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I'll be running this tomorrow with a 2 person party. Other than some sliming of the numbers, anyone have advice/experience with the module?
You may want to give them an extra NPC member of the party, to cover some of the weakness of the two PCs. And/or you could give them a level bump to balance out.
I've only run the first two encounters.

The wolves in the first one can be troublesome for the party if they allow them to have Combat Advantage.

Minions aren't much trouble if the party has a wizard and you keep them grouped up nicely for them.

Definitely let someone run one of the NPCs from the back.
I ran this for 2 players (and a fighter NPC). It was going fine, scaled down, up until the black dragon. I scaled the dragon to level one, but it won initiative and hit all 3 with its' breath, and they then were taking 5 acid damage per round. They had to run away just two rounds into it.

Fun module though, can't wait to get to room 11. It might be too tough as well... I'm using 5 skeleton minions, the fire skeleton, and Hareel. I think that the special powers in the arena will help the PCs big time.

One thing that was cool... in the room with the drakes behind the curtain (i got rid of the homonculous crossbows as part of the scaling - what a strange creation they are), the rogue snuck up and peeked in the curtain. The PCs then made nature checks, and "remembered" that these are spiretop drakes and they like shiny things. So, the heroes tossed them some gold coins. One came out and went up to the npc fighter - attracted to his shiny platemail. So he gave the thing a piece of his armor.

I was very proud - they are both new to RPGs. They've only played WoW. I gave them full XP for the encounter.
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