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Quick Questions - Started by fjw70

I don't have my rule book with me.  Does GW use +level for attacks, damage (+2 times level sometimes) and skills?

procrastonaut Oct 25, 2010 16:01:46
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"4E" GW Houe Rules? - Started by Guroth_the_Forsaken

Hey all!  So I'm curious as to what house rules you might have when running this newest version of GAMMA WORLD?

palmerkun Oct 25, 2010 14:44:22
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Doppleganger's Double Trouble - Started by raleel

So.. what gets duplicated? Guns? Ammo? Can you use double trouble every round, using a standard action, creating a duplicate every round,...

TheLoneCleric Oct 25, 2010 9:56:48
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Gamma World Cards - Started by doomfarrow

My group and I are having a real tough time finding places that sell booster packs. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find...

KJordan Oct 25, 2010 9:37:54
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Gameday XP - Started by nasty_nick

So I just got back from gameday! Had a blast! My GM was great, but the adventure was a little long. He had to cut out a lot and change a...

nasty_nick Oct 25, 2010 6:52:22
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What Mutated Animals have you played? - Started by Tony_Vargas

Gamma World used to have a character choice where you would choose to be a 'mutated animal,' and choose a base stock (typically a...

Oraibi Oct 25, 2010 5:46:13
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(Possibly dumb) question for Battles14 - Started by procrastonaut

What does that "3" mean? I think it's on every power.Our GM nicely provided copies of your sheets for our Game Day session yesterday, but...

battles14 Oct 24, 2010 22:52:56
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GW Community Atlas V1.0 PDF is now on Google Docs - Started by craedus

The following link leads to the GW Community Atlas V1.0 PDF.Be aware that all I did for this version is collect locales, reformat them...

nasty_nick Oct 24, 2010 22:00:01
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But REALLY comes in the FAR-GO and LEGION expansions - Started by von-ether

We've been teased the knowledge that FAR-GO introduces Cryptic Alliances and 20 more origins, but the product descritpions themselves are...

palmerkun Oct 24, 2010 18:42:27
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GW Core box set - Started by socksieboy01

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the GW box set?I like it, the rule book is nicely done; the game mechanics are simple...

mysticbelmont Oct 24, 2010 16:14:44
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Wallpapers!! - Started by ukplayerx

try these

ExcalibursZone Oct 24, 2010 15:54:21
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Gamma World First Impressions - Started by patweb

Hello, I picked up the boxed set and a couple of boosters yesterday.  Here are my first impressions.CardsI still have mixed feelings on...

patweb Oct 24, 2010 11:49:49
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Articles we would like to see in Dungeon/Dragon - Started by mysticbelmont

I know this post most likely should be in the dun/dra discussion board, but thought it would be better posted here,What would you like to...

Vilnias_Nastavnik Oct 23, 2010 21:28:40
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Semi professional review of Gamma World Game Content - Started by clansittingducks

What makes it a semi professional review? Im old and my beard is epic. (IE Ive played this game since 1st ED Gamma World)Death of...

uhf Oct 23, 2010 14:09:24
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Completely Unprofessional and Quite Frankly Insulting Review of Gamma World - Started by anytwofactors

Basically all you need to know is that I just made a gravity-altering, duplicating space cowboy who was completely convinced that he...

Chandrak Oct 23, 2010 12:07:50
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Gamma World Game Day Effect - Started by WotC_Michelle

Just popping in to make sure you saw the photo over in Kyle's blog and the D&D Facebook page with the bonus that can be used during...

Tony_Vargas Oct 23, 2010 2:45:02
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Bloodbowl of the Roze Queen - Started by Oraibi

I'm going to be in Pasadena, California for the D&D meetup's monthly game day on November 6, so I volunteered to run a Gamma World...

Oraibi Oct 22, 2010 23:54:00
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Dungeon Tiles / Battle Maps for Gamma World - Started by hailtothethief

Hey all:I'm looking to run a GW mini campaign and am having a tough time finding appropriate maps for encounters. The few in the base set...

Myztek Oct 22, 2010 17:38:33
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Anyone else think Rat Swarms got ripped off? - Started by Nadezhda

Rat Swarm has a Novice Power that does the same thing that the Android one does....Except less damage, and it's an Encounter, not an at...

serok42 Oct 22, 2010 12:16:53
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Floor-ita; The jungles of Or-land - Started by voodoodolly

Hi, I live in Orlando Florida. I tried this out to see what I could come up with. First off, if any one has a better name then "Floor-ita...

voodoodolly Oct 22, 2010 7:49:00
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Lvl 6 - 10 Monsters? - Started by ratmorningstar24

So, I'm sure all of you who have the boxed set have realized that the monsters are a bit lacking, and I'm sure its because they will all...

palmerkun Oct 21, 2010 21:43:21
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Felinoid Expert Power fix? - Started by nezumi-chan

As you are probably aware, the felinoid expert power has rules that it can be used at the end of a charge, even though charging isn't in...

Chandrak Oct 21, 2010 20:56:19
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Damage Bonus - Started by lancemoody

Can someone explain what the heck the character sheet means when it says:"Your damage bonus uses the same ability modifier as the attack...

doctorcomics Oct 21, 2010 18:54:28
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The Problem with Pyrokinetics - Started by Oraibi

"Fiery Aura (Level 1): Whenever a creature ends its turn adjacent to you, it takes 5 fire damage."Here's the problem: This applies to any...

badu777 Oct 21, 2010 17:57:39
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GW Game Day in n/e Sacramento? - Started by justisaur

The store I ran Encounters at doesn't seem to be doing the Gamma World Game Day.  I'm interested in DMing or Playing at game day, but can...

initiatezao Oct 21, 2010 13:14:17
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