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House rules being used - Started by jmoe_ray

Just looking to see what other people are using as far as house rules in their Gamma World games. I'm about to run my first game and so...

Chandrak Mar 23, 2011 19:28:23
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Best source for additional setting information - Started by delong1522

Hey there,So, this edition is my first experience with Gamma World, and I'm wanting to know a bit more about the factions and monsters...

Chandrak Mar 23, 2011 15:50:29
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Gamma World Artifact Chart - First Draft - Started by lyonstudio

I do not have a nifty flowchart yet but the following table gives you the gist.  This is a first pass.  Comments are welcome.I was...

FlashbackJon Mar 23, 2011 13:45:09
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Bummer - Started by Seeker95

Tonight's sessions was going to be great.I bought a 20x32 piece of acrylic (plastic) to go over my 20 x 30 poster grid and drew out the...

Chandrak Mar 23, 2011 12:22:28
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I found the 'Right link' for the 'maps' files - - Started by zwolf

The "Legion of Gold Maps" Maps Download link in the 'Galleries Section': should link to maps,...

opskt Mar 23, 2011 10:21:47
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Gamma World: Vehicles - Started by spqr202

Just came out. Thoughts?

Shiv Mar 22, 2011 19:09:51
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Roleplaying Flux - Started by Kellgrave

Just finished running the Iron King adventure in the main book, and had a blast doing it. Now I'm kind of curious about how alpha flux...

ChaoticGood Mar 20, 2011 1:10:34
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Down the Rabbit hole (a origin for Gamma world) - Started by jubjubbird

Seeing as the new Gamma World is allready very...very bizar. And that I don't really like the "big mistake" story (actually I think it...

ChaoticGood Mar 20, 2011 0:34:03
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Gamma Atlanta - Famine in Full-Ton - Started by scottymet

When I started my Gamma World game back in December, I decided to set it locally. I had an idea for a starting adventure that involved...

coreyhaim8mydog Mar 18, 2011 23:57:48
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Uber Tier Monster: The Death Machine - Started by Oraibi

So you need a monster to challenge your uber tier Gamma World characters? Look no further! Adapted straight from 1st Edition Gamma World,...

Oraibi Mar 17, 2011 11:26:41
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Gamma World - Pedal to the Metal - Started by MaximumHavoc

Gamma WorldPedal to the Metalby Craig Campbell and Ray FranklinHere are vehicle stat blocks, augmentations, stunts (and catastrophes)—and...

MaximumHavoc Mar 16, 2011 23:56:48
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Few quick questions from a newcomer to the game. - Started by atuthaj

I'm Going to be starting a campaign of GW this sunday with friends an I had a few basic questions that I was hoping some of the people on...

opskt Mar 16, 2011 14:09:26
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Player Draw Decks? - Started by spqr202

Do you guys allow players to bring their own draw decks or not? So far I've only played where the DM has a deck and players draw from...

strand0 Mar 14, 2011 22:38:35
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Session report - making crap up as I go - Started by FrozenWastes

So I had a Gamma World session where everyone who showed up was either new or had their character recently die.  So the first bit of the...

cosmicdebris Mar 14, 2011 19:27:10
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Jason Voorhees - Started by miniaturegeek

In my campaign I'm getting to a point where the heroes will have to go on a bit of scavenger hunt looking for the parts to help build a...

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Oraibi Mar 14, 2011 16:26:29
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House Rules: Uber Tier characters (11th to 20th level) - Started by Oraibi

Download the Uber Tier Characters rules here!A recent thread here inspired me to finish writing up my rules for higher level characters...

Oraibi Mar 13, 2011 22:04:18
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And That is All? - Started by norsegod

Looking at the release schedule for WOTC it looks like that is it for GW?  This would be too bad but I do not see anything after Legion...

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Alter_Boy Mar 13, 2011 20:00:54
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monster skill checks? - Started by steelycross

How do monsters do skill checks? Do they just roll a d20 and add their level and the key ability modifier? If a porker maurauder (Lvl 1...

Oraibi Mar 13, 2011 5:00:41
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salvaged omega tech hit values? - Started by steelycross

Do omega tech stll use ability modifiers in the hit value? Like the freeze ray becomes a 2-hand ranged 20 weapon. The hit is 2d8 force....

FlashbackJon Mar 13, 2011 0:54:55
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Please post new locales for the GW Community atlas here. - Started by craedus

So its easier for me to find new GW locales and add them to the Community Atlas, please post them in this thread.  Thansk in advance

danthes Mar 12, 2011 9:45:27
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For want of minis... - Started by Seeker95

I've waded through the various paper minis and tokens provided by the wonderful GW community here, but I wanted something a little more...

miniaturegeek Mar 11, 2011 22:02:55
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Tokens for klickies and Tangh? - Started by spqr202

What tokens were used for klickies and Tangh?

ExcalibursZone Mar 11, 2011 0:41:16
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Big Bad Badders - Started by danthes

Submitted for your approval...Two Elite Badders (level 1) and an encounter suggestion: Use them in an arena type fight with shiledbots...

danthes Mar 10, 2011 17:52:10
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Acquired FiFG, question on Novice Powers- - Started by opskt

So, I have FiFG now. Neat stuff. One question. I noticed that all the Novice Powers in it are At Will, color coded green bars. Was all...

opskt Mar 09, 2011 16:05:55
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Ammo rules - Started by medic238

I've picked up the Gamma World boxed set and the Far-go expansions and I'm getting ready to run a campaign for my 13 year old daughter...

mvincent Mar 09, 2011 11:28:47
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