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May 07, 2014 10:56:16

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Questions on how to make the most of your character within the LFR rules? Stop in here and share your creations and questions.

Dec 20, 2013 10:04:38
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Blade Spider Nerfed? - Started by the1darklord

Hey Guys,I've finally saved up enough cash to buy myself a Blade Spider for my LFR character, am I safe buying it or is it going to be...

KarmaInferno Dec 16, 2009 23:05:58
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The 'errata retrain' problem, and the deeper issue - Started by Pauper

Over in the November errata thread, discussions quickly moved to how to modify characters rendered illegal by the November errata. The...

elder_basilisk Dec 16, 2009 15:46:31
Normal topic

Can I use a daily magic item power/daily power just before combat? - Started by Tonylaudat

I am currently playing a LV 5 Eladrian avenger who just picked up a Staff of Resilience (which he can use thanks to the Divine Secret...

Dragon9 Dec 16, 2009 8:25:17
Normal topic

Is there anyone here who DMed or wrote for the Delves? - Started by elder_basilisk

It's not LFR, but it was RPGA, so I'm figuring this is the best board to get a response. (Also, it may give us something to discuss other...

elder_basilisk Dec 15, 2009 23:12:16
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November rules update/errata - Started by melos

When does it take effect for LFR?  Dec. 1?   UPDATE: the changes go into effect immediatelyThe July updates took effect August 4th so I...

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corwynn Dec 15, 2009 14:18:00
Hot topic

Working on a LFR FAQ - Started by Dragon9

WolfStar asked for someone to take up the mantle of compiling this, so I figured I would work on it....

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bgibbons Dec 14, 2009 19:15:36
Normal topic

Magical items.. - Started by chanter_hound

If I have an item that is a +1 magic weapon, Can i make it into a +2 item?If I have a weapon thats is a +2 weapon, can it become a +2...

Dragon9 Dec 11, 2009 22:22:33
Hot topic

How Often Do You Play? - Started by redberserker

I came back to RPGA play (LFR) after a 5 year hiatus.I actually stopped playing in July 2003 due to a career last game was...

grandpoobah Dec 09, 2009 16:14:23
Hot topic

Two clarifcation questions - healing word and fire shield - Started by sparkle

Just curious about this. Deleted after reading FAQ but second question is still there.2. If I am a mage and cast fire shield (a minor...

Cailte Dec 09, 2009 6:06:45
Normal topic

Idle Thoughts on Module Reporting - Started by Thanlis

Questions I would add for DM reporting:Did you play this module on high tier or low tier?Were there any character deaths during the...

elder_basilisk Dec 08, 2009 16:12:23
Hot topic

Official Ruling Needed: How are diseases resolved? - Started by Alphastream

I'm asking for some ruling from up high in the LFR administration, as there is no clarity as to when a disease should be resolved. The...

Mommy_was_an_Orc Dec 08, 2009 9:07:55
Hot topic

Weekend in the Realms Pregens--some thoughts - Started by elder_basilisk

After playing Weekend in the Realms, I took a look at the pregenerated characters and doing so inspired some thoughts on the pregens...

Vamroc Dec 07, 2009 15:29:02
Normal topic

Boons in the Character Builder - Started by guest742363515

I was looking through the character builder and noticed the boons were listed even with the campain setting being set to RPGA LFR. Am I...

Keithric Dec 07, 2009 10:27:57
Normal topic

So, who is in charge of RPGA pregens anyway? - Started by elder_basilisk

Like the title says, who is in charge of RPGA pregens?I have created a group of pregens with character builder and am now looking for...

Madfox11 Dec 07, 2009 3:38:11
Hot topic

Artificer needs more content - Started by diamondwing606

Any and all Artificers know that they are boned via content. Yes their magic weapon at-will is awesome but not enough to get them out of...

chanter_hound Dec 06, 2009 10:24:09
Hot topic

Can I do anything about this? - Started by Bigfluffylemon

I write this in full knowledge of what the official answer is, but am wondering what other people make of the situation. How would you...

Cailte Dec 05, 2009 22:44:44
Normal topic

List of Adventures for LFR in 2010 - Started by -Aribeth-

Hi,Is there any word out on this yet?Aribeth

Keith53 Dec 05, 2009 14:32:35
Normal topic

Better off having a friend with an Artificer... - Started by rtrnofdmax

Since Artificers can take a feat to create higher level magic items, and you can buy your friends character a scroll to use to make a...

Dragon9 Dec 03, 2009 16:55:23
Hot topic

Mounted Combat in LFR - Started by Joe_Shill

I'm wondering why I don't see more people on mounts in LFR.  As the rules are written, mounts are just about the most stupid broken...

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chanter_hound Dec 03, 2009 15:22:21
Hot topic

D&D XP Promo cards - Started by pedr

Xath from ENWorld has uploaded photographs of some promo campaign cards here:

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crodocile Nov 27, 2009 23:00:50
Normal topic

Revenge of the Giants legal? - Started by rtrnofdmax

Sorry to waste people's time because I believe I know the answer, but can you select items from the Revenge of the Giants mod? I only ask...

tetsujinoni Nov 27, 2009 13:51:00
Hot topic

November Rules Updates - DM impacting Rule Items - Started by tetsujinoni

What is the correct way to apply the MM and DMG errata to LFR?Off the top of my head, the following items have been adjusted in power...

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Kurald_Galain Nov 26, 2009 6:03:23
Normal topic

changing magic item prices - Started by melos

Page 155 of the Dungeon Master's Guide talks about the DM using a price markup or discount for magic items.  Is this part of the...

ibixat Nov 25, 2009 20:59:26
Normal topic

Errata in effect Dec 1? - Started by Matt_James

I can't find an answer and would like to know if anyone knew. 

soccerref73 Nov 22, 2009 15:42:52
Normal topic

Feat to allow two multiclass? - Started by sparkle

I can't seem to find this but I was sure there was a feat that allowed a PC to take two multiclass feats (and I am not talking about the...

salla Nov 21, 2009 18:13:20
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