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Oriental Adeventures and Rokugan FAQ - Started by bait_the_bard

Oriental Adventures and Rokugan FAQ...

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CmdrCorsiken Feb 28, 2009 13:48:36
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OA and 3.5 rules. - Started by aesius


Solus169 May 19, 2014 15:06:05
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Nezumi Help - Started by Relica

Our group is planning to do a OA quest, though he oks with my Nezumi, he does not want the immune taint on it, I was hoping to find a...

Relica Jun 19, 2012 0:16:14
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Love the Shaman class in OA but it needs some work.. - Started by jamsession

So I am looking to create a necromancer/druid type character, and I found that the best representation of this was the Shaman class in...

Sword_of_Spirit Apr 06, 2012 20:02:53
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Campaign Idea Part 1: Races and Classes - Started by pierson

So, this campaign is essentially based in feudal Japan (as far as city and province names go). It just makes it easier to begin the World...

Tal-eth Nov 05, 2011 10:44:43
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Oriental Weapon Re-Flavoring - Started by Chiba_Monkey

Honestly, this is a re-posting of a post of mine almost 2 years old, but I figured, having read some of the threads here, that interested...

Steely_Dan Oct 08, 2011 7:52:49
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any loopholes for cowardice? - Started by 1337DnDMTCn3rd

Ok here's the as DM I am running a samurai adventure but the thing is that my tarkatan samurai is a bit of a coward. Since birth he was...

1337DnDMTCn3rd Jul 30, 2011 11:37:07
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Forgotten Realms addons - Started by canock

Has there been any word about Arabian Adventures or Orental Adventures comming out for 4ed? I would love to know.

canock Mar 04, 2011 14:18:36
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the Etiquette of Katanas - Started by mindolin

Okay, it's typically seen that touching another samurai's katana is a grave insult, but what is the consensus of a samurai taking the...

1337DnDMTCn3rd Jan 22, 2011 20:37:43
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Okko - Started by Pyrate_Jib

Any fans of the Okko comic by HUB?  I would love to take elements of that series into an OA game!

Pyrate_Jib Jun 10, 2010 10:03:40
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Simple Question - Started by Niren

If a Hengeyokai in hybrid form is observed with an True Sight spell would they see the human or animal as its true form?

Niren Mar 28, 2010 23:32:19
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Samurai Class - Started by Kingnothing

I'm currently working on a samurai class for 4.0 but debating on using str or dex for its attacks. i say dex cause samurai were supose to...

pierson Mar 14, 2010 14:41:48
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4th Edition Iaijutsu - Started by ambiguousakira

Iaijutsu [Multiclass Iaijutsu]...

pierson Mar 14, 2010 11:28:47
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The Katana - Started by zombiegleemax

Its the best damn sword there is. Well its the coolest looking sword anyway. First post!! I'm such a kid at heart.

pierson Mar 14, 2010 11:11:51
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adventure idea - Started by HobbitFan

This might sound wierd, but what about doing a D&D version of Big Trouble In Little China?

Josha Mar 05, 2010 21:07:44
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1st Edition AD&D Oriental Adventures Conversion - Started by fenrir7139

So, my school was having a book drive to raise money for our town's swimming pool, and I found a copy of first edition's OA. I read...

wancow Feb 11, 2010 13:43:00
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Oriental Adventures - Started by gnomemaster

So I'm thinking about a project that moves Oriental Adventures to 4e, what, in your opinion, did OA need the most work on? For me, it's...

Einlanzer Dec 19, 2009 2:03:10
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Heroes of the Jade Oath - Started by Pyrate_Jib

Any checked out the free beta down load of this game?  It uses Monte Cook's "Arcanna Evolved" system/ d20 version.  First glance has it...

steve_russell Sep 29, 2009 2:54:12
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OA and Forgotten Realm - Started by wulfgart

I dont know much about D&D Forgotten Realms history and geografic etc, so my question is if the Oriental Adventures "world" fits in...

wancow Aug 17, 2009 22:10:28
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The Samurai (PEACH) - Started by magus_stragus

Ok, after RedHeadSamurai23 asked for help for homebrewing a Samurai class, I decided to give it a try. Here's the result:SamuraiShowRole:...

RedHeadSamurai23 Jul 28, 2009 1:11:05
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A reworked Kensai - Started by tdsaw111

Hey Folks! Me and one of my players are looking at the Kensai from CW. Seems to be kinda bleh. Also my players tend not to like the Asian...

tdsaw111 Jul 22, 2009 15:52:27
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A conversion OA - Started by egg_thallid_sandwich

ok ive been a fan of Oriental adventures for a long time and I was thinking of making a conversion kit from 3.5 oriental adventures to...

lord_karsus Jul 09, 2009 21:53:07
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Any Okko fans? - Started by Pyrate_Jib

Pyrate_Jib May 20, 2009 9:55:49
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Oriental Adventures Character Choice? - Started by Detektor

In a low level campaign, what would be a good Oriental character to play opposite a Human Monk (abilities unknown) and Varana Shugenja ...

mindolin Mar 23, 2009 15:12:49
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Eastern races. - Started by Luis_Carlos

What are your favorite oriental race? ...

vigilant1 Mar 20, 2009 14:34:02
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