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May 07, 2014 10:56:16

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Questions on how to make the most of your character within the LFR rules? Stop in here and share your creations and questions.

Dec 20, 2013 10:04:38
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Origins? - Started by SYB

Has anyone heard even the slightest rumor about judge sign up for Origins?-SYB

Ore Apr 27, 2010 16:11:11
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Good Practices Quick-Reference Sheet - Started by sigfile

I was thinking about the nature of LFR events, and realized that there are at least two unique elements that radically differentiate a...

Istaran Apr 21, 2010 14:19:13
Normal topic

Monster Stealth Checks - Started by matt12

I'm curious on how other GMs handle stealth checks for there monsters for the different mods they run....

kenobi65 Apr 21, 2010 11:31:00
Normal topic

Q2 2010 mods schedule? - Started by old_dog

When will we get the Q2 2010 release schedule for the mods?

ganadai Apr 20, 2010 17:50:00
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Deities in LFR for Divine Classes. - Started by math_geek1

I've been wondering how Deities precisely work in LFR with the equivalency charts.  If Sehanine and Selune are equivalent deties, than I...

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Anthraxus Apr 20, 2010 13:21:12
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Item Slots - Started by sigfile

A (surprising to me, anyway) CS ruling about item slots was brought up by one of my RPGA DM's.  I'd taken the phrase from the RPGA/LFR...

Alphastream Apr 20, 2010 12:33:18
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What should be the proper role and responsibility be of the DM in LFR? - Started by -Aribeth-

Is this a complex question or a very simple one?I can see it from both sides... the simple answer is that the DM is responsible for...

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bgibbons Apr 19, 2010 11:23:11
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Cannith Goggles - Started by adzk

Are they LFR legal items? They appeared in the playtest artificer section of Dragon 365, but never got an update or released in Eberron...

Dragon9 Apr 13, 2010 13:56:45
Normal topic

South Florida LFR - Started by killeropus

Broward Area Role-Players and the Palm Beach Area Role-Players get together 3 times a month and play LFR adventures.To learn more visit...

killeropus Apr 12, 2010 16:35:36
Normal topic

TPK, Charity Death Clause and XP - Started by XaviYago

Invoke the Death Charity clause.If the group cannot afford to pay for the ritual (or doesn’t desire to do so), the PC can choose to...

Pauper Apr 12, 2010 16:35:12
Normal topic

Realms continuity checks and balances? - Started by Matt_James

I am curious to see if there is any communication between the RPGA and the WotC Realms designers when modules are constructed. The only...

gomeztoo Apr 10, 2010 7:50:56
Normal topic

Seekers RPGA card? - Started by thrawnseg

I can't seem to find a Primal RPGA card for the Seeker to use to reroll an attack.  Was one made and is it available for download like...

Dragon9 Apr 09, 2010 20:45:56
Normal topic

Selecting a mount as a reward - Started by bogjob

Is it possible to select a mount a reward i.e. a mod gives you a pick of any item of your level plus 1 from any player legal resource ?

ibixat Apr 09, 2010 18:59:42
Normal topic

Starting LFR with an existing group - Started by xolok

Hi everyone!The group I DM for is interested in Living Forgotten Realms. I started them out about 5 sessions ago. They have gone through...

bgibbons Apr 08, 2010 23:09:44
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Looking for a LFR group or D&D on the gold coast asutralia - Started by malbourdus

age 33 mature and want to dm or play D&D please in dying for a game

Cailte Apr 08, 2010 0:29:44
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Pupil of the All-Father? - Started by pint_glass_crusader

So the latest Channel Divinity article in Dragon #385 introduces some new cleric and avenger prayers for those dedicated to Moradin (and...

pint_glass_crusader Apr 05, 2010 13:46:53
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Switching to a Superior Implement - Started by fedifensor

What are the rules for turning an existing implement into a superior implement?  Do you just pay the cost for a superior implement, or do...

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RCanine Apr 02, 2010 1:26:55
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A Petition to Augment the Player Reward Card System - Started by gart

Well met all!I would like to petition for the RPGA to set a practice of encouraging convention distribution of Player Reward Cards for...

gart Mar 30, 2010 19:53:48
Normal topic

Looking for a LFR Group in Seattle - Started by belrithalus

 Hello,I have been to gen Con twice and got to play some LFR mods and like them allot. I live in Lake Stevens and am looking for a place...

chadley Mar 24, 2010 12:21:28
Normal topic

Selecting Superior Implements as rewards - Started by rozman

Any idea when the PTB will say if we can take a Superior Implement when we receive an Implement reward, or will we only have access to...

ibixat Mar 22, 2010 19:15:46
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Interesting Debate: Can authors play their own mods? Should they? - Started by dkay807

This recently came up in conversation because, well, I write a lot. I recently played CORE2-1 for fun (which I co-wrote with Nick) with...

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mickeyt66 Mar 22, 2010 14:32:24
Normal topic

Module Map Flexibility - Started by Ore

I have a question about flexibility of map use while running LFR modules. I was digging through my stuff and I found a stack of folded...

Alphastream Mar 18, 2010 22:37:28
Normal topic

LFR at ConnCon - Started by terrylash

Hi everyone,I plan on running a bunch of LFR games at ConnCon this weekend (March 19th) but rooms are expensive if you go alone. Is...

Mommy_was_an_Orc Mar 17, 2010 17:40:01
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Adventure prep tips - Started by mvincent

Here are a few habits that have been helping me lately. ymmv.When preparing to run LFR adventures I make a ziplock bag for each encounter...

ibixat Mar 15, 2010 23:10:11
Normal topic

Updated CB Campaign File - Started by Dragon9

I finally got around to updating the CB file for the latest update (as of March) and it's posted on my website on the resources page.The...

Dragon9 Mar 15, 2010 18:31:57
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