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4e ask a simple question, get a simple answer - Started by surreal

Might as well start the other thread that I'm known for... I'll just cut'n'paste the notes from the other one...

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darkwarlock Feb 26, 2015 15:56:06
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The Complete Collection of Character Build Links - Started by The_Collective

All Some of the links are temporarily broken....

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svendj Jul 04, 2014 0:22:05
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A Beginner's Primer to CharOp. - Started by RuinsFate

A few things worth knowing about the Character Optimization board:There's also a CO IRC channel!The boards aren't the only place to...

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zelink551 Jan 31, 2013 19:19:48
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PEACH: L14 Shaman|Cleric - Started by darkwarlock

This is the character of another player in my group who's looking for help as we plan as a team for Paragon, now that we're at the brink...

Zathris 17 minutes ago
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Gouge Thrower - Started by

Hello, I'm new to the forum. I built this character around the idea of using a Hungry Spear Gouge as a heavy thrown weapon....

2 11 hours ago
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Storm Sorcerer Paragon Nova - Started by cyberhawk94

So From what Ive heard, Sorcerers arent considered to have the best nova rounds with their lack of minor-action attacks and such. I am...

willimm Feb 27, 2015 7:41:04
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Grab fighter (PEACH) - Started by Kenobi87

I know that the common consensus on these forums is "dont play brawler fighters" But turns out I am and would like some help with the...

Zathris Feb 24, 2015 2:22:49
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Headspin: Area Effect Fun with Dizzying Mace - Started by Cazzeo

HeadspinHuman Cleric|Invoker/Divine Oracle/Destined ScionBuild Goal: Dizzying Mace is a feat that gives a penalty to attack rolls equal...

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Zathris Feb 20, 2015 21:52:45
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Rain of Blood - Started by darkgreennow

Is there any means for a deva Wrath Invoker to increase the size if his Rain of Blood power pre-epic ? Also Lightning Revelation, but I...

Zathris Feb 18, 2015 18:05:31
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Executioners and Themes - Started by UrsineEffigy

Hello people!...

Alraune Feb 17, 2015 22:46:32
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Battlerager Fighter, optimized him as much as I could! - Started by CarbideSv

My group of friends just started a new 4E campaign, we are all relatively new to this so I would appreciate it if you fine folks could...

Zathris Feb 17, 2015 17:07:14
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PEACH Sparrow the Sidhe Lord Warlock|Warlord Pixie - Started by Noctaem

Hello all.  Going to be starting a new campaign in march and I decided to play something a little unorthodox.  I would appreciate...

Noctaem Feb 17, 2015 15:29:34
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Life-Stealer? - Started by Acuitor

I'm playing a warlock with the Life-Stealer PP, and combat wise for the Life-Stealer is lacking. Are there any homebrews or improvements...

darkwarlock Feb 15, 2015 14:54:06
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Optimizing Eladrin Fey Pact Warlock 4E - Started by Soderbok.

I am looking to optimize my Fey Pact Warlock....

Celerian01 Feb 15, 2015 11:02:12
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Multiclassing into a Druid - Started by Timpookie

Do I get to choose a Primal Aspect if I take the Initiate of the Old Faith feat? Or is that only for those who start off as Druids,...

baldhermit Feb 10, 2015 10:06:14
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PEACH Lvl 8 Human Invoker for a one-shot game - Started by Allansia_Al

Hi all,...

Allansia_Al Feb 10, 2015 3:12:33
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Making a Daggermaster worthwhile - Started by DocDMX

I should note before I start that I only switched from 3.5 to 4th edition a few months ago, I'm that slow. ...

Fardiz Feb 10, 2015 0:07:09
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PEACH: Human Bladesinger Striker - Started by Highborne

Hello all,...

Highborne Feb 09, 2015 22:43:54
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Tinker the Warlock. - Started by xSheeperx

Looking for some input, what do you think of this build. Any input would be nice....

Zathris Feb 01, 2015 22:31:39
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Melee Sorcerer Help - Started by tdswihart

I need a new character for a campaign we are running. I was thinking of making a sorcerer that was in melee most of the time. A few...

Zathris Feb 01, 2015 22:10:52
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What to multiclass into? - Started by Timpookie

Alright, the title is of no practical use if I don't give an explanation of my character, so I figure I my as well explain who my...

Zathris Feb 01, 2015 22:04:53
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Newbie: Melee Warforged Dragon Sorcerer - Started by Ramei

Hi all,...

Zathris Jan 31, 2015 19:21:45
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Swordmage Build Start - Started by Seferox111

A few quick question here about my build setup that if answered would be great. In terms of feats am I focusing to much on defense? Are...

Seferox111 Jan 21, 2015 14:47:21
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PEACH First-time Shaman - Started by Piscodemon

Yo yo, when I started building this I had intended to focus on ally buffing and attack granting, but thanks to a few controller additions...

Piscodemon Jan 20, 2015 18:32:01
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3 person party, full leader or hybrid? - Started by arkthepieking

So I'm about to start a new game with a couple friends at level 3. I've read before that in 3 person parties, healing can get kind of...

thespaceinvader Jan 17, 2015 1:03:50
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