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The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread - Started by joni-san

The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread ...

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KTurman Feb 18, 2015 3:43:34
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Eberron - List of Resources - Started by Talae

Below is a quote of resource links that we use over at DragonAvenue.comand I was wondering if you guys had others that we should add to...

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Syltorian Jan 02, 2014 9:55:34
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Important Threads Index and Announcements as of 11/28 - Started by wizo_autumn

Current Announcements:November 28, 2005[INDENT]The Boards will be pruned during the first week in December. Save anything you want that...

Ogiwan Jul 06, 2012 11:52:13
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FAQ for Eberron Newbies - Started by johnnyoneal_dup

What is Eberron?...

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Orkbard Jun 29, 2012 15:55:20
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Adapting the Age of Worms Adventure Path to my Eberron Campaign - Started by EnderXenocide0

WARNING: This post contains some spoilers for the Age of Worms Adventure Path....

EnderXenocide0 2 hours ago
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Droaam at War - Started by Griffin2099

Hi everyone,...

Ogiwan May 20, 2015 9:53:23
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Korranberg Chronicle question - Started by maceo00

I was happy to discover the Korranberg Chronicle after reading about it on the boards here. It...

Beoric May 18, 2015 20:31:40
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Pillars of Eberron - Started by AvonRekaes

While I was not a backer of the kickstarter for Pillars of Eternity, I did gladly purchase the game upon hearing of its release, and I've...

Ogiwan May 18, 2015 10:10:55
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Elves, Sleep and Dol Quor - Started by DreamingGod05

I'm running a game in Eberron where all the player's are playing drow. The question whether drow (and elves in general) dream when they...

Hellcow May 15, 2015 21:22:43
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The Hellcow Report - Started by Hellcow

Hey Everyone!...

Coffeemancer May 08, 2015 14:26:47
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Warforged for 5e - Started by Viscar

So I was looking to include Warforged into a 5e campaign with updates to the newer game mechanics. I have scoured the internet and seen a...

Tempest_Stormwind May 07, 2015 12:38:33
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Jungle Secrets pdf - Started by maceo00

I have a few "web enhancement" pdf's from a few years ago-one for Lyrandar Tower and three for Sarlona. There was also one for something...

Amaril May 05, 2015 11:13:44
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Into to my blog - Started by krappleby1976

Hi guys,...

krappleby1976 Apr 16, 2015 1:45:52
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Silence is Golden: Making a Puzzle Boss [3.5] - Started by EnderXenocide0

Okay folks, time to put on your thinking caps! I'm trying to design a decently elaborate puzzle boss for my players. The situation is...

krappleby1976 Apr 15, 2015 9:43:01
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Kobolds in Droaam - Started by Beoric

Specifically, Kethelrax and the kobolds under him.  Does anyone know whether they are iredar "Eberron" kobolds, or irvhir "Khyber"...

Beoric Apr 10, 2015 21:58:07
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Phoenix and Eberron - Started by Hellcow

Hey everyone!...

Hellcow Apr 06, 2015 17:59:55
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Grand History of Eberron Available Now - Started by Montonius1

For anyone interested in the lore of Eberron, especially with the new 4E campaign guide not releasing until June, I have created a...

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MisterBlue Apr 06, 2015 11:28:38
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Airships - Started by Faediira

would anyone know if the eberron airships would function in faerun? 

Captain_Kobold Mar 27, 2015 11:37:42
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Warforged, Undead and the Mourning - Started by Syltorian

One of the great mysteries of Eberron is the Mourning, which killed all the Cyrans (and invading armies) caught up in it or transformed...

Beoric Mar 13, 2015 20:48:08
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Offiical Eberron 5e Rules added! - Started by PaladinNicolas

Hi everyone, I just wanted to point out that WotC has released and uploaded for free 5e Eberron rules on Dragonmarks, Artificers, Races,...

Tempest_Stormwind Mar 09, 2015 13:27:24
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Some Thoughts On Eberron 5E - Started by Hellcow

While I'm confident there will be support for Eberron in 5E, I don't know when it will happen or how extensive it will be. Given that, I...

MasterMustard Mar 08, 2015 5:38:54
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Revised Grand History of Eberron Posted! - Started by Montonius1

Well it's arrived! The new edition of the Grand History of Eberron has now been posted! There have been massive formatting changes,...

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Montonius1 Mar 06, 2015 17:59:13
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D&D Dragonshard's Soundtrack - Started by Ymirok

Hey there, my name's William. I'm no D&D expert, I've never played P&P but I'm a big fan of all the video games except maybe...

Amaril Mar 01, 2015 7:49:19
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Eberron Forgotten Realms Crossover - Started by Faediira

Would anyone have an idea of the timeline of events of the Eberron and forgotten realms crossover over on ddo I can't seem to po...

bigmac Feb 15, 2015 15:30:30
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Daelkyr Logic Puzzles - Started by EnderXenocide0

So my players are about to investigate a mad scientist's laboratory complex. This scientist is working alongside a Mind Flayer and a...

Beoric Feb 14, 2015 9:50:59
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