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Familiars and other pets. - Started by dragom

They can't be useless like a familiar or a Rangers animal companion and they can't be powerful enough to compare to a PC like a Druids...

sigil_beguiler May 25, 2008 4:01:25
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What if they had horses? (KotS question - possible spoilers) - Started by stormonu

Just a random thought. There is a stable in Winterhaven where the PCs could possibly get their hands on horses....

enlightened_bys... May 25, 2008 3:38:06
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Possible site for Living Realms in W-central PA - Started by grancey_dup

Couch Potato Sports and Iconoclast Comics, located in DuBois Mall is moving to bigger store soon. I have talked to owner and he is...

grancey_dup May 25, 2008 2:22:20
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Keep on the Shadowfell, day 1 - Started by thecasualoblivion

Thanks to the local Waldenbooks putting it on the shelves, and one of my group being in Waldenbooks for some strange reason yesterday, I...

sunspot May 24, 2008 23:53:35
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Kingdom Hearts 4E d20: Fanfic, The Tabletop RPG Way! - Started by leliel

Firstly, forgive me if this belongs in d20 videogames....

pigknight May 24, 2008 23:44:37
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4th Edition setting - Started by Bamboo

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Setting...

Bamboo May 24, 2008 21:37:39
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Winterhaven; No Room at the Inn - Started by Gold_Katana

From ENWorld 4E news, Kepp on the Shadowfell's featured town, Winterhaven " is a small walled village, population 977. Town consists of...

deadchannel May 24, 2008 18:21:03
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Recommendation: Cup O' Dice - Started by thecasualoblivion

I've run one session of Keep on the Shadowfell and a few demos, and I've found a wonderful DM tool in what I call the "Cup O' Dice". It...

transformer_dup May 24, 2008 17:07:14
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Wizard Daily Powers - KotS - Started by gideonpepys

I note that the wizard has a single daily power from a choice of three....

tusz May 24, 2008 10:14:37
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D&D4 Saving Throws - Started by Nemo_the_Lost

How do people feel about the flat 55% successful saving throw in D&D4? I think I see the logic behind it, but I still feel really odd...

nightwyrm May 24, 2008 1:47:53
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All Your House Rules are Belong To Us - Started by OneWinged4ngel

Might want to note that WotC claims intellectual property rights to anything posted here. Thus, keep your house rules and ideas away from...

stormonu May 24, 2008 0:17:45
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Shadowfell - ritual rules please? - Started by dfiorito

In addition to the missing price lists we are missing the rules for rituals. That would be okay if it were not for the fact that some are...

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djkavu May 23, 2008 21:12:46
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Got my copy of Keep on the Shadowfell! - Started by Aldrick

Just picked it up at lunch from a local B&N! The first 4E product purchased, many many many more to go!

tomjscott May 23, 2008 19:05:47
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New spin on E6 - Started by werebat

These are my E6 house rules. How do they look?...

werebat May 23, 2008 17:55:51
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My Campaign Plan so Far - Started by drizztrocks

So far this is how my 4E Campaign will go:...

drizztrocks May 23, 2008 17:36:31
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KotS 15year DM's Review - Started by talon54

First the Negatives.Price: It's already been said, but i want to say it again, this module is not worth the $30 price tag. If my wife...

Alyri May 23, 2008 16:32:35
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KotS doubt - Started by Kaandorian

I have already seen this topic on another thread but with this new organization of the forums I can't find it again......

Gold_Katana May 23, 2008 16:27:24
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Diatesseron, a 4e Campaign Setting - Started by mistress_of_mockery

For glory... For treasure... Four adventure......

mistress_of_mockery May 23, 2008 14:32:22
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Time to post your house rules - Started by totoro

I put together my first house rules. I stole some ideas from people on these boards so I thought I'd share. Hopefully some of my ideas...

guamae May 23, 2008 13:23:20
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KOTS Power Question (No spoilers please) - Started by thebuddist

No spoilers please...

Gold_Katana May 23, 2008 12:59:32
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Treasure of Talon Pass? - Started by sar

Saw this small adventure mentioned in a clever staff blog (rouse, I think?). Mentioned it was associated with free rpg day. What is free...

sar May 23, 2008 10:59:52
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KotS and learning Spells - Started by misterd

Question. Was the gaining of skills/spells on th KotS game arbitrary? Were there scrolls/Spell books for the mage to learn new spells?

TheBouncyPherret May 23, 2008 10:59:23
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KotS question (possible spoiler) - Started by whistler_117

This rules question is only for the Keep on the Shadowfell and may contain spoilers since it involves the stats and abilities on the...

orc_clayben May 23, 2008 10:19:38
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Table of contents for the forum - Started by mudbunny

What would the community of this forum think about getting a stickied thread that would act as a table of contents to the forum??...

idabrius May 22, 2008 21:28:12
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Help with campaign ideas, long-term. - Started by ramatheson

Two players, a dwarf and an elf, starting as new characters....

ramatheson May 22, 2008 19:59:27
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