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Where to find OOP books on the internet - Started by blackprinceofmuncie

There seems to be a new thread started every so often about where someone can find used OOP books to purchase. I thought it might be a...

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alaharon Oct 24, 2014 13:25:39
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MASTER INDEX: All the old Previous Editions Stickies - Started by Tempest_Stormwind

The forum reorganization combined all the old Previous Editions subforums into one Previous Editions General forum. Several threads were...

awaken_D_M_golem Sep 11, 2013 14:46:09
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Would that be considered fear? - Started by VindicatorPrime00

Hello everyone!...

VindicatorPrime00 2 hours ago
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Was the DM right or wrong - Started by Titan752

Ok so tonight we had an argument over the fact that the DM said a knowledge check would take a full round action to find out more...

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SirAntoine 16 hours ago
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Conversions Going Backwards - Started by SirAntoine

I play AD&D, and I am interested in how to convert stuff from the later editions back to my game.  Most of the information on...

StevenO 16 hours ago
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Is this the right place - Started by Dionon

Is this the right place to advertise my board? Technically it's in my signature, but I was wondering if this was the right place to put...

Dionon May 03, 2015 11:19:58
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Knowstones and Arcane/Divine spells - Started by Amaroq64

Do Knowstones (Dragon Magazine 333, page 93) differentiate between divine and arcane for the spell that they provide?...

Slagger_the_Chuul May 02, 2015 18:16:55
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Optimize Fighter Charging 3.5 - Started by Kill2119

Im playing a dwarf fighter lvl 5 right now in 3.5 and I am extreamly new. I have played other RPG but just not D&D. Playing with Monk...

Slagger_the_Chuul May 01, 2015 20:22:37
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Night Below Campaign question - Started by Shgokk

Just nabbed this used locally. The box says "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," but everything online says it's 2nd Edition Advanced....

SirAntoine Apr 30, 2015 20:32:10
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Toward-Good & Toward-Evil alignment groups - Started by DynV

I don't remember where I saw this, I think it was a recurring thing in a previous edition, 3.5 I think, that there was 2 groups on the...

SirAntoine Apr 29, 2015 22:33:51
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3.5 Demon Archers.... - Started by Zhull

What demon would make an efficient archer? I need some ranged combatants to worry my heavy hitter players and give the player who relies...

Amesang Apr 29, 2015 5:30:02
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tower shield question - Started by DBGreece

Hi I have a question about the 3.5 tower shield. If I have the tower shield proficiency do I take the -2 to attacks or does the...

Slagger_the_Chuul Apr 25, 2015 19:01:05
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(UNM) New Monster Request Thread - Started by BlackDragon71425

(Under New Management)The New Monster Request ThreadDear friends, monster makers, creature creators, and imaginative innovators, it has...

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abraham Apr 25, 2015 14:57:46
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Index: 3.5 Psionics Outside the XPH Version 2 - Started by Seventh_Geas

This is a new compilation of information from the old thread, together with some new stuff. I've taken it upon myself to start this, as I...

Endarire Apr 24, 2015 15:23:42
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Help with Magic Item Creation - 3.5 - Started by Shadowfax7

A player wants to create a gem which grants the possessor (or holder, not sure which would be correct?) a +5 luck bonus to a skill....

Slagger_the_Chuul Apr 20, 2015 18:01:36
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Clarification on Affiliation Score - Started by VerraShadow

Hey guys, so I am currently working off of Tempest's Holy Fire build (Here:

Tempest_Stormwind Apr 18, 2015 17:37:56
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Looking for the name of an Old School D&D Adventure - Started by Planeswalker817

This might be a shot in the dark, but hey, I figure it's worth a try....

Planeswalker817 Apr 10, 2015 3:33:43
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Changing spell descriptor - Started by Stayingpower

There are spells with [good] or [evil] descriptor....

MrCustomer Apr 07, 2015 0:17:16
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Linking Adventures - Started by dippyblonde

I'm wanting to link a few adventure ideas together and wondering how to do it, aside from the obvious loot bag, wanting something RP...

dippyblonde Apr 07, 2015 0:10:00
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vampire 3.5 energy drain - Started by soulaka

do you get the save for the negative level when the person gets hit with the energy drain or do you get it 24hrs after?...

MrCustomer Apr 05, 2015 23:54:55
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D&D 3.5 Half-dragon creationhelp - Started by blade_mkii

Im just getting into D&D with a small group of friends and one of them is makeing a black half-dragon so i wanted to make a bronse...

blade_mkii Apr 05, 2015 16:14:35
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Water Whip Returning feature - Started by diablodevil2

Heya, I was just in a discussion with my GM, and we weren't able to come to a concensus on how this feature works;...

Slagger_the_Chuul Apr 03, 2015 23:01:23
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Swordsage: Replace Sense Magic with....? - Started by Adas


Slagger_the_Chuul Apr 03, 2015 22:33:40
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Red Hand of Doom - Total Recap! - Started by Caligula

Thursday in 2 days time we will finally start out with the Red Hand of Doom adventure. After having played Sons of Gruumsh for several...

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Caligula Apr 01, 2015 15:11:57
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Which edition would you recommend me? 3.5, 4th or 5th? - Started by Raijin411

Hi there ...

Krusk Apr 01, 2015 14:16:50
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