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The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread - Started by joni-san

The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread ...

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KTurman Feb 18, 2015 3:43:34
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Eberron - List of Resources - Started by Talae

Below is a quote of resource links that we use over at DragonAvenue.comand I was wondering if you guys had others that we should add to...

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Syltorian Jan 02, 2014 9:55:34
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Important Threads Index and Announcements as of 11/28 - Started by wizo_autumn

Current Announcements:November 28, 2005[INDENT]The Boards will be pruned during the first week in December. Save anything you want that...

Ogiwan Jul 06, 2012 11:52:13
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FAQ for Eberron Newbies - Started by johnnyoneal_dup

What is Eberron?...

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Orkbard Jun 29, 2012 15:55:20
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Eberron Forgotten Realms Crossover - Started by Faediira

Would anyone have an idea of the timeline of events of the Eberron and forgotten realms crossover over on ddo I can't seem to po...

bigmac Feb 15, 2015 15:30:30
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Revised Grand History of Eberron Posted! - Started by Montonius1

Well it's arrived! The new edition of the Grand History of Eberron has now been posted! There have been massive formatting changes,...

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bigmac Feb 15, 2015 15:24:07
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Some Thoughts On Eberron 5E - Started by Hellcow

While I'm confident there will be support for Eberron in 5E, I don't know when it will happen or how extensive it will be. Given that, I...

Mandarin Feb 14, 2015 19:06:58
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Daelkyr Logic Puzzles - Started by EnderXenocide0

So my players are about to investigate a mad scientist's laboratory complex. This scientist is working alongside a Mind Flayer and a...

Beoric Feb 14, 2015 9:50:59
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Offiical Eberron 5e Rules added! - Started by PaladinNicolas

Hi everyone, I just wanted to point out that WotC has released and uploaded for free 5e Eberron rules on Dragonmarks, Artificers, Races,...

Sturmvogel Feb 09, 2015 1:29:41
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Magic Item Economy Heavily Regulated - Started by JohnLynch

What do people think about having the magic item economy be heavily regulated? All dangerous (I.e. Combat) magic items require proof of...

Beoric Feb 03, 2015 16:53:59
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Dragonmarks for 5e - Started by JohnLynch

Building on Keith Baker's advice for including Dragonmarks, here's my take on them....

JohnLynch Jan 29, 2015 18:30:36
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Converting Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of Tiamat to Eberron - Started by Hashwin

Howdy all. I'm using the published adventures as a way to get back under the DM hat, and after reading through HDQ once & scanning RT...

Hashwin Jan 26, 2015 20:30:34
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The 13th House: An Eberron Fanzine - Started by bigmac

A topic was posted at the Eberron forum at The Piazza, that you might be interested in: The 13th House: An Eberron Fanzine. Here is a...

bigmac Jan 15, 2015 17:40:02
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Eberron Fan Magazine - Started by Knightfall1972

Hi all,...

bigmac Jan 15, 2015 17:30:36
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Blueprints of an Eldritch Machine - Started by EnderXenocide0

I have a villain whose ultimate plan is to build a device that creates a plane (similar to the Genesis spell) and, in the process, causes...

EnderXenocide0 Jan 08, 2015 14:45:43
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Fleshing out Yrlag - Started by Beoric

My PCs took a wrong turn and are currently headed to Yrlag in the northern Shadow Marches.  Is anyone aware of any materials dscribing...

Beoric Jan 06, 2015 11:46:42
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Fleshing Out Karrn The Conqueror - Started by EnderXenocide0

So my campaign has been toying around with time travel. The group initially was sent into a dystopian future where the Dreaming Dark had...

Beoric Jan 05, 2015 21:01:25
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Code of Galifar and Dominate Person - Started by AvonRekaes

So, an interesting connundrum came up in my game, when a psion PC took the Mind Control power. For those not familiar with psionics, it's...

Beoric Dec 29, 2014 20:12:16
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Feedback on my take on the 5e Warforged. - Started by Shei-Nad

Hey. I was looking forward to testing out the new 5e D&D in Eberron, but still no news of when (or if) the setting will be released...

dafrca Dec 21, 2014 19:18:56
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Limiting Spells or Books in a 3.5 Eberron Campaign - Started by EnderXenocide0

Does anyone here limit the spells or books that players have access to (particularly in light of the Artificer class having access to...

AvonRekaes Dec 08, 2014 0:23:50
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Eberron Q&A - Started by Hellcow

My latest Eberron Q&A includes questions about warforged, Thaliost, team-ups between Inspired and Illithids, and more!

Troy70 Nov 14, 2014 9:26:45
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5E Eberron for Charity! - Started by Hellcow

Hi everyone!...

Hellcow Oct 27, 2014 8:48:43
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Quori question - Started by Beoric

Its probably because I skpped from 1e/2e to 4e and don't understand 3e mechanics, but it is not clear to me what sort of effect quori can...

Beoric Oct 25, 2014 16:43:19
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It is... inevitable, Mr. Anderson. - Started by Khan_the_Destroyer

In fleshing out the story for a character that is quite involved in the planes of Eberron, I got wondering... do any of you use...

EnderXenocide0 Oct 21, 2014 4:44:31
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Rhashaak, Haka'torvhak, and Faiths of Eberron - Started by EnderXenocide0

The Faiths of Eberron map gallery has a map of Haka'torvhak:...

Hellcow Oct 17, 2014 22:13:53
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