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[indent] Welcome to the YMtC Introductions and Listings thread. This thread's intended purpose, as outlined by this thread's original creator, was to provide a sort of bulletin board where contest holders and other YMtC members could look up their fellow forumites and get information on their background, experience, and anticipated leaves of absence. While it's arguable whether or not this thread has achieved this, it still provides the basic service of letting you get to know better the various personalities who inhabit these parts.

Newcomers, feel free to post a profile for yourself to have it added to the list. There's no set structure, so tell us as much or as little as you want. More importantly, welcome to YMtC!

|YMtC Listings|

30 Minute Contest Winners
Budget Player Cadet
cool shakes
Dr Demento
Dr Kraid
He of Many Numbers
Jessica Morgan
Johnny, Combo Player
Mistform Mage
Mr Bubbles
One Kobold
Purple Shrimp
Skibo the first
sporoloth domain
Tangle Asp
Timmy Turner
wtiger the theif
Hoard of Notions: Cards and general design musings from yours truly.
I am Meteorain, also a Johnny. I've gotten into Magic only recently, around the time Ravnica was first released. I'm 15 and am easily bored, leading me to these boards (My fascist parents don't let me play Xbox/watch TV/Go on the computer/go to a friend's house during the weekdays, though I sneak some computer time in almost every day). I also get on the boards every day. Well, I haven't won a contest yet, and while I generally have good card ideas, I have horrible templating skills and some balance issues. I'm also a very casual player, mostly because we have no tournaments in my area.
I'm Razorborne. I'm pretty much a Timmy/Johnny. I really have no hint of Spike in me. I'm pretty much the coolest person on these boards. I run a series of incredibly original contests. there's really not much else to say. I make plenty of complex cards, but I've been somewhat drifting toward elegance. (or at least I'm trying to)

oh, and this is my smilie: touch it and my army of zombie meercassassin slaves will destroy you.

PS: I forgot to mention: I loathe bad formatting. and obvious templating flaws.

PPS: I've won a bunches of things. I'd list them here, but it'd take a bunch of space and, more importantly, a better memory.

PPPS: I am the almighty keeper of the Cookie of Razors. as of yet, only three souls have risen to the challenge and claimed it. could you be next? prolaby not.

PPPPS: capitalization is for chumps.

PPPPPS: I format my cards as such:

Flavor text

if you don't like it, deal with it.

PPPPPPS: I'm currently working on a set. no, really. it's called Armada. and it will be finished eventually.

120.6. Some effects replace card draws.


why are you here when NGA exists and is just better

Hello there, I'm The_Hutt, though I once inhabited these boards under the alias dragonmage65. You'll see me hanging around this forum and on the MTGO forums. I'm a Timmy/Johnny at heart, with a pinch of Spike, but have never played a real tournament beyond the two online drafts and two leagues I've done. I am currently on hiatus from actually playing/buying cards, but I still enjoy creating cards for the fun of it. I used to participate in many contests, but I cut back my usage a bit and currently am engaged in about three. I also run my own contest: YMtC Blitz! You can find the latest edition on the forum page.

I am currently in high school, though I do take some college classes. I am extremely intelligent, but unfortunately genius is not appreciated in today's enviroment of GPA's, testing, and standards. I hope to earn a degree in politcal science in the near future.

I am capable of producing top-notch cards, but fall short of being a great designer in terms of my consistency. I am usually an excellent templater, and I wince at cards with obvious grammar/spelling/structural problems.

If you ever need help with a card, don't hesitate to ask!
I'm DDR Fr33k. The test says I'm a Johnny, but I know I've got Timmy in me somewhere. I'm currently working on an Anime themed Magic set, found here. I like regular input, and am more than willing to help, where and when my knowledge is useful.
I'm mstieler. I've got a bit of all the player archetypes in me, though Spike only comes out in tournament play (and for good reason). Though I haven't won a contest yet, I am getting closer. I've been here on the boards for just under a year (in March), and playing Magic since 4th Edition.

I am a formatting type person. I've gone through quite a few new posters (when I'm the first to get to the cards) to show how a card they made looks when formatted. Proper formatting is just good board etiquette. Spelling and grammar help a lot, as well. And Gathere is there for you to use, so unless you come up with something completely original, you can see proper templating of the ability you just made somewhere out there.

Sorry. Off on a rant.

I hope to start judging more contests soon, as I'm currently judging razorborne's Slightly Less Original Contest.
I'm Tuba1060. I'm a Johnny/Spike, more Johnny in play, more Spike in design (at least I think). I'm relatively new to these boards, but I feel like I've got decent ideas. I'm normally on in the mornings (EST) on weekdays, since I prefer being on these boards than doing actual work, and less frequently on weekends and nights. I'm slowly starting to judge, but am mostly just a contest participant for now. I've been playing since around the start of Revised, although I took a hiatus from Urza's Block through Mirrodin.

