegleemax

Shortly after 3E came out I encountered what seemed to be a serious design flaw with my new Barbarian character. His bonus to CON while...

runestar Oct 05, 2007 2:54:43
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Diseases and Parasites and Poisons - Started by septembervirgin

The DM's Guide of First Edition AD&D had pleasantly extensive rules for diseases. I think at least one edition of the DM's Guide...

septembervirgin Oct 05, 2007 2:20:18
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Ability Score Mods to Hit - Started by osmar

Can we just get rid of the STR and DEX bonuses to hit? They really seem to unbalance things and make Ability Mods more important than...

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trenien Oct 05, 2007 0:10:50
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DDM January Update - a preview of 4e? - Started by mshea_dup

Wizards announced an updated rulebook for release for D&D miniatures in January. Given their desire to bring D&D and D&D...

mholland_dup Oct 04, 2007 21:17:45
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The Powers Chapter??? - Started by osmar

The_White_Sorcerer Oct 04, 2007 21:06:49
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Walls, Doors, and Weapons - Started by msatran

I don't mind the kick in the door philosophy of play, but lately, I've been running into a little problem....

thecobra Oct 04, 2007 13:10:00
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Dex mod to Attack - Started by attilathenun

I may have said this elsewhere, but I just thought I'd put it here because it fits and I'm also not entirely sure I have said it...

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Bill4747 Oct 04, 2007 10:48:55
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Finding a way to make all the stat's worth having. - Started by triqui

One of my gripes with 3.X is that some of the abilities are completely useless inside the mechanics. Mostly Strength for rogues/casters...

thecobra Oct 03, 2007 22:07:37
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PEACH: Building social classes explicitly into the economy - Started by Radazim

In trying to work out the size and population distribution of Sharn in Eberron, I ended up devising a way to systematize social classes...

Alas Oct 03, 2007 16:32:14
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Core mechanic - Started by galenbd

Has WotC released the games base mechanic yet?...

silvercatmoonpaw Oct 03, 2007 14:59:17
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Feats - What They Should and Should Not Do - Started by stormonu

Feats are an awesome idea for the D&D game. However, you have to admit that feats did get a bit too thick in 3E, with every book...

zombiegleemax Oct 03, 2007 13:05:34
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Ability Scores and Ability Modifiers - Started by zombiegleemax

Hopefully i wont ridicule myself in my first thread as im unsure if the words im gonna use are correct and im quite afraid some1 has...

doctorhook Oct 03, 2007 1:41:02
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Rob Heinsoo's Blog: so little words, so much info - Started by snarls_at_fleas

It is here.Design work on paragon paths....

Haldrik Oct 02, 2007 22:04:58
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Is it still d20 system? - Started by nilbog

Excuse my ignorance, but is4e still going to use the d20 system? If not, what will happen to it?

zombiegleemax Oct 02, 2007 17:48:55
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4e Action Point preview? - Started by The_Dude_02

Today, WotC posted a web enhancement for Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. In the web enhancement, it says players should be awarded action points...

zombiegleemax Oct 02, 2007 8:13:09
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