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Per day/Per Encounter - Started by Krusk

I'm not normally one to cry broken at the warlock, TOB, or factorum, but a thought came to me the other day. ...

lokathor Oct 29, 2007 8:33:35
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Alignments? Where for art thou? - Started by strange_eric

Just browsing some promotional material that came in here. ...

Steely_Dan Oct 29, 2007 7:02:25
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Bringing Back the 12-Sided Die - Started by egarvue

In and among all the other important and serious questions that have been raised about 4E, here's a decidedly trivial one: will 4E bring...

hecscrivener Oct 29, 2007 0:57:17
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Bring back hex maps - Started by wyrdwalker

What the subject says......

valdrax Oct 28, 2007 11:26:02
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The UNFUN change to Saving Throws - Started by lishenron

"What is unbalanced should be removed from D&D" was the mantra of 3ed....

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lordofnightmares_dup Oct 28, 2007 3:23:42
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A Thing I Miss - Started by Kathorus

I know this is a bit... late, but all of the upcoming excitement of 4th ed. got me thinking of why and how I play D&D. So on one trip...

skeetweasel_dup Oct 27, 2007 15:26:27
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How much simplifying is to much - Started by avollx

How much simplifying is to much....

amon_weaverson Oct 27, 2007 11:07:24
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Eating and Sleeping - Started by caeruleus

I wonder if the 4e designers have put any thought into rules about eating and sleeping. While we may be able to wing it, there are no...

jaelis Oct 27, 2007 8:03:42
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"Alternate Core" - Started by corrin

It was mentioned a while ago that after the 3 core books come out (PHB, MM, DMG), they're planning on having 4 "alternate core" books....

Krusk Oct 27, 2007 1:12:34
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Miniatures Handbook - Started by deathtakeslast

Will this book be update for 4th ed ? Also will the minis be update. I just got the starter set yesterday so I still dont really know how...

deathtakeslast Oct 26, 2007 9:55:32
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Broken constant-DC skill checks vs opponents - Started by amatulic

I haven't seen the 4.0 rules, so the concerns I write about here may already be addressed. This criticism is based on our group's...

Moribund Oct 26, 2007 0:26:58
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DMG2? - Started by wafflestomper13

Only releasing one set of books a year I am for, it gets rid of all the Complete This/That and Monster Manuals with hardly any monsters...

robram89 Oct 25, 2007 21:29:45
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Balance: How to avoid the mistakes of 3.5 - Started by emeraldstreak

I hope the developers of 4.0 pay some attention to this forum; otherwise this discussion will be pointless....

archtyrant_terevoth Oct 25, 2007 17:48:57
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Wish List - Started by gamer_zer0

Here’s the place to share ideas for future 4E products, excluding D&D miniatures and RPG core rulebooks.

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thax Oct 25, 2007 17:26:02
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Iron Heroes. The other sneak peak? - Started by ochrejelly

Iron Heroes is, for those unfamiliar, a D20 supplement written by Mike Mearls and published via Malhavoc press. It worked as an...

corrin Oct 25, 2007 13:27:30
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Change 'Prerequisites' Please - Started by Bill4747

Something I can't stand in 3.5; The prereqs for feats and prestige classes....

Bill4747 Oct 25, 2007 8:07:30
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[Pretends to be Noonan] What's the 4th edition Druid? - Started by ancalimohtar

The third edition Druid and Cleric were buffed up beyond the powers of other classes for primarily one reason: Nobody wanted to play them...

ancalimohtar Oct 25, 2007 0:27:24
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The Primal Order - Started by galphanore

While we're looking to the past to see what would make good additions to 4e I propose we look back to the early days of WotC, The Primal...

sevoac1 Oct 24, 2007 15:41:31
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Define encounter - Started by orig_inal

With all the talk about per-encounter abilitied, how is "encounter" to be defined?...

d1tremere Oct 24, 2007 2:57:09
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Lubing up 4th Edition! - Started by sigma34561

Ok! My group is a little bit of a powergaming group... but apparently we have been playing 4th edition for a year. We play gestalt, so...

sigma34561 Oct 23, 2007 16:06:41
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Starting Packages for Characters above 1st Level. - Started by dovearrow

Maybe this is impractical, but one of the most difficult things for new players is trying to figure out how to equip a character above...

Nyarlathotep Oct 23, 2007 9:32:23
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Cover Art Contes Idea - Started by artax

Hey guys! I'm sure a lot of talented people would like the chance to create their own cover art, and have it grace the covers of the new...

lokathor Oct 23, 2007 1:45:19
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STR-based saves: still no way to do this? - Started by Degobah

Another rules pickle. Looked at the DDM rules card today, and seeing the core mechanic in action (Reflex, Fort, and Will looking just...

MechaPilot Oct 22, 2007 21:38:08
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Basic D&D 4.0 - Started by apercu

I haven't seen much mentioned around here about 4.0's version of Basic D&D. When I spoke to Chris Perkins at Gencon, he mentioned...

Kathorus Oct 22, 2007 12:24:17
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About HP - ideas - Started by muffin_man12

With this post i intend to discuss the health sistem of D&D. I know this is a battered subject, and many alternative sistems ahve...

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osmar Oct 22, 2007 1:59:51
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