And like apparantly everyone else here, I like good templating, formatting, and spelling, slightly less concerned about grammer, as long as it's understandable still.

And Tranz, this is a great idea, for the record.
Reag, here, a usually quiet Vorthos/Johnny. While my card ideas have the bad habit of being rather complex, I do have some good ideas up my sleeves every once in a while. I'm here just about every day when theatre doesn't interfere, and sometimes when it does. I have rapidly discovered that I simply don't have the memory or dedication required to run a contest, alas, but I participate in many. As you can see by my sig, I come in second for quite a few things, and my numbers are growing. I'm currently working on the Huumalia set for those of you who are interesting in giving feedback/support/suggestions. So far the only thing finalized about it is the storyline...yeah, I'm a Vorthos alright.
I'm mtalmuzicfan, not necessarily new and am one of the more-known entities in YMtC. I'm a bit of a Timmy/Spike with a dash of Johnny and Vorthos and am currently the best MtG player in East Texas. I'm also one of the writers in WotC's online magazine Knowledge Arcana.

I have made numerous attempts at making cards and while some of them have gone unnoticed, the ones that do catch everyone's eyes always seem to have a permament place in what I like to call "classic mtal" cards :D. In addition to making cards, I have won quite a few contests and have hosted an amazing four runs of Mtal's Heavy Hitting Duels.

Speaking of judges I have been nominated two years in a row for best judge in the 2005 and 2006 editions of the annual YMtC Championship, but have yet to win one of these. I also have the distinction of never succesfully qualifying for YMtC Idol.

4/17/12 - Started Magic the Gathering: Online <--mtalhead...for LIFE!!! \m/
Yodavader here. I'm generally a Johnny. A little bit of Spike and Timmy when I want to be but not all too often. I've been on the boards since March of 2006. My card creating skills aren't the greatest in the world (as you can see in my ego sig) but I do enjoy creating cards.

I've been playing since Invasion and learned from a Johnny hence why I am a Johnny. Left the game about 3 times. The first two times, got rid of all my cards (stupid move) and the last time leaving right before Kamigawa block. Kept all my cards and returned when Ravnica came back in.

I split my time between YMtC and MPFG forums. If you haven't been to MPFG, you should go. It's all the rage. Other than those two, I dabble in Magic General and some of the other forums but mostly, I stay within YMtC and MFPG. And if you haven't noticed, I do like to be invisible. You can't see me.

I ran a contest on YMtC that's called You Make the Creature: Draft. I am currently in YMtCreature: Draft Season 2. If you would like to join, feel free. The only stipulation is that you can't be a winner of the current season. If you were a winner in the last season, you are free to join. Also, it's not on a constant schedule. If I feel that I have time to run it without too much stall time on my end, then I run it.

MUP Count 1:
This space for rent. yodavader-join2.jpg
Look at everyone starting their paragraph with "I'm ______", so I ain't gonna do that. I imagine that if you are capable of understanding what I am saying, you are quite competent at figuring my username.

I first found out about Magic during like Mirage but then I was around nine years old. However, I didn't start playing until Mercadian Masque. I was a big Timmy back then who thought Ancient Silverback is insanely good and Black Lotus is only expensive because it's rare.

And then the game opened up soooo much once I started drafting in FNM during Mirrodin. My Spike side just flowed out.

As for YMTC experience, well, let's just say I've been making up cards for a long time and I don't precisely remember when I started.

I am currently working on a set and I am hoping to release it by end of March hopefully, but I've been real lazy so far. I still got some card slots to fill and a huge storyline to write.
I've played since Scourge (not too competitively) and been in YMtC for about a year.
I'm mostly a Johnny, but no player type in me is overwhelming. I like commons and small effected cards of all kinds (dunno why) and historically have been playing white. I actually like to make lots of cards at a time, though then power/wording quality of them isn't too good. I think I appreciate elegance more in cards than other people do.
I try to visit the boards once or twice a day. I've held two contest of my own, neither of them being a real success, because I'm a terrible power level/wording judge, but I'm trying to get better by checking the Rules Questions boards.
I've won two contest and got into the finals of Johnny's second contest, the YMtC World Cup (which died ) and some contest by Mtal.
Look at everyone starting their paragraph with "I'm ______", so I ain't gonna do that. I imagine that if you are capable of understanding what I am saying, you are quite competent of figuring my username.


Anyhoo, I've followed Magic off and on starting Mirrodin Block. Due to my inability to purchase new cards, I kinda phased out before Guildpact got released, only to phase back in recently (with all enchantments still attached, ha ha ha).

