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Have a question on how to run a mod, or just looking to review/discuss an adventure? Stop in here!

May 07, 2014 10:56:16

LFR Character Discussion

Questions on how to make the most of your character within the LFR rules? Stop in here and share your creations and questions.

Dec 20, 2013 10:04:38
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So You Want to Write for LFR - Started by Keith53

I think it would be better to separate the thread about writing LFR adventures from the Paragon Challenge thread.Post your questions,...

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RCanine Feb 21, 2010 22:52:40
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Regional Flavor - LFR vs other models - Started by Alphastream

A continuation of this thread.

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gart Feb 21, 2010 9:23:24
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How many LFR characters do you have? - Started by lorika

It seems to me that LFR is suited to a style of play where each player has a multitude of different characters.  I feel like you need to...

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Dragon9 Feb 20, 2010 11:44:37
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Weak Rules and Troublesome Players - Started by ferol_debtor_of_torm

This is sort of a branch off of the rust monster thread. Many people in that thread mentioned simply not playing with people that like to...

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zammm Feb 19, 2010 16:57:53
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CCG v. 1.95 - Started by bgibbons

Thanks to Wolfstar76 for the link: changes:* New retraining rules: Keep your race and class; everything else is...

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Dragon9 Feb 14, 2010 21:12:21
Normal topic

Writing for LFR and Dungeon Tiles - Started by WriterAtLarge

[I recently posted this in the "LFR Group," thinking that was the standard forum. But then I realized that *this* is the active LFR area,...

Alphastream Feb 14, 2010 16:35:28
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Coup de Grace in LFR - Started by ixnay

In a home game, there may be times when a GM uses Coup de Grace because character death is dramatically appropriate and/or helps the...

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Keith53 Feb 12, 2010 5:58:12
Normal topic

Tell Me About Your Character's Song/Public Works Project - Started by Thanlis

Mild spoilers for ADCP 2-1 and WATE 2-1 follow...So PCs who've been through Paladins' Plague or Gilding a Noble may have a couple of...

Alphastream Feb 12, 2010 1:28:04
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What's next on the chopping block? - Started by Joe_Shill

So there has been some talk on the "obviously broken" quality of some of the PIF (Powers Items Feats) that were changed with the update,...

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matteblack Feb 11, 2010 13:10:22
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Campaign Legal Source - Started by kelvadrin

So I played Jungle Hunt over the weekend and one of the rewards was an item from a Campaign Legal Source. It did not say from a player...

soccerref73 Feb 09, 2010 15:39:28
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Where can I find information about how to create an adventure company? Thanks.

tirianmal Feb 09, 2010 14:26:29
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Is our beloved Living Forgotten Realms headly quickly toward a cliff? - Started by bearform

I run a home non-LFR D&D 4E game in which the players are in the middle levels of the paragon tier. I also coordinate the public...

newpaintbrush Feb 08, 2010 12:34:35
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New Adventure Database Site - - Started by trayburn

Hey all,I wanted to let everyone know I've launched a module database and review site at GamerClubHouse.comThe site will give you the...

trayburn Feb 06, 2010 13:10:45
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Any word on the Lair assaults, etc - Started by elder_basilisk

Several months ago, I remember the RPGA preview/report page mentioning some supposed new LFR adventure types including Lair Assaults. A...

WolfStar76 Feb 06, 2010 6:12:34
Normal topic

LFR Q1 2010 Release Schedule - Started by soccerref73

Greetings...The Q1 2010 (January - March) release schedule for Living Forgotten Realms has been posted on the LFR Community Blog...

soccerref73 Feb 05, 2010 17:41:31
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Attacking party members - Started by baracq

Aside from making it very difficult to form tables of which you'll be a part, is there any rule against attacking your own party in LFR? ...

Uthrac Feb 05, 2010 14:02:48
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DDXP 2010 - Battle Interactive.. - Started by haferka

I would like to hear details about the battle interactive.. - How many people participated?- Was it similar to the old Living Greyhawk...

Matt_James Feb 05, 2010 9:08:42
Normal topic

DDXP 2010 Lost and Found - Started by Joshua_Randall

I realize this is a long shot, but what else is the Internet for if not randomly asking thousands of people worldwide a question that...

serok42 Feb 04, 2010 8:15:35
Normal topic

using published adventures - Started by mattdiss

Hi all,I hope this is in the right spot for this post. I still don't feel like I know my way around the forums properly after the revamp....

Madfox11 Feb 04, 2010 8:05:38
Normal topic

LFR creation guide confusion - Started by evicmar

In the creation guide on page 2 it states that backgrounds from FRPG are not legal for use by players. On page 8 it states that Forgotten...

kenobi65 Feb 03, 2010 9:51:51
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DM Bribery Survey - Started by Thanlis

In your local group or groups, what (if anything) do DMs get as an incentive to run games?Examples:At Pandemonium in Cambridge, there's a...

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hibiki54 Feb 02, 2010 2:03:56
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What do players want more of? - Started by warfteiner

Hey all -...

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sigfile Feb 01, 2010 12:09:43
Normal topic

Painful Oath - Started by morgandaemos

Hi Everyone,The Avenger Feat Painful Oath is not yet in the Character Builder, however it was listed in the December Dragon compilation...

the1darklord Jan 29, 2010 12:58:48
Normal topic

The perils of re-flavoring monsters - Started by elder_basilisk

I have been noticing a lot of reflavored monsters in adventures lately. Bugbears and bullywugs masquerading as humans, etc. Perhaps more...

gomeztoo Jan 28, 2010 0:35:08
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So, you don’t think LFR adventures are perfect... - Started by surgebuster

As I prepare to write my next adventure, I am finding the reviews on gamerclubhouse offer interesting insights as to what DMs and players...

elder_basilisk Jan 26, 2010 15:24:14
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