What's the order for evergreen keywords?

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flying, vigilance, haste, trample?
haste, flying, trample, vigilance?

Does anyone know? :>>

I'm looking for the whole sequence, with all the evergreen keywords.

I can piece it together if no one knows. `|:>
Flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, haste, protection.

And what about the rest? \:>
Well, the first line I think is devoted to mechanics that work in your hand, such as flash. The second is devoted to mechanics that have reminder text, such as set mechanics. The third is for the keywords, and refer to Akroma, Angel of Wrath for most of those. I'm sure you can sort it out with a bit of searching... The fourth is for other things that work in your hand, like Buyback, Cycling, and Transmute.
Flying, fear, first strike, double strike, deathtouch, haste, landwalk, lifelink, protection, reach, trample, shroud, and vigilance.
I don't think there's a true order.

Akroma says Flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, haste, and protection.
And Cairn Wanderer what DevilZenLulz said.
I think Cairn Wanderer breaks the rules.

I'm currently going through a list, and rearranging the abilities based on every card I can find.
Also.. Greater Morphling: banding, bushido, double strike, fear, flying, first strike, haste, landwalk, protection, provoke, rampage, shadow, trample.
Okay, this is the best list that can be discerned. With some of the less-common (or newer) keywords, there may not be enough information to place one of these above or below its neighbour.

Double Strike
First Strike
Hmm... I wonder why Wizards didn't order them alphabetically?

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I think it is generally alphabetically, see Titanic Ultimatum

This might be worth an "Ask Wizards" submission

Q: I've noticed on creatures with multiple keywords (flying, trample, etc.) that the keywords are in a certain order. For instance, Flying comes before First Strike and First Strike comes before Trample (Just look at Akroma, Angel of Wrath). My question is: Imagine that there was a creature printed with every keyword in Magic, what is the ordering of the keywords and is there any logical pattern to the ordering?
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A: From Del Laugel, Senior Editor:

The short answer is that there's no fixed order for keywords. I check Oracle for similar cards whenever an unusual combination comes up, but my top priority is getting the individual cards to read well. But what fun is a short answer?

Keyword Ultimus
Creature — Sliver Samurai Ninja
Sliver offering
Affinity for Auras with enchant Forest, kicker X, convoke
Graft 1, sunburst, amplify 1, bloodthirst 1, modular 0
Defender, flying, horsemanship, banding, bands with other Slivers, phasing, Urza's-walk, provoke, flanking, rampage 5, first strike, double strike, vigilance, trample, haste, bushido, protection from Yeti, shadow, substance
Cumulative upkeep 2, echo
When Keyword Ultimus comes into play, if the kicker cost was paid, all Equipment lose equip until end of turn.
Imprint — When Keyword Ultimus comes into play, you may remove target creature card in your graveyard from the game.
As long as an imprinted creature card has flying, all creatures you control gain flying. The same is true for fear, first strike, double strike, haste, landwalk, protection, and trample.
Threshold — : Return target card with splice or storm from your graveyard to your hand.
Haunt, soulshift 4
Whenever the creature Keyword Ultimus haunts leaves play, scry 2.
Morph 3
Madness 0
Cycling BB, transmute 1UU
Forecast — 1: You may pay WUBRG rather than pay the buyback, entwine, or flashback cost for spells you play this turn.

Um, wow?!
I'm just a Pigment of your imagination.
There's only one issue: that's from June. I'm know there's been more Evergreen added (keywording of Shroud, Deathtouch, Reach, etc.), but there's been plenty of set keywords added, and no update to it:
Dissension: Hellbent (Yes, Graft & Forecast are there, but where's the love for Rakdos?)
Coldsnap: Recover, Ripple
Time Spiral: Split Second, Suspend
Planar Chaos: Vanishing
Future Sight: Grandeur, Aura Swap, Gravestorm, Fortify, Delve, Transfigure, Frenzy, Absorb, Poisonous
Lorwyn: Changeling, Champion, Evoke, Hideaway
Morningtide: Prowl, Reinforce
Shadowmoor: Conspire, Persist, Wither
Eventide: Retrace
Shards of Alara: Devour, Exalted, Unearth
I knew there was some official mention somewhere. Thanks for fishing that out.

That list is consistent with the one I've compiled from real cards.