I still have no new cards. I plan to change this when some more money comes my way.

I'm very much a Johnny with an almost Spike-like desire to win. Thank God I've never seen a tournament, because I have no idea how to metagame.

Designing cards is more of a random hobby than anything else, to keep the Magic mojo flowing. It's fun! I'm still learning, though, so things like balance and costing will be problematic.

I mostly post cards in the YMTC general thread, because they aren't great enough to post in their own thread.
I appreciate the people who have already used this service and anxiously await others who will use this.

Also, if the WizOs approve and the YMtC public approves, I would absolutely love it if this thread was stickied. Thank you!
Hey, everyone. I've only started seriously coming to YMtC during the spring/summer of '06 (I think). You can also find me in Once Upon a Time and in the Rec Room. I've won Johnny's 2nd YMtC Contest R2, YMTC Blitz W3 and a CT from a BlackMetatog's YMtC Uncon contest last year.

I have a soft spot in my head for threshold, storm, fading (don't give me any of this Planar Chaos vanishing stuff ;) ), morph, and kicker. The first Magic product I bought was a 6th Edition tournament pack. The first cards I remember thinking were way cool were Sibilant Spirit and Jhovall Queen.

I like to make simple cards most of the time. I don't know what I consider myself, but I try to make cards appealing to Spike most of the time. Here is the rank of colors I like to make cards of: 1: Blue. 2: Black. 3: Colorless, Red, and White. 6: Green.
I'm Living_Hive. I also go by "The Ice Cream Man." I don't mean to brag but people have called my cards some of the best Un-Cards they've ever seen. I generally make Unglued type cards but I can go serious.

I spend a lot of time at the computer but I don't enter many contests. The ones I start usually fall apart. I think I may have won one or two contests. Can't remember. Here's a thread for a lot of my work (I have amde many more cards than this though.):
Howdy. I'm Libe, YMtC's resident unreliable layabout and chronic Listings-thread neglecter. 
Hoard of Notions: Cards and general design musings from yours truly.
When present, we tend to stick to the big game threads (Alphabetical and YMtC Fun). We also try to drop by the Wording Clinic on occasion. See the links in our signature for personal information, that which distracts us, and/or our Mafia stats.
Hey, all. I'm Tinytim_309, though many people call me just Tim for short. I've been on the forums for almost a year now, though I recently joined the YMtC crowd in the fall. As for Magic, however, I have been playing for several years. I learned how with a big ol' 7th edition starter set, and I have been playing ever since, skipping out only on the Onslaught and Kamigawa blocks. I'm, pretty much a Johnny/Spike/Vorthos, in no particular order. In the Casual and Standard forums, I can occasionally be found trying (and usually failing) to build a more innovative, yet competitive, deck. In general, I'm a nice guy, though I will argue if I feel that I am in the right. Of course, only with politeness. I'm not much of one for flaming. Though I know the rules pretty well, there are other people on these boards who are far more experienced than I, though if you ask me for help, I will give it to the best of my ability.

Currently, I'm running the contest known as Dominarian Devastation, a survival/adventure type game based around the events of Time Spiral. I am also in the process of making the first set in my block, called Beyond the Veil, based primarily around the removed-from-game zone. It's looking like it's shaping up to be interesting, to say the least, so come by and leave some advice or suggestions whenever you feel like it. I'd just like to finish off by saying good luck to all those new to the boards.

Argh, I just can't say enough. The edit button is a godsend. As you can probably tell by now, I am very much a writer at heart. In fact, I am in the process right now of writing my own novel. At the moment, I usually visit the boards once or twice daily. I have placed well in a few contests, but I have only really won one (see sig). As for my cards, my best work is in the Johnny/Timmy region. I entertain the notion that my cards are generally solid, (indeed, I always score in the mid-range) but rarely extraordinary. Haven't been to a tourney yet, but I am hoping to change that with the Planar Chaos prerelease. Anyways, we now return to our regularly scheduled progamming. [/long-winded biography]
tyranno6 here.

I've been posting here for over five years now, and am usually the one attributed (read: blamed) with YMtC's contest obsession. I've started more than my fair share of contests in those five years: from the short-lived YMtC Survivor to TY'S CONTEST WITH NO CATCHY NAME BUT LOTS OF CAPS to YMtC Idol to ty's Guild Team Contest to The Dead and The Gathering and Agyrem. There's much more where those came from, too.

