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Havn't recieved promo yet - Started by notclydefrog

I haven't received my promo Garruk yet and was wondering if anyone knows where I can report it to see whats going on, I know it says 8...

Ragnarokio Dec 02, 2009 17:16:48
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Deck editing - WHY (I am sure this is already a thread) - Started by mavericksv

Make deck editing, and sell individual cards, the game will stay fresh, people will buy it, and the mid-hard core people will stop...

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pipothy Dec 01, 2009 6:31:51
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So what's the "and more" announcement? - Started by bubbacuofa

Worth said there was an "and more" part of the DLC announcement, then said the announcement would be delayed.  Now that the DLC is out,...

Ragnarokio Nov 29, 2009 19:52:16
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an update to magic the gathering? - Started by ljndy

hi guys, two or three days ago, i started to play magic and i noticed that there was an update available for my magic the gathering....

obolus Nov 28, 2009 23:45:21
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***Unofficial Epic Match Thread*** - Started by dawg_pilez

Nothing beats magic than telling your friends about an epic match. I've had a few but I'll start with this one. 9/21/09 at about 12:43...

dawg_pilez Nov 28, 2009 22:00:33
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compose your deck variants! - Started by pipothy

yes, we all seem to be unhappy in some way about the decks in the game... some think that R, W and B are underpowered while B, GB and UW...

pipothy Nov 28, 2009 8:30:03
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Alternate Profile problem - Started by tagratt

Hey All, My Xbox got the ring of death. Got it back and its been working fine. However, my girlfriend can no longer play the full game...

ORC_Ghost Nov 28, 2009 1:54:36
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Forestwalk in co-op - Started by guest2076488128

How can I select which opponent to attack when I have creatures with Forestwalk? It's really annoying that it seems like I can only...

ark42 Nov 25, 2009 19:38:44
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Retarded Computer? - Started by transik

On the computer's turn in 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 matches, why does the computer take the ENTIRE time on the "white timer" to cast a FREAKIN'...

transik Nov 25, 2009 1:22:16
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More than one color deck? - Started by momdaegmorgan

Apologies if this has been asked before. I just downloaded Duels yesterday and was wondering if there is any way to play a deck with more...

momdaegmorgan Nov 24, 2009 14:48:01
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Reporting bugs to the developers - Started by robvalue

I have reported a few bugs to both the following email issue I reported got...

dj_buddah Nov 23, 2009 11:55:55
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How to deal with Platinum Angel - Started by baverch

First of all, hi, first time post. ...

DireWombat Nov 20, 2009 16:57:21
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Thought experiment: design the next expansion decks - Started by kenrufo

As many of you know, there have been some complaints about some of the deck designs (elves and black are overpowered, claws and mono-red...

kenrufo Nov 16, 2009 12:29:07
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So whats the new tier list? - Started by jakdripr

Well the dlc's been out for bout 2 weeks now, what do you guys think the new rankings are? I personally am in boarding school so i am yet...

XIII13Thirteen Nov 12, 2009 15:43:12
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Wil Wheaton, Sadin, Garfield, Turian, and others this Saturday on Xbox Live - Started by XIII13Thirteen

Check out "events" on your Xbox Live bulletin screen. Add their screennames and hope to get an invite. On a side note, any of you DotP...

XIII13Thirteen Nov 12, 2009 15:29:40
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Duels of the Planeswalkers coming to PC and PS3! - Started by WotC_Eric

Click here for our announcement.

pimd Nov 11, 2009 13:16:29
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Serious Gameplay Errors that Require Fixing - [please and thank you] - Started by thomastasa

Hi i've been playing Magic The Gathering: Duels of The Planeswalkers, and the expansion,  and i run into some errors that are critial to...

PaladinOfSunhome Nov 09, 2009 13:59:44
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Hey guys, a gameplay question - Started by jakdripr

I was wondering, would it break magic if you were allowed to pick the 7 cards you start the game with? Like im not saying they should add...

pipothy Nov 08, 2009 6:19:03
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Garruk Code Issues: "Sorry, your code could not be generated..." - Started by WotC_Eric

I'm sure many of you have noticed this error message by now. We are in contact with Microsoft regarding the issue and will have it...

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toqtamish12 Nov 06, 2009 22:08:05
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Challenge 11 has stupid bug... you should win on first turn - Started by davesbrain

In your hand is an Unsummon Attack with your 6/6 flyerWait for blocking to be assignedUnsummon the blockerWatch the 6 points of damage...

doctorpeppor Nov 06, 2009 2:51:00
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Foil Garruk promo - Started by DYMongoose

I've been searching all over but can't find the actual promo details for the card. What does one have to do to be eligible for the card? 

doctorpeppor Nov 05, 2009 22:55:16
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New Mechanics/Cards that wouldn't break things - Started by kenrufo

I was curious what card mechanics people thought might be usefully added to the game in future decks.  Keep in mind the express goal of...

kenrufo Nov 05, 2009 12:48:40
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xbla tournament - Started by doccadaver

Me and some friends were playing one day, 4 of us then we had more come into the party to play as well. since you can only have four...

CptMendoza Nov 04, 2009 19:24:41
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Why are the decks so badly designed? - Started by catsclaw

I'm playing right now, and I'm playing the artifact deck against the mill deck.  I had him soundly beaten, but right before I hit him to ...

Xander756 Nov 04, 2009 14:42:37
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Jace UW mill deck - What was the point? - Started by aeolian1

Can anybody tell me why, oh why, is the new UW deck so similar to the blue deck? It is essentially a much better version of the U deck...

eidtelnvil Nov 03, 2009 12:38:40
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