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Dark Sun Primer and Q&A: Your Source of Information - Started by Pennarin

Blogs, article extracts, ruminations, anything that serves as a good primer or Q&A on anything Dark Sun, is posted here.Please post ...

RPGBG Oct 14, 2014 1:11:45
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Dark Sun Forum Archive - Started by Pennarin

The 4e Dark Sun Forum ArchiveThis is it folks, just two rules, and one's for you: post links to your stuff!The other rule relates to me,...

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flindbar Feb 02, 2014 8:23:18
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4E Information with Sources - Started by ascottbay

As someone new to Dark Sun, every tidbit I come across is news to me. I started this post to share and reference official revelations and...

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ascottbay Dec 08, 2013 17:09:21
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The 5th edition psionicists - Started by eventhorizon1

i was wondering if i could get any of you to help with balance in the psionicts i wrote up for my upcoming campaign .. i and the group...

eventhorizon1 31 minutes ago
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converting to 5th - Started by eventhorizon1

Has anyone starting converting the adventures to 5th yet or played one ?  

eventhorizon1 14 hours ago
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did we all give up on darksun? - Started by jlpinli40


JamesMusicus Jan 30, 2015 2:26:23
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Should I get Dark Sun? - Started by Timpookie

I typically don't get setting books, but I've been thinking for a short while about getting Dark Sun. Any reasons why I should or shouldn...

Torg_Smith Jan 29, 2015 17:20:06
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the gladiator - Started by eventhorizon1

ok like the psion i posted i could use some help with balance. i am not getting rid of the class or using the weapon master refluffed . i...

eventhorizon1 Jan 26, 2015 10:12:12
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Avangion? - Started by Dara_Kanan

I was reading the ED Avangion, and i really like the roleplaying of this ED but... you have to be a bug like creature? or you can just...

RalofTyr Jan 12, 2015 18:05:51
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5e Races and Equipment of Athas - Started by Cyber-Dave

With the release of Basic, I am ready to release the "Races of Athas" part of my 5e Dark Sun. I am not including the thri-kreen in this...

JamesMusicus Jan 05, 2015 22:36:40
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shardminds - Started by eventhorizon1

I was looking for some help in making them an addition as a playable race for dark sun, but 5th edition of course. Any suggestions ?

JamesMusicus Jan 05, 2015 21:38:35
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Dark sun organized play? Ashes of Athas? - Started by DontEatRawHagis

I was wondering if there were any plans for Ashes of Athas to come back to DnD for 5e?...

cowleymen Dec 29, 2014 15:44:42
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Athasian Trinkets - Started by Raddu76

With the release of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons the Trinkets table was full of interesting and evocative ideas for a small bauble...

Raddu76 Dec 23, 2014 21:19:14
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backgrounds concerning 5th edition - Started by jlpinli40

    ok now that the 5th E PHB  is out and the MM. 1st ) I was wondering if anyone has come up with backgrounds specific to our favorite ...

cowleymen Dec 19, 2014 8:25:30
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0 minutes to Midnight - Started by DontEatRawHagis

I was wondering if anyone ever ran a Dark Sun game where the world was on the brink of destruction. ...

DontEatRawHagis Dec 17, 2014 8:43:14
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Some 5E critters! - Started by Emanuele_Galletto

Hello everyone, I'm gonna run a couple sessions of 5E Dark Sun (mainly inspired by the Penny Arcade Dark Sun podcast and The Vault of...

DontEatRawHagis Dec 17, 2014 8:09:06
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gladiator - Started by eventhorizon1

should the galdiator be its own class ,or arch type ,or sub class.what are your thoughts on this?  

eventhorizon1 Dec 16, 2014 23:31:43
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peach psion - Started by eventhorizon1  i hope thats the right link if not ill copy and paste  

cowleymen Dec 09, 2014 1:06:44
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GoT Dark Sun Game - Started by RalofTyr

I am thinking of running a Dark Sun game that is similar to Game of Thrones: Useing the character-tree concept (having multiple...

RalofTyr Dec 03, 2014 15:09:54
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Psionic wish list - Started by cowleymen

So there are a few things that need for psionic characters. They need to be as good as regular classes. Looking through some old books,...

cowleymen Dec 02, 2014 17:05:19
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Dark Sun Campaign PEACH - Started by RPGBG

I am going to run a solo introductory campaign for a player that is unfamiliar both with Dark Sun and post-AD&D rulesets. I will use...

RalofTyr Nov 30, 2014 15:57:40
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How come SKs did nothing about Kalak - Started by maningrey101

I always wondered about something. Kalak decided to become a full dragon in one shot. To do so, he needed a super big ziggurat and the...

Ath-kethin Nov 26, 2014 13:26:52
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Dark Sun 5th (Full Rules) - Started by Cyber-Dave

Dark Sun Notes for D&D Next...

Cyber-Dave Nov 12, 2014 7:04:12
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bigger ability score range - Started by edwin_su

If there is ever going to be a 5th edition dark sun setting should it use the standard 3d6 ability score range, or use the 5d4 range like...

RPGBG Oct 16, 2014 0:06:22
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Possible Dark Sun 5e on Roll20 - Started by Larthos123

Hello Dark Sun fans.  I am trying to get a Wednesday game going on roll20 if anyone would like to take a look. ...

Larthos123 Oct 15, 2014 13:28:54
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