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If you are looking for useful links for Dungeon Masters, or general links for materials on that you're always using, go to the...

Dungeon Master Resource

...which is a wiki page on this website's official D&D Wiki.  There you'll find categorized lists of useful links.  It's wiki so feel free to add your own!

broken link now

Way Back Machine still has it.  Might be a nice project to rebuild it.  GL!



Links Within the Wizards.COMmunity
















Outside Links



RPG-Related (Edition Neutral)



RPG-Related (4e)





RPG-Related (Third Edition)





RPG-Related (AD&D)





Other Useful Links



This is a phenomenal amount of stuff. Anyone know why WotC decided to remove it from the site? It's unbelievable useful.

Sgecko wrote:

This is a phenomenal amount of stuff. Anyone know why WotC decided to remove it from the site? It's unbelievable useful.


Its when they changed over the forums it broke many/most of the links in their posts.  Why they changed their site is an equally unanswerable question.

Currently working on making a Dex based defender. Check it out here
Need a few pre-generated characters for a one-shot you are running? Want to get a baseline for what an effective build for a class you aren't familiar with? Check out the Pregen thread here If ever you are interested what it sounds like to be at my table check out my blog and podcast here Also, I've recently done an episode on "Refluffing". You can check that out here

So any of these map makers that are free; or even the dungeon makers... still around on other sites? Only one map maker site still works and I can make that in paint with my eyes covered in dust. The other wants $40 which I'd rather fork out on D&D books xD


Seriously, that Donjon one would have been freaking perfect if still working!

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Last I checked, Donjon worked fine. Do you mean the link? 'Cause here's the address for the random dungeon generator:

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Put together a useful Naval Combat & Travel ruleset, something 5e is lacking. Link's in my signature:

Here's a great site devoted to collecting "erdana, Ariel, sans">Dungeons and Dragons blog articles from across the web".


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