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Hey guys.

I am setting to start the set of Paragon Tier Adventures, starting at 11th with "King of The Trollhaunt Warrens".

I have been wondering what information people have been giving to the players for their knowledge checks regarding monsters. Do you give them power names and descriptions of the powers, or just the power names (as an example).

When I get a player who rolls high enough on knowledge checks for the powers, I give a description of what they can do. Something like "This troll has sharp claws that he uses for typical attacks, but they are known to pick up and swing smaller creatures as weapons. You also know that fire and acid are the only ways to really kill these beasts."
What makes me sad - no more compiled magazines:
That's good advice, to be sure. I like descriptions as well. I admit that I need to use them more frequently.

I guess the issue I am having is that there is always someone rolling high enough for all of the info. The players are in the habit of asking for the checks each time, so I get to give away all of the secrets, as it were.

Do/Should/could you limit this, or do you simply accept it?
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