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Brave New World - Started by Jimbro

So I'm starting a blog all about the world I'm building for D&D Next. Take a look and let me know what you think. Leave me a comment...

Jimbro Jan 21, 2014 19:13:03
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"Gravekeeper" (Non-evil Necromancy prestige class) - Started by Diachronos

Everybody talks about the necromancer who robs tombs and raises armies of undead to conquer and destroy. But what about the other side of...

Diachronos Jan 21, 2014 9:01:01
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need planning adivce - Started by kunoichi

basically I finally became a dm buttt.... tmy first session had somne minor hicups... main;y because I couldn't rp as the dm.... and I...

kunoichi Jan 20, 2014 11:47:47
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PC knowledge ideas - Started by RegortheRuthless

I'm looking for ideas for explaining PCs knowledge of events and culture in my conworld that occurred prior to 1st level/the campaign...

RegortheRuthless Jan 18, 2014 12:06:44
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Super Power idea, need feedback - Started by ProphetofEverblight

So im DMing a 4e campaign, players are currently level 5 and i was contemplating the addition of new "Super" Powers. These powers are...

ProphetofEverblight Jan 07, 2014 11:17:49
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Out of Game Slave Trade Scenario - Started by FarmBoss

Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster....

FarmBoss Jan 06, 2014 20:45:32
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Need help with Homebrew Weaponry - Started by Erbenroc


Erbenroc Jan 06, 2014 6:16:59
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Valkyn - Started by stargazer_dragon

Case anyone here might be interested I am helping to spread the word about a new RPG that is under development...

stargazer_dragon Dec 31, 2013 9:29:39
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And Let There Be Fish-Men: KUO-TOA - Started by TheBringer

Alright, here's my attempt at making kuo-toa a playable race option for pcs. I tried to keep it balanced and open to as many class...

oddish.043 Dec 25, 2013 2:31:02
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Homebrew system - Salvage Tech - Started by Chirp

So I'm working on a hombrew setting that takes place beneath the streets of New York City, which uses the d20 Modern system. In this...

Chirp Dec 25, 2013 0:32:37
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Holiday Homebrew Campaigns - Started by Bad-People

Anybody have any holiday theme campaigns or materials? Crampus anyone?

Bad-People Dec 21, 2013 18:08:20
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Revamping the D&D monetary system - Started by Khaelieth

Hey, I'm revamping the monetary system in D&D for a homebrew campaign to make it more realistic, and I was wondering if anyone had...

Beoric Dec 18, 2013 16:41:13
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Homebrew 4th Ed rules - Started by starfire311

Hi all here is a house rule that I am working on for my 4th ed campaign....

rampant Dec 07, 2013 22:42:36
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Asking For A P.E.A.C.H. For My Affinity Shards Of SeKola Design. - Started by VoyRager

I was inspired to designed a series of artifact weapons for my all 4th ed. regulated format SeKola world settings by a discussion...

rampant Dec 03, 2013 1:22:36
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Need help- Divine Campaign - Started by TheDarkArtorias

I need help comming up with a divine campaign my players are an deva invoker, dwarf cleric, human avenger, and lastly a human paladin.   ...

rampant Dec 03, 2013 1:14:59
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Help with my homebrew! - Started by thecursor2002

Sooo I've decided to make my first homebrew and for some reason I decided to pick the most out there setting I could think of: D&D...

rampant Dec 01, 2013 20:38:04
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Lords of Creation : Chaos Within (OOC Thread) - Started by Topheh

We're back!  "Lords of Creation” is one of the most addictive forum games you’ll ever encounter. You might recall one of the earlier...

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TheForgottenCommand Nov 24, 2013 8:47:54
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Hook - Started by QuicksilverWolf

Okay, I have an adventure I'm working on, called Hobgoblins and Bugbears. Can anyone guess what it's about? :p...

VoyRager Nov 22, 2013 8:45:09
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The Holy Grail War - Started by monkey2k

Hello, new poster here and even newer DM.Going for a homebrew probably isn't the best idea for your first DM campaign, but I'm determined...

Boonedale Nov 20, 2013 3:07:59
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Map Legend Symbols - Started by ptlans


Jacktannery Nov 14, 2013 22:49:38
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Lords of Creation: Chaos Within (IC Thread) - Started by Topheh

OOC "There is an ancient story of a God, broken and scattered abroad. What...

Page 1, 2, 3... 18, 19
TheForgottenCommand Nov 03, 2013 16:59:43
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d20 modern and eXodus question - Started by goatee21

Hey all, I have a question on the rules for d20 modern/eXodus.  I don't understand where the Total Attack Bonus comes from in the weapon...

Chirp Oct 27, 2013 21:46:18
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Psionic Augmentation Striker: The 4e Soulknife - Started by embertiger

Soulknife: The Psionic Augmentation Striker...

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zapoqx Oct 24, 2013 18:39:37
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Homebrew for existing material - Started by kononoko


kononoko Oct 18, 2013 17:07:20
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Guardian - Essential Shapeshifter Druid - Started by paradoxweaver

Hey everyone,...

paradoxweaver Oct 16, 2013 10:18:18
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