I'm notorious for my lack of commitment to the boards. However, this is largely because I commit to too much both on and offline, and when that gets too much, I tend to bail on contests rather than drop out of my bachelor's. :P

My card designs vary quite a lot. I used to have quite a distinctive style, making a lot of red cards and a lot of cards which dealt with mana and copies. Recently my cards have tended to be a lot more simple and straightforward, which may or may not have helped me as a designer. Regardless, my desire to be simple always leads me to the Mindslaver/Time Stopesque style of elegance that many people hate oh-so much.

As a judge, I value the same sort of things. I tend to abhor cards which have more than two or three abilities, and despise boring and unoriginal cards. However, if you show me an interesting, elegant way of something (even if it's something mundane), I'll be very impressed.

I'm always around to talk to, either on MSN or AIM (see my profile) or through PM.

Hope to see you out in YMtC.


Check me out on MTGO under the same name.
ATTENTION WIZARDS OF THE COAST: You have full rights to use any of my intellectual property found on these boards (I'm not going to use it and it'd be a shame to waste it). -Dr. Stinkyjoeterry, Ph.D.
See me, knave, and know fear, for I am Lord Gareth, High Priest of the Draconic punishment, Hand of Tranzoorder, and the fastest Disintegrate in the West. While I am relatively new to the YMtC forums, I am well known because of the sheer number of contests I participate in. While most of my cards end up being average due to technical issues, I sometimes have a stroke of creative genius.

I currently host the Shadows of Thought YMtC contest, and have started numerous game threads in a recent fit of odd creativity. My knowledge of play, as well as my collection of cards, is rather eclectic.

Welcome to YMtC. Kneel before your master :D
Hi, I'm Glare_of_the_Loxodon, you can call me Glare. I'm a Spike-Johnny, but still have a bit of Timmyness left in me. I'm a Vorthos when it comes to card-creation (almost all my cards have flavor text), and Melvin when it comes to judging (and card creation too, actually). So I'm kind of a Spike-Johnny-Timmy-Melvin-Vorthos.

I started playing Magic at around the start of Ravnica, and joined the boards at around mid-May. I normally post in the YMTC forum, but you can sometimes find me in the Gleemax Roleplaying and the Future Set Speculation forums.

My card creation skills wildly fluctuate all the time. I can get 10/10s, but I can also get 2/10s. My judging skills are alright though, and most of the time you can find me organising a contest or two.



Cookie Count: 1 million + 1039 Wooden Spoon Count: 2 YMtC Trophies 1st: 9 2nd: 11 3rd: 13 4th: 4 I lost >6000 posts during the last forum migration. #14000th post at 05/11/09 #15000th post at 22/02/10 #16000th post at 10/06/10 #17000th post at 27/10/10 #18000th post at 27/04/11 #19000th post at 24/08/11 #20000th post at 21/04/12 #21000th post at 21/01/13
Okay, so I decided to make a new intro because the old one was way, way outdated. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about me (okay, not really, but it's more than last time).

Short intro: I am a student of many subjects, but I am the most brilliant in my class. In my own opinion, of course. I have interests in Creative Writing (I don't think this will pan out) and Psychology (I'm more hopeful here). I also like puzzles and games, though I generally don't think them through quite enough while playing. My train of thought careens off the tracks while passengers jump from the caboose. This is hard to see on a message board because of the magical Edit button, but you can still see it if you look closely enough.
My Role in YMtC
I am a contest-holder and contest-joiner first and foremost. I love he unique and fun contests, love creating cards under restrictions. I have no idea why I became as famous in YMtC as I am. I am decent at cardmaking (not excellent), great at coming up with contests (but not hosting them), and am exceedingly random in my contest turnout and quality. I suspect a lot of respect comes from the time spent here and being nice.
I also like commenting on people's cards, but generally only if I have something to say. I usually do, even if it isn't clear.

Hosting Contests
I try to host simple but fun contests. Those are easy to run and grade. But I'm usually not that great at grading. Well, I mean, my critiques are valid and have a little depth, but I'm such a procrastinator that I won't grade for a while, and my contestants will get bored. I've tried a lot to stop doing that recently and I've improved, I think. Unfortunately, I'm busy this year, so I don't forsee a lot of contests in my future.

Gard's 24-Hour Contests
[indent]Discontinued as of late, I held these weekly for a long time to good effect.[/indent]
Preview Week Contests
[indent]During's Preview Weeks of new sets, there's a round everyday there's a preview cad in this contest. These are fun and fastpaced, and I like hosting these. Despite accusations of these contests being "slapdash", I like to think of this contest as more of a testing ground with new mechanics than an actual competition. Though of course we have winners. :P[/indent]
YMtC Championship
[indent]The next-biggest contest in YMtC behind YMtC Idol. Vammm hosted this in 2005 for the first time, then vanished. So I stole the series and have held it since twice. Basically, everyone nominates people for positions, then votes to get finalists, then the finalists submit cards, then the winner is voted on. Past winners are....[/indent]
  • Dream Spinner - 2005
  • tyranno06 - 2006
  • Pegaweb - 2007

Contest Playing
I join in contests that will keep my interest. Unfortunatelys, the host must also be a judge I trust and make good criteria. But sometimes I disregard this is the contest is interesting enough. I usually regret it.
My favorite contest so far is YMtC Domination by SilentTwin. I was the Twisted Monarch. Can't wait for the sequel!

