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Okay so I created a human wizard specialized in conjuration for a dnd session, it started out at level 6 and now is level 7. I have never used a wizard before so I wanted to play a bare bones wizard for a bit to try it out. Now I am starting to wonder if I should try to go into a prestige class to add more flavor to the character. I took item creation feats and my DM let me use the Legendary artisan, Extraordinary artisan, and magical artisan feats to go along with my scribe scroll, and craft wonderous item feats. I know crafting isn't the best way to go if you arent an artificer but I would like to get the most out of item creation. If there is a prestige class that fits this type of character that would be awesome, if not, I am open to other suggestions on good builds.
Previous Editions forum is your best bet. It's farther down in the forum list.

Effigey Master in complete arcane could be fun. What specifically are you looking to do as a crafter?

Also, crafting is always a good idea if your DM gives downtime for it.

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