I've added my list to my Keyword chart, which is in my sig. \:>

(And, yes, when the keywords are part of an ability, they all go in alphabetical order.) \:>
Things in the first column have always preceded things in the second column.
first strike rampage<br /> first strike cumulative upkeep<br /> first strike cycling<br /> first strike echo<br /> first strike madness<br /> first strike double strike<br /> first strike provoke<br /> first strike entwine<br /> first strike modular<br /> first strike shroud<br /> first strike bushido<br /> first strike soulshift<br /> first strike splice<br /> first strike ripple<br /> first strike suspend<br /> first strike lifelink<br /> first strike champion<br /> first strike reinforce<br /> first strike wither<br /> first strike exalted<br /> first strike unearth<br /> flanking rampage<br /> flanking vigilance<br /> flying rampage<br /> flying fading<br /> flying flashback<br /> flying fear<br /> flying double strike<br /> flying provoke<br /> flying entwine<br /> flying modular<br /> flying shroud<br /> flying bushido<br /> flying soulshift<br /> flying splice<br /> flying dredge<br /> flying transmute<br /> flying haunt<br /> flying forecast<br /> flying suspend<br /> flying vanishing<br /> flying aura swap<br /> flying deathtouch<br /> flying delve<br /> flying champion<br /> flying evoke<br /> flying reinforce<br /> flying persist<br /> flying wither<br /> flying retrace<br /> flying devour<br /> flying exalted<br /> flying unearth<br /> haste rampage<br /> haste cumulative upkeep<br /> haste echo<br /> haste flashback<br /> haste morph<br /> haste provoke<br /> haste storm<br /> haste entwine<br /> haste equip<br /> haste modular<br /> haste shroud<br /> haste bushido<br /> haste splice<br /> haste defender<br /> haste champion<br /> haste evoke<br /> haste conspire<br /> haste wither<br /> haste devour<br /> walk shadow<br /> walk trample<br /> walk banding<br /> walk rampage<br /> walk vigilance<br /> walk cycling<br /> walk echo<br /> walk fear<br /> walk shroud<br /> walk suspend<br /> walk vanishing<br /> walk evoke<br /> protection shadow<br /> protection rampage<br /> protection cumulative upkeep<br /> protection vigilance<br /> protection cycling<br /> protection madness<br /> protection shroud<br /> protection bushido<br /> protection soulshift<br /> protection splice<br /> protection suspend<br /> shadow trample<br /> shadow flashback<br /> shadow storm<br /> shadow forecast<br /> shadow suspend<br /> shadow champion<br /> shadow devour<br /> trample cycling<br /> trample echo<br /> trample flashback<br /> trample madness<br /> trample provoke<br /> trample modular<br /> trample shroud<br /> trample soulshift<br /> trample suspend<br /> trample reach<br /> trample champion<br /> trample evoke<br /> trample persist<br /> trample wither<br /> trample exalted<br /> banding bands with other<br /> banding rampage<br /> banding cumulative upkeep<br /> bands with other rampage<br /> cumulative upkeep echo<br /> vigilance cycling<br /> vigilance echo<br /> vigilance threshold<br /> vigilance morph<br /> vigilance double strike<br /> vigilance equip<br /> vigilance bushido<br /> vigilance soulshift<br /> vigilance suspend<br /> vigilance reach<br /> vigilance champion<br /> vigilance persist<br /> phasing echo<br /> buyback storm<br /> buyback enchant<br /> buyback suspend<br /> cycling kicker<br /> cycling flashback<br /> cycling madness<br /> cycling unearth<br /> echo fading<br /> echo champion<br /> fading shroud<br /> fading defender<br /> fading enchant<br /> fading prowl<br /> kicker flashback<br /> kicker fear<br /> kicker storm<br /> kicker enchant<br /> kicker split second<br /> kicker vanishing<br /> kicker lifelink<br /> kicker reach<br /> threshold morph<br /> threshold storm<br /> threshold reach<br /> fear modular<br /> fear soulshift<br /> fear transmute<br /> fear suspend<br /> fear evoke<br /> fear persist<br /> morph shroud<br /> morph suspend<br /> morph vanishing<br /> amplify provoke<br /> double strike provoke<br /> double strike entwine<br /> double strike shroud<br /> double strike reach<br /> double strike champion<br /> equip shroud<br /> equip defender<br /> equip graft<br /> equip deathtouch<br /> equip lifelink<br /> equip wither<br /> imprint enchant<br /> modular sunburst<br /> shroud splice<br /> bushido defender<br /> defender transmute<br /> defender vanishing<br /> defender reach<br /> defender wither<br /> defender exalted<br /> enchant dredge<br /> enchant transmute<br /> enchant forecast<br /> enchant ripple<br /> enchant suspend<br /> enchant vanishing<br /> enchant aura swap<br /> enchant deathtouch<br /> enchant lifelink<br /> enchant poisonous<br /> enchant evoke<br /> enchant conspire<br /> enchant persist<br /> enchant wither<br /> graft reach<br /> flash split second<br /> flash champion<br /> flash evoke<br /> flash persist<br /> deathtouch lifelink<br /> lifelink reach<br /> reach evoke<br /> reach wither<br /> reach exalted

Results were determined with a rather naive method that doesn't make distinctions for special cases. For example, Shroud and Splice don't actually exist as a keyword on the same card, but it's on the list anyway because of veil of secrecy.
Okay, this is the best list that can be discerned. With some of the less-common (or newer) keywords, there may not be enough information to place one of these above or below its neighbour.

Double Strike
First Strike

Plumeveil disagrees with your theoriez.
Plumeveil disagrees with your theoriez.

You're right. It appears to have changed, as of Shadowmoor.

Angelic Wall
Oona's Gatewarden

I'll amend my list on my Keyword chart.
looks like abc order to me oh its been answered
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