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The Community Forums will be shut down on October 29. Thanks to all who participated over the years!...

WotC_Trevor Sep 16, 2015 13:36:25
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Rules Q&A FAQ + ask a simple question - Started by mvincent

Rules Q&A board FAQ + ask a simple question, get a simple answer...

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Zathris Sep 16, 2015 7:45:32
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The Rules Of Hidden Club: Targeting things you can't see in D&D. - Started by LordOfWeasels

The Rules Of Hidden Club:  Things you can't see and things you can't find, in D&D....

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Matyr Jul 07, 2015 14:04:19
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Shaman Spirit Companion FAQ - Started by GelatinousOctahedron

This is identical to what I have up in my shaman handbook, but I think this is useful enough to include here as well since there are...

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Noctaem Jun 22, 2014 9:45:18
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Rules you didn't realize - Started by orukal

This message has been edited to include all of the rules that this thread have come up with. RED lines are unconfirmed rules. Please PM...

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thespaceinvader Jun 18, 2014 1:02:21
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Ready an Action FAQ - Started by gwydion9

Readying an Action FAQ Why?The rules forum gets a lot of questions on ready an action, and I've also noticed that many posts not actually...

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LordOfWeasels Aug 01, 2013 16:05:31
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Consolidated Customer Service Answers - Started by heffroncm

Figured we could make our own little mini-FAQ full of the answers we've recieved from Customer Service. I'll keep this updated about once...

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kilpatds Jan 24, 2013 17:46:26
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Dealing with mind control - Started by Davrix

The DM seems to love to torment my paladin in this game so far.  A big bad from the past, is now currently poking around my head after I...

Matyr Sep 28, 2015 13:14:25
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Burrowing - Started by ThatWasTotallyNinja

From what I can tell, the entire "burrow" movement mode is pretty underdeveloped within the current rules. I was looking at the Earth...

Matyr Sep 15, 2015 21:35:38
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Rules for a player character, playing a large sized creature. - Started by Davrix

Me and my DM have been talking, for this game I've been running a rather (Big for his race) Dragonbron at about 8ft.  I basically looked...

Matyr Sep 15, 2015 21:34:10
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Dragonborn Channeling number of uses in an encounter - Started by Allara

I read in one of the forums that Dragonborn Channeling does not use your Dragon Breath minor action. You are only applying the damage...

Matyr Sep 05, 2015 9:02:08
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Bluff vs Streetwise - Started by Skawilly

Is there a way to use Streetwise to detect a bluff check instead of insight? It seems equally doable to insight to me. 

Matyr Aug 23, 2015 10:11:07
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Hybrid Character Rules - Started by it-that-betrays

Are the rules for hybrid characters, especially Psionic characters, in the Compendium? If so, how can I find them? I do not own the PHB3,...

it-that-betrays Aug 21, 2015 10:18:36
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Prismatic Robe enchantment - great or shitty? - Started by Mumis

Hello community,i found this item the other day and it confuses me a little bit. Here is the item has it appears in the D&D...

Mumis Aug 04, 2015 12:57:39
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Vigilant Blade Encounter Power Question - Started by timecatcher


thespaceinvader Jul 30, 2015 8:48:55
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Hybrid and MC 'Novice Power' Question - Started by Skawilly

I have a Hybrid Warlord / Warlock. Currently he is level 15 but I moch leveled him to 21 via the builder becuase I was curious how he...

Zathris Jul 23, 2015 0:51:35
Normal topic

Thaneborn Fury/Abberrant Mark of Terror and Fear Keyword - Started by OmnifariousGrey2

Thaneborn Fury...

Zathris Jul 10, 2015 0:04:12
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How does Mind Shadow interact with a summoning? - Started by Ephreaym

I've got a question regarding the level 6 utility power Mind Shadow.   "Mind Shadow: Until you hit any creature with an ...

NONOTBLACKLEAF Jul 06, 2015 23:51:50
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Sustaining Without Implement - Started by amek

I'm creating a lvl 14 hybrid Warden/Wizard, mc'ed into Fighter.  The purpose is to create zones with the wizard's half, then with polearm...

Zathris Jul 01, 2015 9:42:22
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Channel Divinely Question for Clerics - Started by thanson02

Just a question. Does anyone know why there is a limitation on which basic CD powers a CD power in the expanded material (Divine power...

Zathris Jun 18, 2015 21:05:48
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Recharge powers and monsters with multiple turns - Started by Mankerino

Do monsters with multiple turns get to roll once per round or once per turn? The monster manual description first says each round of...

Zathris Jun 16, 2015 12:50:13
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Painful Oath and Mighty Enmity - Started by Dzance

Painful Oath states, "The first time you hit your Oath of Enmity target each turn, you deal extra radiant and necrotic damage...."...

Zathris Jun 15, 2015 1:46:12
Normal topic

Wizard Powers 101 - Started by Divanno

Hey, ...

Matyr Jun 09, 2015 22:49:35
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Is there a way to take some of the paladin (cavalier powers) and put them into a normal paladin build? - Started by Davrix

Basically I’m looking at the aura and holy smite encounter power that lets you supercharge a single attack with radiant damage....

Zathris Jun 08, 2015 13:40:34
Normal topic

Radiant vulnerability question? - Started by Davrix

Basically I’m just wondering...

Davrix Jun 02, 2015 13:21:14
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