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FAQ for Eberron Newbies - Started by johnnyoneal_dup

What is Eberron?...

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Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 17:35:24
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The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread - Started by joni-san

The Comprehensive Eberron Art Thread ...

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KTurman Feb 18, 2015 3:43:34
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Eberron - List of Resources - Started by Talae

Below is a quote of resource links that we use over at DragonAvenue.comand I was wondering if you guys had others that we should add to...

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Syltorian Jan 02, 2014 9:55:34
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Important Threads Index and Announcements as of 11/28 - Started by wizo_autumn

Current Announcements:November 28, 2005[INDENT]The Boards will be pruned during the first week in December. Save anything you want that...

Ogiwan Jul 06, 2012 11:52:13
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Asmodeus in 'Grand History of Eberron' - Started by skelekon

So Appendix I in ‘The Grand History of Eberron’ lists Asmodeus as one of the Overlords of Khyber.  Is there any reference for this in any...

EnderXenocide0 15 hours ago
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Backstory for The Mark of Prophecy? - Started by skelekon

I’ve just started running a new 4E Eberron campaign with The Mark of Prophecy (ECG introductory) adventure, and am hoping to crowd-source...

skelekon Aug 28, 2015 7:07:59
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Artifacts of Dol Azur - Started by EnderXenocide0

Dol Azur, more commonly known as The Mockery, has a few artifacts or powerful magic items tied to him. I've found 3 references to items...

Beoric Aug 23, 2015 20:41:12
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TS' Compilation of 5e Eberron material - Started by Tempest_Stormwind

I've been putting elements of this up around the forums for a while now, and I figured I should have a single thread to link to....

Tempest_Stormwind Aug 11, 2015 10:54:14
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Elementals - Started by Griffin2099

Hi Guys,...

Beoric Aug 07, 2015 21:18:00
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Life in Pre-War Galifar - Started by Tempest_Stormwind

So, I have a rather challenging character coming up, and I think I've sorted most of it out, but I'm still looking for resources....

Tempest_Stormwind Jul 29, 2015 12:18:41
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Slavery and the Treaty of Thronehold - Started by Griffin2099


Griffin2099 Jul 22, 2015 17:00:37
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Vadalis Blood Steward - Started by Khan_the_Destroyer

The idea is that trusted members of House Vadalis with knowledge of ancestry and heredity would be assigned to families among the other...

Khan_the_Destroyer Jul 19, 2015 19:51:39
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Erandis and Aundair - Started by maceo00

In Faiths of Eberron p.80 it says that "Vol is much more careful about her operations in Aundair, for the region is important to her...

Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 18:05:57
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Names of Military Units - Started by byzcath

Has anyone worked out names for the various military units from the five Nations?We have two mercenary groups, the Blademarks from House...

Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 18:04:06
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Positive Energy Necromancy - What Is It & How Does It Work? - Started by Kemeshvara

I've looked around a little and couldn't find answers to my questions, so I was wondering if someone could help me out. Feel free to skip...

Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 17:57:39
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Eberron Newbie - Started by Azarik

  After looking the setting over I finally picked up a used copy at my FLGS this weekend. I have to say that I am impressed and like how...

Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 17:53:27
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Causes of the Mournland - Started by cervante

So, I've been reading the 1001 Mournland Horrors thread and I got to thinking, What have some of you came up with for causes of the...

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Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 17:48:59
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The Hellcow Report - Started by Hellcow

Hey Everyone!...

Ogiwan Jul 09, 2015 17:31:11
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I managed to dig myself a hole again - Started by Griffin2099

Hi, before I go any further I am going to admit that this issue is entirely my fault....

Beoric Jun 24, 2015 20:24:55
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Rebooting our Eberron campaign - Started by DoctorBadWolf

So, my group has had an occasional/casual Eberron campaign for a while, set in Sharn. We love our characters, and are still lower level,...

DoctorBadWolf Jun 23, 2015 22:27:03
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Attitude towards Vampires in Eberron? - Started by Wotanziu

What's the general attitude towards Vampires throughtout Eberron? I would assume that they are mostly regarded as evil and dangerous...

DoctorBadWolf Jun 15, 2015 3:48:20
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A Dragonborn's Quest - Started by EnderXenocide0

Welcome to another installment of "How my campaigns are driving me crazy and it's really all my fault because I just don't know when to...

Beoric Jun 13, 2015 18:31:11
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Adapting the Age of Worms Adventure Path to my Eberron Campaign - Started by EnderXenocide0

WARNING: This post contains some spoilers for the Age of Worms Adventure Path....

EnderXenocide0 Jun 13, 2015 9:17:06
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Mind Seed Mechanics - Started by Beoric

So, my players recently killed off a major NPC who was a mind seed (my escape plan didn't work so well, oops).  They pretty effectively...

Tempest_Stormwind Jun 09, 2015 19:39:00
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Early human and elf interaction - Started by maceo00

I'm looking for some help to understand something I am re-reading....

Hellcow Jun 07, 2015 16:55:30
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