I enjoy making simple cards with a lot of (or some) depth. Sometimes I enjoy complicated but grokkable cards (Warp World), but don't really make the a lot (they're hard!). That and pure combo cards. Those are genrally boring. I love zone-changing things. Million, grave to library, library to hand, etc. My grades in contests (the cards I gradE) are usually based in a small scale upon my likes.
I recently opened my [thread=1004693]Card Yard[/thread] to hold some ideas I liked. Visiit it if you like; it may be my favorite thread on YMtC.

Mine are few and far between, mostly. I do well incontests, but gnerally slip and make silly mistakes that eliminate me, or people are just plain better (sad, but true). I've won my fair share, though. The best I've done to date, actually, is my current participation in YMtC Isol. But I don't really expect to win that one; other people are just way better.

I think that's it.
If you read all of that, please drop by and have a cookie.
Contests Won/Hosted (No longer Updated)
Contests Held

All Best of Month contests
All The Blind Eternities contests
[thread=816222]Gard's Great Gauntlet Game[/thread]
[thread=747667]YMtC 2006 Championship[/thread]
[thread=881538]YMtC Battle Royale[/thread]
[thread=708414]YMtC Casino[/thread]
[thread=607023]YMtC Monopoly[/thread] (Died)
Gard's 24-Hour Contest

[thread=768683]Theme Week -- Planar Chaos[/thread]
[thread=920877]Theme Week -- Lorwyn[/thread]
[thread=847247]Themer Week -- Scry Week[/thread]
[thread=820487]Azorius Senate[/thread]
[thread=834909]Dimir, The[/thread]
[thread=784021]Dream Spinner[/thread]
[thread=859533]Gone Fishin'[/thread]
[thread=842937]Selesnya Conclave[/thread]
[thread=812036]Shiney Nickel[/thread]

Contests Won

[thread=615681]Lord of the Mountain[/thread]
[thread=696400]Prelude to the Maze[/thread]
[thread=671631]Pro Championship Wrestling[/thread] (Undefeated)
[thread=688291]Scrivener's Nexus Precon Challenge[/thread]
[thread=736168]The Let's Have Some I Don't Like Your Alphabetical Fun Contest 2![/thread]
[thread=741631]The Void Escape[/thread]
[thread=653564]Wizards' Summer Camp[/thread]
[thread=747667]YMtC 2006 Championship[/thread] (Best Contest Holder)
[thread=640524]YMtC World Cup Qualifiers[/thread] (Qualified!)

[post=16531152]Old Entry[/post]
I am Mehall, a returning member, who is currently looking for ideas, any ideas, to make cards for.

I am, howeveer, very skilled with working out wording, and getting the right syntax for custom cards. Very good.

I entered some contests, but most notably, I made the only YmtGuild contest, to finish, though the final grades were only just posted.......

Sorry Bobby2055,
Dream Spinner
Timmy Turner
and kaz Uchiha
Hello. I'm The Ogre, The Foot, The Slacker and whatever else you can think of. ;)

When it comes to card designing, my favorite activity is creating and tweaking new mechanics, while my favorite colors both in designing and in playing are red and blue. I haven't really played since Time Spiral, and haven't been paying much attention to Magic since Shadowmoor. I don't see myself playing anytime in the near future, though I've recently returned from a YMtCing hiatus, with a new contest.

If I'm known for anything around here, it must be for coming up with the idea for Theme Week Contests (with the aid of Gardevior), and hosting them for quite a long time.

I've also got something of a cookie monster in me. Proof? I have collected over 900 (but not over 9000) cookies.

About me IRL? I'm half Polish, half American, but don't feel either, which makes me a cosmopolitan. I'm also an agnostic. I currently live in Warsaw, my interests include geography and politics.

I guess that's all.
Don't be surprised if I suddenly disappear/reappear, it means I'm just on an Otherworldly Journey.
I am Nis. I'm not around YMtC as much as I used to be (due to [forum=639]Px2[/forum], plug, plug) but I do drop in occasionally either when I get an idea or feel the need to be inspired.

I tend towards simple cards; I appreciate cards that are complex due to game situations rather than cards that are complex because of wording. I seem to gravitate towards making black cards for some reason: maybe I like the tension between making a card that advances your position while setting you back subtly somewhere else. I do design cards for the other colors, however. Blue cards elude me, though. I just have trouble try to expand in a color that has historically been almost everywhere.

