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Decks to beat Maintenance/FAQ/"Who's Who" Thread. - Started by Atmapalazzo

The Block Decks to Beat Maintenance/FAQ/"Who's Who".Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What is this forum for?A: This forum is for discussion...

j_Mann Jul 28, 2011 3:36:29
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Near unbeatable W/B lifelink deck - Started by xquantum981

If anyones interested in knowing what my, basically unbeateable W/B lifelink deck consists of let me know and i will put all my cards in...

MrBscBrl Jul 01, 2014 12:33:23
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Perfect Control - Started by jimsta26

Hello everyone. This is the lsit of cards in my deck, Perfect Control.  It's not complete, i will be changing stuff around once Innistrad...

eragon795 Mar 15, 2014 16:21:10
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Bug - Started by zurmtj

So I was fooling around with a few different combinations for this block and this is what I came up with:4 Dead Reveler4 Deathrite...

zurmtj Feb 14, 2013 0:10:05
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Mono Black - Mosquitoes with Guns - Started by voxgritty

I was playing around with a Vampire idea with lots of creatures and some helpful stuff to leech a bunch of life. Let me know what you...

felisdomesticus Nov 23, 2012 6:00:03
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How to beat a vampire deck? - Started by stina

hi my boyfriend have a clean vampire deck with 3 planeswalkers - garruk, liliana and sorin. he boost his vampires with green and have...

lascaossos Apr 06, 2011 18:40:34
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This section needs a cleanup - Started by theleetnoob

In order to allow people to discuss about the new format, it would be very nice that a cleanup take place to kick out the old decks and...

CageOfPanacakes Oct 14, 2009 18:13:57
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