A 1001 Survival Guide. What are your best adventuring tips?

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My one piece of advice:

You're supposed to be a badass.  Act like it.  Take stupid risks because it's the cool thing to do.
DM advice: 1. Do a Session Zero. 2. Start With Action. 3. Always say "Yes" to player ideas. 4. Don't build railroads. 5. Make success, failure, and middling rolls interesting. Player advice: 1. Don't be a dick. 2. Build off each other, don't block each other. 3. You're supposed to be a badass. Act like it. Take risks. My poorly updated blog: http://engineeredfun.wordpress.com/

Just because a dm has their dungeon maps drawn out doesn't mean they won't change it if they think someone is peeking. The same goes for almost anything else they might keep notes on.

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