I don't join contests anymore. I just don't have the time. I do like contests run by certain judges so I do strive to join those. So far I believe I've won only once: mtal's fourth Heavy Hitting Duel.
Hi, I'm Cisnero, uber-Johnny and coin flip addict!

Been on the forums since about September, and participated in many contests. Also ran a contest called New Ravnica: City of Chaos, though that contest kind of died due to inactivity at the time by myself along with every competitor left in the final 4. :D

Most noted for the Cisnero guild, a constantly in progress guild that I'm creating inside the various YMtC contests. If you want to know what the guild's about, check my sig. :D
144902215 wrote:
Sometimes I imagine what Cisnero's life must be like. I imagine cargo pants - every pocket stuffed with coins. I imagine him (I almost said "him or her" but then I decided his gender with through the randomization of a small metal disk) - I imagine him, shopping, purchasing food, choosing which spot to park in, all through this meticulous flipping process. I imagine him asking a girl out, taking her to have a drink or whatever and then asking if she wants to play this fun game. When she responds "Sure." he removes a single quarter from one of his jingling pockets. Then proceeds to flip it repeatedly while she calls it - until she is able to make up an excuse to leave. Will he respond to this post? Only if the Chaotic Gods of Copper and Nickel deem it so. Someday many years from now, in the Dystopian future world, I'll ride my Billy Idol Unicycle past a bedraggled slumbub - He'll be clad in armor made all of the (now worthless) coins of yesterdecade. He'll grin a shiny grin at me as he flips another coin - and I'll know who it was. How could I not?
Yeah, so I decided to redo this intro. The poem's still at the bottom, if you're interested in seeing it.

Basically, I'm IzzetGizmoman. My fav Magic color is Red. The color's I'm best at playing at are Red, Black, and Green, or at least, they used to be. Now I'm better at playing White and Blue as well, and my playing skill for all colors is about equal. I usually hang around the YMtC, Magic General, Future Set Speculation, Casual Play, Standard (T2), and Coalition War Game forums.

I've hosted a few contests in YMtC, and have participated in many more. Below are lists of contests that I've hosted/joined. I've also tried (and failed) to create a few pre-archetype threads in the Standard forum, but they usually end up dying on account of the fact that there's already a similar deck that exists or people just don't like the idea.

I like making decks for both casual and tourny play. Although I have yet to play in an FNM, I plan to do so sometime in the near future. That's really all I've got to say - come check out my card and deck ideas!

People Worth Listening To: (These are all the people I can think of right now - Sorry if I forgot you!)
Dream Spinner

Contests I've Hosted
RPM: Ravnica (Died)
RPM: Skyfetch (Died)
10 Rounds of Mayhem (Completed)
IzzetGizmoman's Birthday Surprise! (Completed)
World Destruction Tour '07 (Died)
Devil's Dice (Died)
[Beta] The Labyrinth: And Adventure for Four YMtCers (Ongoing)
Contests I'm In
Zelancer's Survival Contest: Mtal Edition
Deck Projects

iz done.

The Old Intro to Me

I'm IzzetGizmoman, known as IzzGiz to some.
I like to make weird/wacky cards,
And I'm not old enough to drink rum.

The contests I make last a while,
Then begin to fade.
As of now, contests I have none,
But contests I'm in are a parade.

As you can see, my rhyming's not pro,
And I use random words, like status quo.
But now I'll be on my way,
See you again, another day.

My Old Sig That May be Reincarnated at a Future Date
My Ad Here

Fiendishly Fun I
Fiendishly Fun II

Team Avarax
Spoiler Stuff
Trophy Case
1st in the You Make the Tuba1060 Contest by Lord_Gareth
1st in Emkorial's 30 Minute Contest 1 by Emkorial
1st (tied) in Lucky Number 7 by math_mage
1st in Zelancer's Survival Contest: Mtalhead edition by mtalmuzicfan
2nd in the Meat Grinder Contest by MaxWrath61
2nd in LDR's YMtC Contest Round 8 by Logain Dimir Ranger
2nd in The 30 Minute Contest #44 by Q_is_564453
6th in Enter the Tyrant's Mind - Chapter 1 by Lord_Cyrus
7th in Enter the Tyrant's Mind - Chapter 2 by Lord_Cyrus
Random Prizes
Ghalintien --> :coolcthul, from Tuba1060, for winning You Make the Tuba1060
Brinkilikovaxtranistravengotor, The Reaper's Steed --> , from Lord_Gareth, for winning You Make the Tuba1060

One Pineapple Blessing from PineappleDude
Runner-Up from Kenori
Cookie of Sevens 7*7*7**7*7*7 from math_mage
Make Way! Ego coming through!
Yeah, that's a cool idea. They should have done something like that.


