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Trouble Accessing our Help System? See here. - Started by ORC_Kovacs

If you are experiencing difficulties contacting us via the help site, please see this thread.

CancelPlease Mar 11, 2015 6:48:23
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Having trouble with the Character Builder - Read This - Started by WotC_Trevor

If you're reading this then it's likely you've experienced a problem launching or using the Character Builder. The first thing you want...

hugodlr Nov 14, 2014 16:58:02
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DDI Article Technical Issues - Started by crazy_monkey

If you experience any problems with a Dragon, Dungeon, or other DDI article, such as download errors, bad links, etc, please post them...

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Domynicque Nov 04, 2014 13:37:55
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November DDI Update is Complete - Started by WotC_Trevor

The November update to the DDi tools is live. Additions include:...

WotC_Trevor Nov 25, 2013 11:02:00
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Feedback, Questions and Known Issues for the New Site - Started by Dragonette

Feedback and bugs.

Dragonette Sep 10, 2013 10:38:08
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Generic magic shield? - Started by Xyss

I'm trying to equip my parties new gear to their characters, weapons all have a generic magic weapon +x, armour all has a generic magic...

Xyss Mar 23, 2015 20:39:21
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D&D Insider Prices & Their Continued Existence - Started by Feyaro

Now that D&D4E is officially over, and Insider is no longer being supported at all, why exactly are we paying the same price that we...

Addax Mar 14, 2015 16:13:03
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Runtime Error to Send E-mail for D&D Insider - Started by CancelPlease

I have been trying to send e-mails to customer support about my D&D Insider account for a week. I finally made an account, and when I...

CancelPlease Mar 11, 2015 5:54:38
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Is D&D Insider just/primarily for 4th edition? - Started by Slit518

Is D&D Insider just for or primarily for 4th edition?  I foolishly signed up without looking to much into it hoping to use the...

iamgoz Mar 07, 2015 16:42:55
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Two-Weapon Defense no longer exists - Started by Timpookie

According to the character builder.

Timpookie Mar 02, 2015 0:09:18
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How do I Cancel my insider account? - Started by waxman80014

It should be under account mangement but I can't find it. 

waxman80014 Feb 21, 2015 17:27:55
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Custom Portrait - Need help! - Started by Pietro722

I just can't seem to get the Custom Portrait feature to work.  I don't consider myself a newbie when it comes to these type of things but...

blade73 Feb 21, 2015 15:27:52
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Is DDI a 4E thing only? - Started by Artifex1979

Sorry for the dumb question, but is DDI a 4th Edition thing only?

Artifex1979 Jan 24, 2015 15:15:00
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Can't add Tusk Shield? - Started by rotf_group

Is anyone else able to either purchase or add the Tusk Shield (from Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium)?  I can't seem to do either.  At...

hugodlr Jan 23, 2015 14:40:43
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Do the 4E Tools still work? - Started by LordDarkon

I've been considering refreshing my subscription (mostly just for the character builder), but all of the conversations in this forum seem...

hugodlr Jan 18, 2015 18:34:07
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Insider Down? - Started by TherealLichemaster

Really I have a game in an hour and it's been down for an hour....

hugodlr Jan 18, 2015 18:21:40
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Is there any value to a D&D Insider subscription if using 5th edition? - Started by MNBlockHead

After more than 20 years of not role-playing, I am buying the 5th edition core set and creating a campaign to play with a group of old...

hugodlr Jan 18, 2015 18:20:18
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DnD Insider - Unable to Sign In - Started by caspencer

I have recently renewed my D&D Insider subscription but I am unable to sign in....

hugodlr Jan 18, 2015 18:16:40
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Future of 4E DDI Tools? - Started by DM_Craig

Can anybody comment on the future availability of the 4E tools on DDI? I know that there will be no more content updates, and I'm fine...

skartaris Jan 07, 2015 7:53:11
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Adventure Tools: Saving Throw Bonus - Started by Bomberg

I never thought I'd aks a technical question on DDI again, but here goes:...

Bomberg Dec 23, 2014 3:45:26
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Refund Request - Started by TherealLichemaster

I need an email for the department, I need to complain to about the poor service I have purchased.   Please post that email here.

TherealLichemaster Dec 20, 2014 13:38:10
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"PageTracker is undefined" error when trying to log in - Started by skartaris

I recently bought an Insider subscription but I've been unable to sign in to the tools at all. Whenever I click the "sign in" button, the...

TherealLichemaster Dec 20, 2014 13:33:28
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4e character builder support when 5e arrives? - Started by Nixxon

Simple question: When 5e comes along, will the character builder still support 4e? To give some background. I'm an old gamer who's group...

ruggerdaddy Dec 19, 2014 18:45:42
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Unknown Error on Character Builder Load Screen - Started by GEBELL

There is another thread on this issue, but it doesn't have any actual solutions.CB will not load.  On the screen with the spinning...

Lomander Dec 18, 2014 17:59:01
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Dragon and Dungeon Back Up Soon? - Started by dwabocoomey

With the release of the 5e Dungeon Master's Guide, could Dragon and Dungeon Magazines be resuming soon. Anyone have any official news on...

dwabocoomey Dec 14, 2014 16:27:51
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