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4e ask a simple question, get a simple answer - Started by surreal

Might as well start the other thread that I'm known for... I'll just cut'n'paste the notes from the other one...

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Zathris 12 hours ago
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The Complete Collection of Character Build Links - Started by The_Collective

All Some of the links are temporarily broken....

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masteraleph Apr 27, 2015 4:22:04
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A Beginner's Primer to CharOp. - Started by RuinsFate

A few things worth knowing about the Character Optimization board:There's also a CO IRC channel!The boards aren't the only place to...

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zelink551 Jan 31, 2013 19:19:48
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Monk, which tradition? - Started by xxalex

Hey all i'm gonna partecipate in a dungeon deleve game, where we will level up after every dungeon, character are randomed and i got a...

xxalex 2 hours ago
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Bloodied Fangs: A Vampire's Guide - Started by ryncewynde88

Bloodied Fangs: A Vampire's Guide...

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Mommy_was_an_Orc 19 hours ago
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[Concept] Venomous Assassin - A Shroud Assassin w/ poison damage. - Started by DrakonianThunder

Good day everyone!...

Noctaem 22 hours ago
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Suggestions for two Essentials characters. - Started by Kazadvorn

I'm currently trying to put together a set of 1st Level Essentials characters using the Builder... Just a set of pre-gens for running ...

RenZhe Jul 27, 2015 13:12:03
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Beyond Bodily Brutality: the Basics of Building Battleminds - Started by Dedekine

Beyond Bodily Brutality: the Basics of Building BattlemindsA skilful fighter can make his weapons do tricks that the uninitiated would...

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Zathris Jul 25, 2015 22:56:39
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Warden/Wizard hybrid... with Fighter MC - Started by amek

So I was the controller for the party, we finished the trollhaunt, and the other party members are headed 180 degrees away from where my...

Notmonk_of_Doom Jul 23, 2015 13:32:35
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Ranger|Cleric Spiked Chain - Started by Hermetist

Hi mates. Currently Making a striker for level 9 party. Setting is FR, but assuming i can squeeze in a dragonmark, but no BCL via MC....

tiornys Jul 23, 2015 13:20:51
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Elemental Pact Optimization - Started by Skawilly

Hey. So the issue is that I am playing closely with a Monk player. Ever since we hit level 11 we have been working together on feats and...

Skawilly Jul 22, 2015 23:28:51
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Walk With Me in Hell: The Warlock's Guide - Started by DuelistDelSol

Walk With Me in Hell: The Warlock's Guide...

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Zathris Jul 22, 2015 21:48:22
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Opinions on a tiefling build for an upcoming resident evil zombie 4e game a friend is running - Started by Sage20500

So I have a friend whos wanting to do a resident evil 4e campaign soon, and the party is going to be me and 2 other friends of ours. So...

Noctaem Jul 22, 2015 10:38:24
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Ardent Vow Fix - Started by Nightgaun7

Preamble: The subforum for homebrew & house rules and seems to no longer be extant, and CharOp has valuable mechanics expertise. If...

Nightgaun7 Jul 21, 2015 11:14:12
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Look Very Carefully: The Shroud Assassin's Handbook - Started by erachima

Look Very Carefully: The Shroud Assassin's Handbook...

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DrakonianThunder Jul 18, 2015 1:16:03
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Hybrid Warden/Runepriest need some thoughts - Started by Dreyven

I've recently been quite enamored with the Runepriest but couldn't help but notice how many defender-y powers they have and that they'd...

baldhermit Jul 17, 2015 8:41:15
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Scathing Rebuke - Started by OmnifariousGrey2

Bard Attack 5Scathing Rebuke...

thespaceinvader Jul 15, 2015 15:27:57
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Interaction between Assassin's Shroud and Five Stars, Five Strikes - Started by DrakonianThunder

Hello everyone!...

Matyr Jul 15, 2015 9:29:33
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The Book of Five Traditions: A Monk Handbook - Started by Mommy_was_an_Orc

The Book of Five Traditions: A Monk Handbook...

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Mommy_was_an_Orc Jul 14, 2015 6:07:02
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Twin Strike + Sneak Attack? - Started by IsisDragonblade

Hello all. I've come across a curious question that I cannot solve on my own....

Matyr Jul 12, 2015 0:53:04
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Need help with Warlock - Started by SirAxealot

I'm making a Warlock in case my Paladin dies, as he is likely to do, and I need another character next session. I figured I'd make a...

Zathris Jul 06, 2015 10:26:07
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Most Optimal Warlock Build(s) Suggestions? - Started by FearlessFelix

Let me state upfront that I have looked at the guide by DuelistDelSol, "Walk With Me in Hell: The Warlock's Guide."  The problem is that...

SirAxealot Jul 05, 2015 6:33:32
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4e Tempest Half-orc idea - Started by Cristophernel92

Hey all! I just joined today, so that makes this my forst post! Woohoo! ...

Cristophernel92 Jul 03, 2015 22:34:48
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PEACH Ranger|Warden/Son of Mercy - Started by Kikoni

Just a little bit of background.  I'm new to CharOP'ing, and I realize 4e is aged at this point, but it's still my favorite system.  My 4...

Dzance Jul 02, 2015 12:28:27
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Help with semi optimising a Hybrid Paladin/Battlemind - Started by Sage20500

Hey guys, I'm about to be playing a defender for the first time (I normally play strikers) in a campaign that a friend is getting ready...

masteraleph Jul 01, 2015 16:25:38
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