I like this card (though I'd word it "...counters on them.")

Intresting twist on Panglacial Wurm, I personally like it, but it is in a color that doesn't search their library often. I suppose R/G would get a big kick out of it as it's accelerating and it does give a new use to Terramorphic Expanse

Thumbs up.

Yes, it needs to be Aura Cage (or Cage Aura).

I just give this the thumbs-up.

And hey... good idea with the voting :P

I have seen all of the cards and have got to hand it to IzzetGizmoman this round. He created a card that demonstrated what red and blue do best and has me wanting a few copies of the card.

Zombahs! | Need help with wording? | Got a cool card idea? | My Gizmo Archive

1000th Post - 7:38 pm, 3/1/07
2000th Post - Missed
3000th Post - 6:06 pm, 6/7/07
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Moi, je m'appelle Cailean, but you may call me oranges. IMAGE(

I'm an extremely lazy louse who often procrastinates on his judging duties until several days after the last minute. What can I say? I tend to bite off a bit more than I can chew (oranges have very small mouths).

I've operated a few small contests which some people have enjoyed, and I made one attempt at a large multi-round beast which I eventually gave up on, because I am a lazy louse, and it was a bit more than I could chew.

As for my experience as a participant, I've won a contest here or there, the most notable being that one what got me that title you see up there (Broadest Apeel, Winner YCtC!). I don't typically enter very many contests, however, and I'm not really recognized as a dude who is particularly good at the card makery.

I have enjoyed my time in YMtC very much, and it is thanks in part to a great many of you who have been so kind to myself and many others. Y'all are keen.

My favourite card which I have designed is this:
Polished Charm
Polished Charm -
, : Put X charm counters on Polished Charm, where X is your life total. Your life total becomes four and Polished Charm gains substance until end of turn. When Polished Charm loses substance, your life total becomes equal to the number of charm counters on Polished Charm, then remove all charm counters from Polished Charm.
It looked nicer before I had to add all that substance nonsense to fix the abuse.

My favourite mechanic I stole from WotC and developed as my own created are the baubles, harmless little artifacts which are inherently broken in large numbers.
Bauble Examples
Whym's Bauble -
Artifact - Bauble
When Whym's Bauble is put into a graveyard from play, put a bauble artifact token into play with "When this artifact is put into a graveyard from play, draw a card."

Baby's First Bauble -
Artifact - Bauble
, Sacrifice a Bauble: You may look at target card.
When Baby's First Bauble is put into a graveyard from play, draw a card.

Forgotten Bauble -
Artifact - Bauble
, , Sacrifice a Bauble: Draw a card, then discard a card.
When Forgotten Bauble is put into a graveyard from play, draw a card.

Eternity Bauble -
Artifact - Bauble
, , Sacrifice a Bauble: Put target face-up card that's removed from the game into its owner's graveyard.
When Eternity Bauble is put into a graveyard from play, draw a card.

Greater Bauble -
Legendary Artifact - Bauble
, , Sacrifice a Bauble: Return target bauble card from your graveyard to your hand.
Whenever a bauble is put into your graveyard from play, draw a card.

Ophidia's Seeding -
Put two bauble artifact tokens into play with "When this artifact is put into a graveyard from play, draw a card."
As you can see, I like designing cute little artifacts the most.
Well, that's really all I can think of right now. Great idea, tranzadoodles.

Ah ha! The nickname is catching on! Excellent! ;)
Meh, why not.

My attendance around the YmtC board is termed, "erratic at best." I'm generally on daily at some point in time, but maybe not for very long or anything.
I'm a quiet sorta person, so even when I am on, I don't generally post much. You could generally find me haunting either this board or the casual board, not doing anything in particular.
I'm also lazy. Creative too. But lazy generally gets in the way of this. My theory on life is, "Why not?" The answer to this is generally, "because I don't feel like it." If it doesn't intrest me a whole lot, then I probably won't do it for fear I'll stop in middle and forget about it.
My color pie is off-whack at times, and I like cards with big, huge, convoluted walls of text.
At a guess, I'd say I was a Timmy/Johnny, since I only play decks I think are fun, though my definition of "fun" has been called to court at times...
I started playing magic at around the time of invasion, then stopped and got my cards thrown away, then started again around Guildpact. My knowledge of anything before Kamigawa block is slim, and my grasp of the rules isn't the best in the world.
Still, if I actually want to do something, I put some thought into it and it generally turns out all right.
*looks up*I guess that covers all the bases.
On a final note...FEER ME!
just had to do that for some reason...
I'd still appreciate a sticky, seeing as the post has about a third of the YMtC population already on it.
bump for great justice (and hopefully a sticky, since this is, in fact, a valuable resource)
everyone should put a link to their listing in their sig. at least until we get a sticky here.

