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The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread - Started by joni-san

The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread ...

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KaribouOfDoom 1 month ago
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Eberron - List of Resources - Started by Talae

Below is a quote of resource links that we use over at DragonAvenue.comand I was wondering if you guys had others that we should add to...

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Syltorian 9 months ago
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Important Threads Index and Announcements as of 11/28 - Started by wizo_autumn

Current Announcements:November 28, 2005[INDENT]The Boards will be pruned during the first week in December. Save anything you want that...

Ogiwan 2 years ago
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FAQ for Eberron Newbies - Started by johnnyoneal_dup

What is Eberron?...

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Orkbard 2 years ago
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Quori question - Started by Beoric

Its probably because I skpped from 1e/2e to 4e and don't understand 3e mechanics, but it is not clear to me what sort of effect quori can...

Beoric 21 hours ago
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It is... inevitable, Mr. Anderson. - Started by Khan_the_Destroyer

In fleshing out the story for a character that is quite involved in the planes of Eberron, I got wondering... do any of you use...

EnderXenocide0 1 day ago
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Some Thoughts On Eberron 5E - Started by Hellcow

While I'm confident there will be support for Eberron in 5E, I don't know when it will happen or how extensive it will be. Given that, I...

DoctorBadWolf 3 days ago
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Rhashaak, Haka'torvhak, and Faiths of Eberron - Started by EnderXenocide0

The Faiths of Eberron map gallery has a map of Haka'torvhak:...

Hellcow 4 days ago
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5E Eberron for Charity! - Started by Hellcow

Hi everyone!...

Hellcow 12 days ago
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Civilian Travel During The Last War - Started by EnderXenocide0

My players are currently in the past (993 YK, to be precise) and I'm trying to figure out what difficulty level would be associated with...

CraterLabs 14 days ago
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Lord Darro and Knight Phantoms - Started by CraterLabs

Not sure if this would be better here or in a 3.5 rules thread given the campaign specificity, but I thought I'd try my luck here first.....

CraterLabs 20 days ago
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Lightning Rail Adventure - Started by EnderXenocide0

Now, maybe I'm going crazy... but I could have sworn that there was an adventure where Emerald Claw agents attack a lightning rail and...

EnderXenocide0 22 days ago
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Novel reading order - Started by winterwarrior83

I really want to read the Eberron novels in the Chronological order so I can get the full scope of the world as it started and changed...

CraterLabs 22 days ago
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Dhakaan - Started by admcewen

Can anybody help me? The Empire of Dhakaan, how big was it?...

Darth_Syntax 28 days ago
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Eberron Map from Dragon Magazine - Started by Rhone1

Hi All,...

tallric_kruush 1 month ago
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Eberron lycanthropes and the 12 moons - Started by Vaelorn

I'm sure this has been covered here before so apologies for that, but the search function on these forums is sadly limited!...

Vaelorn 1 month ago
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Question about House Khundrak - Started by Elton74

Elton74 1 month ago
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My PbP campaign - Started by Elton74

So, I advanced the plot of my game, saving Breland from it's war debts; by giving the player characters 3 simple information gathering...

Beoric 1 month ago
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Our 5e Eberron Game Has Started! - Started by Talae

Here is a in-character writeup of the first session: ...

Elton74 1 month ago
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Recruitment during Last War - Started by Khan_the_Destroyer

I've got an idea for a character that honed his abilities at the Passage Institute, and I'm trying to get an idea of what the environment...

Ogiwan 1 month ago
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Revised Grand History of Eberron Posted! - Started by Montonius1

Well it's arrived! The new edition of the Grand History of Eberron has now been posted! There have been massive formatting changes,...

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jefersonlucas 1 month ago
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Using the 4e Eberron Player's Guide to run a 5e Campaign, loose and fast - Started by Elton74

Awe, crap, I don't have the PHB, so why am I posting this?...

Captain_Kobold 1 month ago
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Any GenCon news for 5e Eberron? - Started by Vonether

Title says it all. If someone hears some news, don't be shy, spill it.

Elton74 2 months ago
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warforged and plane of madness - Started by DM_Eberron_D


DM_Eberron_D 2 months ago
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Speaking with Steve Prescott - Started by EnderXenocide0

I've just returned from this year's Gen Con, which was quite a blast (as usual). I spent more time this year in Artist's Alley than I...

Hellcow 2 months ago
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