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i have a bit question about all of these on the title.

1) how does blindsense, tremorsense, and true sight works?

2) can a creature still be hidden by stealth thing if the enemies have those senses?

3) if it doesnt, can you please explain me about stealth and hidden rules?

4) about wizard's illusion wall or the same powers, can those affect those senses?

i have once question my friend about it, and he said that, a creature with concealment can still be hidden with those senses. they must beat the stealth check to find and attack the creature. i think its kind of weird, so im asking here...

thx in advance ^_^
1. A creature that has blindsight can clearly see creatures or objects within a specified range and within line of effect, even if they are invisible or obscured. The creature otherwise relies on its normal vision.
A creature that has tremorsense can clearly see creatures or objects within a specified range, even if they are invisible, obscured, or outside line of effect, but they and the creature must be in contact with the ground or the same substance, such as water or a web. The creature otherwise relies on its normal vision.
A creature that has truesight can see invisible creatures and objects within a specified range as long as they are also within line of sight.
2. If you're within the Blindsight or Tremorsense range of a creature, it can see you even if you're stealthed. As I understand it, it is possible to sneak past a creature with Truesight, though, as long as you're concealed by some superior cover or concealment rather than by invisibility.
3. The Stealth rules have undergone major errata, the new rules can be found in the PH update here:
4. With the Rules As Written, illusion powers would affect creatures with those special senses normally, but as a DM I would say they don't.
Actually the rules are pretty much non-existent on this topic. The monster manual describes each of these senses.

Truesight is pretty simple. Invisibility simply won't work against them, and the rest of it I would say means that the monster can see regardless of darkness and probably other similar conditions. You can hide from truesight, but there are going to be less conditions where you will have the opportunity to do it. Otherwise stealth works as usual.

Blindsight and tremorsense pretty much work the same way, aside from the "in contact with the ground/substance" restriction on tremorsense. Both senses will defeat darkness and other sight obscuring conditions. As to what constitutes concealment vs these senses, there are no real rules. I would say in the absence of anything else that stealth works normally. The DM might want to rule somewhat differently. For example tremorsense might allow concealment to anyone who can remain totally still and motionless. Blindsight might be likewise defeated by magical silence.

The rules don't and probably can't cover every scenario in detail, so when it comes to this sort of rules interaction the DM should judge it to make things interesting and fair. This sort of thing is more suggestive of how things might work than it is a set of hard and fast rules. You might also check the FAQ or ask customer service what they think.
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