120.6. Some effects replace card draws.


why are you here when NGA exists and is just better

I'm 173rdAirborn, and I think I'm a Timmy/Spike. I've made several card listings; my current (and hopefully final) listing is [thread="781677"]here[/thread] (and in my sig).
well, if you can read, you probably know my name(and if you can't, how the heck are you reading this?).
I joined on february 2, which means that I'll be celebrating my boards anniversary in three days. yay.
I'm a Timmy/Johnny(or maybe Johnny/Timmy), possibly with a touch of Spike and a load of Vorthos. I freaked out my friends at Coldsnap prerelease by going on for hours about how cool the flavor of Dark Dephts is. do not pm me on this, you don't want to hear(read) it. neither do I want to write it.

as for my references, I have not won any contests as of now, but I don't think of myself as a bad card maker. I was one of the survivors in Show me the Magic-UnCon Edition, which earned me my CT. I got it because of making quite a few coinflip cards. I think. as you may have guessed, I like coinflip cards, though not AS much as Cisnero. I think wizards makes WAY too few coinflip cards, but whatever

as for my card making skills, I consider myself reasonably good at templating, though I'm not so good at costing. sometimes I come up with a cool idea, but soon realize it's just broken and would need way too much tweaking to be reasonable.(see also my card Djinn's Grant somewhere on the YMtC General thread)
lastly, so that you don't have to type out my name, just call me Jm2c, twocents, or .
A sticky still would be nice.
A sticky still would be nice.

I doubt it'll happen, though, considering the Wording Clinic, YMtC General, and the Systematic Contest FAQ all remain unstickied. that's why I have links to the first two and this in my sig.

120.6. Some effects replace card draws.


why are you here when NGA exists and is just better

[Repost with an update]

I'm 58thAirborne, and I think I'm a Timmy/Spike. I've made several card listings; my current (and hopefully final) listing is [thread="782076"]here[/thread] (and in my sig).
[Repost with an update]

I'm 58thAirborne, and I think I'm a Timmy/Spike. I've made several card listings; my current (and hopefully final) listing is [thread="782076"]here[/thread] (and in my sig).

I'm 173rdAirborn, and I think I'm a Timmy/Spike. I've made several card listings; my current (and hopefully final) listing is [thread="781677"]here[/thread] (and in my sig).

Which one of them is real?! - Lewis Black
Hello. My name is CaptainDuctTape, although I have also been called "The Captain," "Cap'n," "The Cap'n," "Awesome," "CDT," "captain duck tape," and "Why haven't you graded your contest, you lazy bastard, it's been over a WEEK!" Although I prefer "CaptainDuctTape" and "Awesome" the most.
I am a giant living roll of Duct Tape© who is also a pirate captain. I am somehow continually taped to a generic ceiling fan, and yet people repeatedly tape me to a ceiling fan. Do they tape me to the same one? Or do I have 5000 ceiling fans taped to my back? Only time will tell.

I've been part of these forums since June 2004, and I've been playing Magic since Invasion. I think my card making abilities have really improved these past 3 years, as do others. (Well... pretty much just ty. But he's cooler than everyone else on the boards, so that counts.)

I love playing in contests, and every so often, I decide to start one of my own. However, whenever I do that, my real life suddenly turns retarded, and I end up not grading my contest for a while. However, they eventually finish and become awesome. (BTW, if I'm ever running a contest, and I don't already have a judge for it, if anyone wants to help out, PM me.)

I am a Johnny at heart, with excessive Vorthos-esque tendencies, and hints of Spike and Timmy on the side. I like making nifty and unusual cards, and I also tend to use a lot of flavor text. I used to do a bunch of crazy stuff with Cumulative Upkeep back in the day. I like exploring the stranger aspects of the game, as well as everything with LOTS of flavor. In production: A set focusing around World cards. How awesome is that? I also like blue, phasing, and long walks on the beach.

In real life, I am, sadly, not a pirate, a captain, nor a Duct Tape©. I am a human that works at Starbucks, which means I get money and free coffee. This fuels my life. I also am in two bands, for both of which I am the bass player. I enjoy video games, Magic: the Gathering, listening to heavy metal music, and........ maybe other stuff. But I am 19 years old, going to college, and should eventually become a music major. I will then become a hitman, assassinate Mark Rosewater and steal his throne, thus controlling Wizards of the Coast and the third circle of Hell.

Oh, and I've won some contests. Yay me.
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