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The Delirium Stone - Started by capt_obvious

Any idea where I might be able to get my hands on a copy of this old Mark of Heroes module (EMH-7)? Keith Baker mentioned it as an...

naturax Sep 20, 2009 19:00:38
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RPGA Adventure Downloads - Started by davethebrave371

Is there any plans to release the old 3.5 RPGA adventures to the public, seeing as 4e is in full swing? I'd really like to convert to 4e...

davethebrave371 Sep 15, 2008 19:35:38
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Forum closure request - Started by WolfStar76

I've posted a request for the closing/removal of the Mark of Heros forum in the D&D Community Business forum....

WolfStar76 Sep 10, 2008 15:49:51
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Knowledge of the Nerra - Started by koushiro

Hey, I just found some stuff when I was cleaning and was wodnering if anyone had any idea if anything came from the whole Nerra thing...

koushiro Aug 18, 2008 23:11:20
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