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4e ask a simple question, get a simple answer - Started by surreal

Might as well start the other thread that I'm known for... I'll just cut'n'paste the notes from the other one...

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masteraleph Nov 11, 2014 20:58:44
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The Complete Collection of Character Build Links - Started by The_Collective

All Some of the links are temporarily broken....

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svendj Jul 7, 2014 0:22:05
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A Beginner's Primer to CharOp. - Started by RuinsFate

A few things worth knowing about the Character Optimization board:There's also a CO IRC channel!The boards aren't the only place to...

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zelink551 Jan 1, 2013 19:19:48
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Revenant Build - Started by WielderoftheFlame

I will be playing my first ever 4th Edition game on Friday and I decided to build a Shadar-Kai Revenant Avenger. I found this forum that...

Fardiz 22 hours ago
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Ranger with a 2h - Started by Varen_Thaemert

Hi I know its not optimal but I would like to know how you would go about making one . as somebody in my group would like to play one but...

thespaceinvader Nov 11, 2014 3:46:23
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Eberron: Warforged + Lyrandar = ?? - Started by Endarrion

So, slightly odd question. I'm trying to build a striker for an Eberron game and I want lots of Eberron flavor, so I've been stuck on...

Endarrion Nov 11, 2014 16:39:10
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Look Very Carefully: The Shroud Assassin's Handbook - Started by erachima

Look Very Carefully: The Shroud Assassin's Handbook...

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DrakonianThunder Nov 11, 2014 5:56:23
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Holy Riders: The Cavalier's Guide - Started by Litigation

Holy Riders: The Cavalier's GuideSo you're looking to be a Cavalier? You like riding around on a white horse wearing that shiny armor?...

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Itaav Nov 11, 2014 4:33:21
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Fun with the Thief - Started by Endarrion

So, something I just realized (and the community can decide if it's new and/or useful): the Weapon Finesse class feature of the Thief...

thespaceinvader Nov 11, 2014 1:11:11
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Equipment that applies slow/mark/push/prone? - Started by 1000thSon

I've got a character build set up which gets bonus damage on pushing enemies, knocking them prone, attacking slowed enemies, attacking...

thespaceinvader Nov 11, 2014 1:01:38
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Elementalists and dealing with resistances/immunities - Started by HungryDragon


Nirafelos Nov 11, 2014 15:17:42
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Dex-based leader advice - Started by RevLoki

I am DMing for three players, a Two-weapon Barbarian Human (I suggested RangerICleric, but she didn't like it), a Covenant of Wrath...

RevLoki Nov 11, 2014 7:25:01
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Help me optimize a Runepriest/warlord hybrid - Started by iTube


iTube Nov 11, 2014 6:32:28
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The Hurricane - Started by lordduskblade

The Hurricane: Ranger/Stormwarden/Destined ScionThis Build uses the following sources:AV - Adventurer's VaultAV 2 - Adventurer's Vault 2D...

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Zathris Nov 11, 2014 18:47:40
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The Post Modern Enchanter Mage - Started by SnowsDream

A Stock Enchanter Build for the Post-Errata Age...

SnowsDream Nov 11, 2014 16:15:39
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Need Help with Tiefling Character - Started by Starboy417

I am fairly new to DnD and I have decided to make a Tiefling Archer, they only have to use a bow not be a ranger or something like that....

thespaceinvader Oct 10, 2014 1:45:27
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Knight/Warden optimization help - Started by Ahrimon

So, I have an idea for a knight that takes the warden multiclass feat in order to get the feat that adds +con damage on any attack that...

Ahrimon Oct 10, 2014 19:28:19
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Optimizing when limited to Core? - Started by Ironical

I was curious about optimized builds that limit themselves to the core trio of books. This is probably counter-intuitive to the very idea...

Dasmani Oct 10, 2014 12:14:43
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Artificer / Shaman Hybrid Build - Started by DJWorkSafety

So I'm building an Artificer | Shaman hybrid for an upcoming campaign, mostly for flavor reasons but I'm starting to think the build...

Zathris Oct 10, 2014 2:16:49
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Need help with leader character - Started by Grimshi

Im in a small group there are3 players(including me) and i was looking for suggestions for a leader to help with the group. there is a...

baldhermit Oct 10, 2014 13:55:45
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Paladin of Mystra (Paladin mc wizard would like a hand ) - Started by Varen_Thaemert

Hi I've got a concept of playing a paladin of Mystra and would like some help optimising this char concept. ...

thespaceinvader Oct 10, 2014 12:05:57
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Aid request for the optimization of a Wizard|Artificer necromantic leader. - Started by magicalfaerieponies

Good afternoon (or morning, or evening)....

Allansia_Al Oct 10, 2014 8:12:58
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Tweaking a ranger - Started by Valaa

Hi everyone , ...

thespaceinvader Oct 10, 2014 15:14:41
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Quick Polearm Fighter Question - Started by tdswihart

I am about to start a polearm fighter in a campaign and trying to figure out which weapon is better to use the greatspear or the...

Zathris Oct 10, 2014 21:59:03
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Orb of Heightened Imposition - Started by spamdrew

Orb of Heightened ImpositionProperty: Your Orb of Imposition class feature can extend the duration of an effect created by an encounter...

Zathris Oct 10, 2014 17:42:21
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